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Found 72 results

  1. NASk

    Vitz 2019 jerk when deacceralating

    My vitz 2019 makes litte jerk when deacceralating but not every time and also I noticed breaking with deacceralating it is not happening , furthermore it is not happening when acceralating . Could I know this is general thing in vitz or it is a problem? Thanks
  2. Hi All, My Toyota Vitz KSP130 2015 (YOM) gives an unusual whistle sound when I accelerate. This does not happen always. This happens when I drive for sometime long (2 - 3 hours) continuously or when I drive in the hill country or when on S (Sports) mode. I suspect it's happening when I'm on a low gear or when I accelerate fast. When it starts to come, as I accelerate the whistle sound goes up and when I take off my foot from the pedals it stops. When I'm on S (Sports) mode a burning smell also comes. I don't know these two are related. This is really annoying and need your expert opinion to resolve this. TIA. Cheers Madhawa007
  3. Hi All I have a 3 million lkr budget . I am looking for a car to buy but do not like hatch back cars except vitz. I am hoping to buy within a month but still confused what to buy. Please give me some suggestions with you all's experience Thanks
  4. kushann

    Buying a New Vitz

    Thinking of buying a new Vitz with a budget of 3.8 Mn. Should I import the vehicle or purchase from a local car sale? If purchased locally, what are the recommended places? What are the things I should consider ? Thanking you in advance šŸ˜Š
  5. Hi folks, Recently got down a Toyota Vitz 1.0 2017, and am looking to make it a bit more exciting to drive Can't do anything about the engine of course, but I have heard that you can do suspension & wheels upgrade which can make it far more interesting. I searched the autolanka forums but could not find enough information. So, has anyone done this? What exactly are the benefits of doing it? How much would be the cost and where to get it done? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, I have narrowed down three models for the current budget of mine which is below 4.4m They are, Toyota Vitz 2017/18 Suzuki Swift 2017/18 Audi A1 2016/17 My plan is for casual use on weekends and some weekdays. Which would you recommend for overall comfort nd driving. (If I have missed any model please tell me as i am still on research stage).
  7. cmb28

    What does gear 'B' do?

    I have a toyota Vitz 2017. All the gears I have are P,R,N,D-S,B. I don't know what really the gear 'B' stands for, but i think it means 'Engine break' when going in slopes to avoid using brakes all the time. Problem is I sometimes forget to change gear 'B' to 'D' when I am accelerating after a slope and go some distance without understanding. I only understand it when i feel the engine is not accelerating as it used to. So my questions are, 1.What is really gear 'B' stands for? 2.Did I damage my engine or gear box by accelerating for some distances in gear 'B'? Thank you!
  8. Nuwarasa

    Upgrade to Vitz

    I have a wagonr Fx 2018, Im planning to upgrade to vitz. So what is advantages or disadvantages of it. What model of vitz I can buy around 3.6M? What is fuel consumption of Vitz?
  9. akboselk

    Toyota Tank or Vitz

    Hi, I'm planning to but Toyota tank ( or Vitz ) and like to know experience AL member's idea about these two vehicles.
  10. Dee Gee

    Prius C vs Vitz

    Hello, Buying a new car with Govt. permit is a challenge this time. Would like opinions from you people whether to buy a Vitz or Prius C. Prius C starts at 3.6 B/New from Toyota. Vitz has a large range. Since my budget is below 4 million, I cannot go for anything larger. Prius C (or Aqua) has tight rear leg room, it seems. And ground clearance is also low. Hybrid resell value is also a challenge. Your views please....
  11. rajithanw

    Vitz safety sense

    My sister owns 2018 Vitz with safety sense for like 6 months. She never have experienced Auto brake in action. I drove that too, sometimes aggressively but i get only brake warnings sometimes. I bought a Grace about a month ago and i had 4 instances of mild auto brake application already (3 times when trying to squeeze through a narrow part of the road with oncoming vehicles and once actually going behind a vehicle) Doesn't the Vitz come with Auto emergency Brakes?
  12. When checking on sales, swift 2017(non safety) and vitz 2018 (safety) both are somewhat in the same price range. what do you think of these two cars? fuel economy, engine quality and performance, build quality, parts prices, interior space, ground clearance, 2nd hand market value and etc.. šŸ˜Š
  13. KasunC

    What petrol type for Swift & Vitz

    Hi, What petrol fuel type(92 or 95) should be used for suzuki swift RS turbo 2017 (non hybrid) and toyota vitz 2017? how can i get to know which should be used? or is this a dumb question?
  14. Hi guys!! Iā€™m looking to buy a vitz 2007-8 model as my first car, need advise how to check the engine and what are the consideration during the inspections Also, any other sugestion for 26laks budget except wagon r??
  15. Indra_A

    2015 Vitz player

    2015 vitz car which had original player is blinking a red led light even after the car stopped. Can someone explain the reason? Bottom right corner of the player where lock sign is visible NSCP w64
  16. Buddhika Aruna

    Toyota Vitz

    Hi guys, I'm a new user for this site. I'm using a Toyota Vitz ksp90 2008 with a mileage of 77380km. There is an abnormal sound coming from engine and a vibrating feeling when i put gear into either D or R. It's doesn't always happen with brake, but it's slightly reduced when I turn the a/c off. This does not happen when being driven, at N or P. Spark plugs changed were bought at Toyota Lanka, injectors, throttle body cleaned and air filter changed from a guy at delkanda pola road. But there is no reduction in either of those problems. Can it occur because of a faulty engine mount? Please give your expertise ideas on this and a reliable & reasonable place to sort out this problem I'm from Maharagama
  17. Hi guys in my car its a vitz SCP10 model one. It has a new battery but it not very bright(no good light) at night when on head lamp/dim...I can't imagine what is the problem..can drive at night but only can visible 10-15 meters in front..
  18. With a budget around Rs. 4.2 M which car out of the followings will be better i.e. Vitz 2018 or Fit GP5 2014 or Aqua 2014?? Especially in terms of, - standard of the car - fuel worthiness - maintenance costs (including hybrid battery cost)
  19. What could be the problem if a Toyota vitz push start 2008 model is displaying the following; (a)Hand break alarm even if its released (b)p/s alarm (c)Battery alarm even if the engine is on
  20. I recently purchased a Toyota Vitz 2007 (2008 body) with 67,000km. The previous owner has been using the car for the past 2 years and had not changed transmission fluid. I am wondering whether to change it or not. There is no way of checking the quality of the oil due to the lack of a dipstick in Vitz. On second thought, is the transmission oil not supposed to be changed in this CVT gearbox (I assume it is the sealed type because there is no dipstick)
  21. I drive a 2007 Toyota Vitz and recently started having issues with the engine. When I gas the engine, it does not give me the power I need. I hear the engine rev but the power just isn't there. When I need to overtake another vehicle, I usually put the gear to "S" for that reason and that gives me a little bit of power to over take that vehicle. Also having issues when the vehicle is stopped. When in traffic in a slope, the car goes to reverse if I don't push the gas paddle quick enough. This also happens when I let go of the hand break after it being parked. I have cleaned the injectors and replaced the spark plugs. It was good for sometime but the issues came back. Appreciate some help to know what's going on with the car. And if someone could point me to a place where I can trust and fix these issues, that would be great. Thanks.
  22. Hi everyone, After some time of finding facts, I got my first car (Toyota Vitz 2016/10). Personally imported. It has 12500 km on the odometer. So I thought of getting a service done before put it on the road. Since I am new to cars and stuff, can someone please let me know what to specially look for and replace in the first service. I was told that engine oil has to be changed. What about oil filter, air filter etc...? Thanks...
  23. amsandun

    What is Vitz 1.0 F LED Edition?

    Hi all, Does anyone know what the difference ( in appearance) of the Vitz 1.0F LED edition is? I know that there is a bright silver line in the middle of the head lamps. Is that a LED light like a DRL? Or is there anything else? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi All, Im new to this car buying thing and planning to buy a vitz 2017 OR swift 2017 model. I have driven both vehicles, since im not a car guy im ok with both. While observing ncap and moose tests reviews, i understood that vitz is marginally safer and stable compared to swift. But then again swift comes with some bells and whistles (such as automatic climate control) as standard. Where as vitz 1000cc only comes with manual AC. My absolute maximum budget is fixed at 42mil. My main reason for buying a car is as bellow. - daily commute (reliablilty) - Fuel efficiency ( if anyone knows fuel efficiency of both these vehicles please let me know) - Better resale value (after less than 5 years) Appreciate any expert comments of vitz, swift gurus. Thanks allot.
  25. Hi friends, I have checked the forum to see whether there is any thread regarding this car (Toyota VITZ 2018), However since i did not find satisfactory information or relevant information i am looking for , I would like your feedback here . So please share your knowledge in detail for me to make a wise decision. I was looking to buy a new car and came across this new Toyota VITZ 2018 model which is really looking great. I went to a car sale to check the car physically than having an idea from pictures, and i really like the car the way it is designed , good boot space, good leg space behind compared to any other cars for that range. It's a 1000cc engine car and it was said it's fuel efficient. The Price goes for about 4.6 million. To be honest , as it's toyota , I'm not afraid as it is reliable . However i would like your reviews and opinions before considering purchasing, I have few questions, 1-Is it worth for 4.6 million? (would it have much depreciation or be a car like coralla 121 which still has demand/high second hand price)Considering the pile up of vehicles in srilanka, the government may increase the tax to avoid personal transport in future which could still keep the price of the car higher.(assumption) I'm aware that we have to consider the depreciation of cars, It is not an investment , however i want to make sure that it could be easily traded just in case if i want to sell and have less depreciation or better price/Second hand market . Other factors- please advise 2-Is it fuel efficient ? 3-Is there any other cars you would recommend to your friend for this price or BELOW? ( New or reconditioned cars . I wouldn't want to go for a used car for that price range since i don't consider buying used cars for that price range as a worthy option as it could lead to repairs and more stressful situations {advice me if i'm wrong} 4-If you were to choose the vitz, Would you buy the 2018 model or 2017 or 2016 or 2015 . considering some factors & price (Please mention) I know i have asked a lot. It's that i want to make an informed decision. Please advice as you would advice your one good friend. Thank you