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About Flat Ac Condenser

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Hi mates,

i have no good knowledge about mini. i have a Mini it is 1000cc. i'm going to fix a AC for that and already i got a used AC unit.(condenser, blower, cooler,compressor).

condenser is a flat one. one of my friend told me that is good bcs it cools the system quickly. if i fix this condenser i have to cut the left side of engine room? or is there a way to fix correctly? if i fix the AC unite will it slow the speed when i' m driving? if i go long distance engine heat will go up? your advisers will be really help full for me to get this done perfectly. thanks guys.

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I assume you're running a 998cc rod change type Metro engine. Yes there's a noticeable performance drop with A/C. However, you could wire an additional on/off switch to cutoff the compressor and support the engie when throttling. I have experience with both front and side condensers but there's no significant difference on either of them. I would go for a front condenser, rather cutting the side inner fender. In the factory fitted side condensor, they've re-strengthened the side inner panel by folding the edges and i doubt any local tinker would do the job properly. OTH cutting and refinishing will anyway cost you more than buying a new front condenser for sure.

good luck n join the mini club !!!


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