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Found 9 results

  1. varotone

    Project A72V

    Greetings gentlemen, I've always had a thing for station wagons, and now I'm about to buy my first vehicle. I chose 1980 Mitsubishi Lancer A72-V as my first ride. In a series of posts, I hope to document the process of buying a ride and then restoring it. This is the first in what will be a series of posts on the whole process. A few AL members have already done very much that I intend to do. Your feedback is very valuable and always appreciated. As said before, this is my first purchase. I'm a total newbie for owning vintage cars let alone restoring one. Call me crazy or anything you want for taking a plunge in the deep end of the pool. For a number of different reasons I have selected Mitsubishi Lancer A72-V, and I'm dead set on it. My project plan is as follows. Buy a car Mechanical restorations (instrument panel, engine, breaks, steering, a/c) Body restoration (tinker, paint) Interior restoration (seats and upholstery) Now, I'm on the first part of the project. I have tracked down a drivable one and now haggling the price down to my budget. The condition is what is usual to expect from a car of that vintage. Pros- Fits my budget In a drivable condition Clear documents (ownership, license, emission tests, insurance) Chassis is in good condition Cons- Blotched paint job. the car was painted twice in two different colors. the latest coating peels off (papadam in local language). This looks ugly. But there is no corrosion under the paint. So I'm giving it a go. some rust spots around the rear windscreen Worn out tyres A/c is not working. Belt is missing, no gas, but the compressor is there. Here are a few pics of her. My first worry is the book states color as red. Will this be an issue? (in the final stage I will paint it red. Till then can I use it without any trouble?) Thank you, Varotone.
  2. Hello everybody, Do anyone have Nissan AD wagon Y10 users/owners manual in electronic or printed media? Thank you.
  3. So with our impending return to Japan we needed a little family run-around car. After much searching I decided on a Hilux Surf. I have owned several before and seemed like the best choice considering we lived on top of a mountain in Nagasaki which snowed rather heavily and two or three days during winter the roads didn't get cleaned up. So this was my choice...a 2000 HSurf, 56000kms on the clock (with service records).. but then...my wife goes and buys this... her reasoning ? Engine looks like Trueno's and it is a 6 manu-mission ( Japanese abbreviation for 6 speed manual transmission) and has done only 16000kms her final excuse...it looks cute...CUTE??? West-River apparently specializes in rare cars and as fate would have it the owner's brother runs a Trueno/Levin tuning shop . My wife is going to use this one on me for ages...
  4. Hi mates, I would like to know about this Honda N Wgn Custom car. Is there anybody who knows about this? It has a 660cc turbo engine but fully loaded. I heard that it's better than Wagonr. Do you recommend this car? Your valuable opinions are welcome!
  5. Hi Expats, Any of you owns Caldina T240 (2002 or later) or know someone who is going to sell one recently Thank you in advance
  6. Hi Friends I am interested in buying a Peugeot 306 XR car. The price is around 1.25 Million and there are some issues with the vehicle. 1. AC leak - not checked yet. 2. CV joint problem This seems to be a good comfortable vehicle for this budget. That's why it took my attention. But I need some expert advice about the vehicle generally. More specifically about the spare parts availability and cost. Fuel efficiency is also concerned. Thanks for reading. Niraj
  7. Hello. Was wondering whether it is possible to put a 4age engine in a ke72 wagon. At first i was planing on buying a ke70 sedan but it is proving to be a challenge to find a good one that's for sale. From what I've read and heard I believe that both the ke72 and the ke70 share somewhat the same structure. So I resorted to pursue a wagon as a project car. Your opinion on this is highly valuable. Thanks. PS: It is also highly appreciated if you could point me at place where I can find a good 4age in SL.
  8. Hi AL, Thought I'd share photos of my KE72V. Technically it's my father's but unofficially it's mine A little history on this- my father imported this KE72V DX in 1989 with 40,000kms on the ODO. It's been with us ever since! The milage now is a little over 141,000kms and it still purrs along without any issues. I'm in the process of restoring it to factory original specification but I'd love to replace the stock K40 transmission with a k50 (5speed) transmission. I would if I could find one for cheap! I've even got the original seat covers! (I'm looking for another set, let me know if any of you good KE72 owners want to sell yours!) Instrument cluster- Future plans- I've already wet-sanded the entire body with 1500grit sandpaper in anticipation of a cut/polish job. Sadly that was a few months back and I spent all the money I had on another project! I'm hoping to cut/polish the paint soon. Both rear lamp lenses are cracked and missing bits so I'm searching for new lenses. My car is missing the fan shroud (better known as the 'radiator cover') that is essential for the factory AirCon to work. I've given up looking for an original so I'm going to try and get one scratch built. That's about it, hope you enjoyed my ride as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by and regards, Jay. EDIT: I moved all my photos of the '72 to a separate album in Photobucket so had to repost the direct links. Hope they turn up!
  9. Hey guys long time no see So like the topic says im in need of a car that has some decent luggage space as i am doing a lot of traveling these days and am also carrying a lot of display items back and forth from exhibitions. My budget is maxed out at 2.2 Million, even 2.2 is a long stretch so would prefer if i could find a car below 2 Million. Currently the only car that comes to my mind is the Nissan wingroad WFY11, any other suggestions ? Also i want to know the difference between the Y11,VY11 and the WFY11 ? I saw some ads that have mentioned things like "G grade" , i didnt know that nissan had grades like that ? If so true what are the grades and what are the differences ?
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