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Found 11 results

  1. WagonR drivers, can you please post what kind of fuel consumption are you seeing with your cars in city as well as highway (outstation) driving? Is the much-talked-about fuel economy of these cars for real or is it just hype? Thanks for your information.
  2. Guys Big favour.I am a bit confused between going for a picanto or wagon r. Wagon R 2017 Basic can be bought for 3 mil with one year warranty from a car seller (Ishara Traders)for the same 3 mil I can get a picanto with 5 years agent warranty. I know wagon r is got better mileage.How about the picanto compared to the Wagon R 2017 Basic ?.Is it okay to forego the mileage per litre as I am only going to be driving mostly around cmb occasionally go outstation. Also whats the difference between wagon r fx and fz models ? Is it reliable to buy from a place like Ishara traders as A*W will take few months to deliver the Wagon R. What are your opinions ? Also I am planning to register the vehicle under my name and get the insurance in my name and since I am not in the country will my son have trouble claiming if anything goes wrong or is there any way to appoint him as a nominee ?.. Please kindly guide this old man.
  3. I have some extra cash lying around was thinking of putting a couple of vehicles for taxi service. Are there any ppl who have done this or doing this? what are the prospects for a decent income?
  4. I use Wagaon R 2017 (MH55s) FX safety model imported from Japan. It is a brand new (MFG 2017 NOV) vehicle directly imported. After completing the first 1000Km I went agents (A*W) for servicing. When they deliver the vehicle after completing the service, the service advisor allocated for my service told me there is a recurrent issue in WagonR 2017 Japanese domestic model which is a failure of Alternator(ISG) Belt Tensioner and confirmed that the said repair is not handled by the A*W because of their importing WagonR model doesn't have the said failure. He further informed that the failure can be identified when sudden heavy noise generates from the ISG installation area. After a couple of weeks, I noticed there is an unusual heavy noise generating from the engine room when engine requires high torque. I call A*W but they refuse to do the repair and told to consult St**ling or Was**a Garage because only they have the repair parts. I consult Was**a Garage and completed my repair. It cost about around Rs. 33500/- ( only failure in one Tensioner, the vehicle has two). Further, I checked from Suzuki website for any factory recall but not found any details. Does anyone know reason for the failure of Wagonr belt Alternator issue?
  5. I have a wagonr Fx 2018, Im planning to upgrade to vitz. So what is advantages or disadvantages of it. What model of vitz I can buy around 3.6M? What is fuel consumption of Vitz?
  6. I'am really being loving with this(The Image which I have uploaded below) type of door kick protection mat which are on Aliexpress. But I couldn't find any item which is matching with stingray from this production. If any one know any place to buy similar type please let me know.
  7. Hello everyone. I am looking to buy a new car for like 32 lakhs. I am not a car expert so your ideas will help me alot. I have some options in my mind. I was looking to go for a Hinda Fit gp1 but I saw a post that it has some mechanical problems like engine oil draining. Belta and Yaris and wagon r are my other options. I am going to buy this with a 5 year lease and will be using it for next 5 years. I would use this vehicle for my daily works. Please give me your thoughts and help me to find a good vehicle.
  8. Hello everybody, So suzuki wagon R manual recommends 0w20 but A*W said they only use either 5w30 or 10w30 stating that its what SMCJ recommends for Sri Lanka. There is lot buzz going around about this within wagon R owners groups and I would like an educated opinion on this. I am aware that one of the reason suzuki recommends 0w20 is to hit emission and fuel consumption standards. Does our tropical climate truely require higher viscosity oil. What are good and bad impacts of using 30 instead of 20.
  9. I need to sell my stingray 2017 pearl white.mileage =18000km .What is the best price for wagon r stingray after the budget change.
  10. I'm about to buy a WagonR Stingray 2018 X or a T. In comparison with two models I've noticed the fuel consumption difference, Cruise control and nice set of alloy wheels in T. But I'd like to hear it from the real users. Appreciate if you people can share your opinion.
  11. I have ordered a brand new wagon r from A*W. I confirmed the order end of november. Two of my friends also ordered another two cars. From the begining of march when I inspect about the car the agent said the car has been arrived and told us to be prepared with the finances within a week. But yesterday when I inspect about it, he said car has not arrived and had just shipped from japan on 25th march. And also due to the yen hike a price rise may occur. My other friends didnt face such an issue and they have even paid the full amount and will receive car soon. When I called the agent he doesnt accept to the fact that he said car has arrived and will facilitate with the invoice. When I asked the number of the manager he doesnt give it either saying it will jeopordize his career. Please can anybody give any idea what ahould I do? I think agent is playing some games for commision. this is my first car and that too I am going to use leasing.
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