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Gps Maps And Navigation - Apps For Android

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If you have used your Android phone for GPS maps / navigation,

Could you please share the app names that you found useful for driving in Sri Lanka?

I have tried Google Maps, Navit, GPS Compass map. Going to checkout OsmAnd, MapDroyd and Meverick when I get some time. Well there are many more apps in the Market. Could try out one by one. But if anyone has used and found it useful, it would save some effort for all interested :rolleyes:

For those who are interested, of what I have used:

Google maps - everyone knows. Version I could update to in the market, 5.x something doesn't have navigation :( but map area download in labs is quite useful. Hope navigation will be available soon.

GPS Compass map - simple app and has some map tile caching. But something with off line maps would be better.

Navit - off line maps with open street maps and has voice navigation. UI for menus is not very good.


- Some apps even without navigation is ok at times one wants to just know where one is. Navigation is a plus. Offline maps, caching or map area download is definitely useful.

- Please mention what you have actually used in Sri Lanka. There are apps with downloadable maps, but no maps for SL. Anyway most free apps use google maps or open street maps.

- Yeah free is better ;)


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this method works.. i have done it today. not all routes but main routes are there.. :)

btwn.. dont be affraid to root the phone... its a simple process wont take more than 5 mins lol :)

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Don't you mind buying a GPS unit which ment to do the job. sadly my car is too small to fit one.

plus which are selling here shurely overpriced and ugly that leaves no option but to use a Phone.

my view is i don't need a gismo to find a destination but still gps is fun way to get lost.

btw does anyone know a good phone mount. one that on the windshield sun burns my phone.

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MapFactor Navigator for Android. a good alternative to Google. but no traffic updates, and dont need internet due to that and SL map is free to DL. there are other SL maps that you can purchase as well. 

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