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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, thinking of buying my first car and my budget is around 2 mil, i will be driving about 1600km/month it’s very logical to go with the perodua but my heart says Cs1. Any other options to consider? Eagerly waiting for valuable inputs in order for me to make up my mind!
  2. Hey guys, It is my first car & I’m looking for automatic hatchback. I thought to go for either March K11 (1000 / 1300 cc) or K12 or viva elite. Also my budget will be between 1.5 - 2.0 Mn. What would be the best option ?
  3. Hi All, Planning to buy my first car around 2 Million, my choices were the Nissan March AK12 2003 - 2007 or the Perodua Viva Elite 2010 - 2013. I went through the threads and found that most of them are more than 5 years old. So would you recommend buying a 15 year old Nissan March vs a 6 year old Viva Elite?
  4. I am facing battery issues. Manufacture year is 2013 registered in 2014. Seems like the second battery replacement is up, battery was replaced in 12.01.2017. Is this normal? What is a good battery brand that one would recommend? TIA
  5. Suzuki Celerio 2016 or Viva Elite 2014 I'm looking to buy a good used manual car with low to average mileage. My requirement is to use the car for a minimum of four years for daily traveling. Hence my key exceptions are, Comfort and Reliability Driving pleasure Fuel Economy Low to decent maintenance cost Resale value Looking for reviews and feedback on which option is best. TIA Cheers!
  6. My vehicle is a viva elite which was purchased in 2013 and it's millage is almost 40,000 Km. I have done a wheel alignment about a week ago. I have noticed the below issue after the wheel alignment. Issue: As you already know when steering wheel has rotated to a certain direction during a turn it automatically rotate back to it's default position. But now when I rotate the steering wheel fully (doing a right turn or U turn etc.) it doesn't rotate back to it's default position. However if I partially rotate the steering wheel the wheel rotates back to it's default position without any issue. Also steering wheel behave normally when I do reverse driving. Thanks in advance for any advise and help.
  7. Hi all I need to buy a car for about 22 lkhs. I am more concerned about fuel efficiency and maintenance. Suzuki A-star and Viva Elite (Both 2011 or 2012) are the two models which i have in my mind, but if you could advice more about my concerns and price range it would be a great help for me to decide to which on to go with. If you guys have any other models (Japan) which suits with mentioned concerns please be kind enough to mention as well. thank you very much!
  8. Car: Viva Elite Ezi Problem: When I apply brakes from speed around 50kmph I get a noise from the rear. The noise starts like 'taka taka taka..... takkk.. takkk.. tak..'. It's exactly like putting some plastic item inside an empty mega bottle and shaking it well and then gradually reducing the speed of shaking. That's the closest sound I can describe it. But when I deep press the break or intermittently press the brake the noise does not come much. While driving I cannot exactly locate from where the noise comes, but it seems to me from the boot of the car. And there is nothing in the boot except the tools and the jack both of which are positioned unable to move. What I did: I went to UniMo Hyde park yesterday and they changed the brake washer plus brake oil (Rs.4750). But the noise has not changed much since. Please share your thoughts. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I am looking for a Viva Elite as my first car. I will be using the car for at least 5 years. I am not going for a lease. But I am getting Rs.2.5million from a relative who asked me to pay it back whenever it is possible. So I am planning to pay around Rs. 25,000 per month. It is also possible that the relative can way off the outstanding at some point of time And I have the following concerns: 1) Most of the Viva Elites are above 45,000km on the odo. I would drive around 10,000km per year. Is it a good idea to plan to have the Viva Elite and hit 100,000km on the odo? Would this Malaysian car hold up together at that level? 2) Am I choosing the right car for the above budget in the above circumstances? Thank you for your time.
  10. Found a viva elite 2010. 39000 km done .asking 18.5 Million(Final price).IS that worth?First owner & seems to be in good condition.?
  11. I have a Viva Elite full option car and Mileage is nearly 65000kms. Recently I have change all three belts in the car. But now from the fan belt it brings a very high noise for few seconds when I start and drive. Then it disappears. From my garage they have tied up the fan belt several times now. Still I'm getting this hard noise. Can you advice me what to do or a place where it can be solved?
  12. Hi im kinda a newbi and i am planning to buy a vehicle, im slightly confused in which vehicle to buy, my budget is around 11 to 12 laks if its a little old used car or i can use that cash as a down payment and get a lease (monthly i can manage 20-25k lease) , so im kinda having a confused mind, i need the experts idea on this as my family( the Ladies will be using it too) So please advise a good vehicle which will be economical also a a handy one Suzuki Alto brand new Suzuki Every Registered Suzuki Swift Picanto 2004 manual Viva Elite or any thing else which is advisable
  13. This is kind of weird problem. When I switch off the engine and starts the engine again after 8 - 10 hours, my digital clock gives incorrect time (time difference with the actual time is around 5 hours). But if I turn the engine off for 2 - 5 hours this problem doesn't occur. I appreciate any advise on this matter.
  14. I have seen nice viva elite name seat covers do you know any please to buy them please pass a contact number. Thanks :speechless-smiley-006:
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