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Found 26 results

  1. I use Toyota Vios 2003 model. It shakes slightly when accelerating between 20kmph - 40kmph. Also I found same shaking issue around 2000RPM in N and P gears. But mechanics says these are two different issues. But I feel these two are same issue. So far I did followings after consulting few mechanics. 1. Change the wheel set of another car 2. Change both axles (Mechanic desided to do this since both CVs are bad and suspect there is a bent in axles) 3. Change front hubs with caliper kit and disks (recon complete set ) 4. Finally change the gear box 5. Engine tuneup done recently (Air filter and plugs changed). 6. Mechanics checked engine mounts, timing chain and ignition coils as well. All are in good condition. But still having this issue. When I ride around 2100 RPM from the start, issue is not there. The issue starts from 20kmph when I ride around 1500rpm until 40 kmph. Can you advice me on this?
  2. My Vios cars catalytic converter is bugging me for several months now. Scanners says catalytic converter below efficiency. I talk with couple of mechanics and some say iI need to change the O2 sensor, and some says i need to replace the catalytic converter which happens to be the three quarter of the exhaust pipe. cost of the genuine part is nearly 1 Lahk. Does any one know what needs to be done, Can i clean it without replacing ? I can go for a second hand part which will cost me about 20K but no guarantee.
  3. Hi, im new to this Form so please give me suggestions for a car that i can buy within 02M-2.5M Saloon type (Sedan) with good fuel economy. I would prefer model after 2003 Like Vios or Corolla used one. Please Give me better idea to buy a car as this will be my first car. Thanks for everyone.
  4. I’m using car only 2 or 3 times a week. So which is best? Vios 2011 E Grade new face(83000km) vs vios E 2008 (14500). I’m about to buy a car but I’m confused about milage and repair that might come.do these are the car i selected 1).axio 2008 Limited edition , 145000km,silver colour,x grade 2).vios New face ,112000km,wine red,g grade 3).axio 2007 , 110000km,silver colour,x grade
  5. I’m using car only 2 or 3 times a week. So which is best? Vios 2011 E Grade new face(83000km) vs vios E 2008 (14500).
  6. Hi guys, im going to buy a toyota vios 2005 car. Car was checked by toyota lanka and inspection report is attached. Price is 2.65 M there is an oil sludge issue also. please give your comments on overall inspection report and oil sludge issue. thanks
  7. Hi all, I am looking to buy a car first time, so i am still could not finalize the car model which is going to buy, i am seeking for help from your side. thanks in advance. actually, i need to figure what will be the economical car? considering following points 1. Maintenance cost (parts, services etc) 2. fuel efficiency 3. second market 4. current price (my budget is 3million, going to buy used car) I selected following car models toyata vios, vitz, aqua, prius, corolla 121 Hope you will help to fiqure out the suitable car for me (i wont expect more features, base car is enough for me) if there any other (car model) suggestions also welcomed...
  8. Dear All, I have been reading lots of threads and almost all the things I have learned about cars because of your valuable and unbiased reviews.At the moment I'm ready to buy my very first car and have managed to fund maximum of 2.8 Mil. Please give me your kind advice to select a car from below mentioned cars which I have selected with my knowledge.If you can suggest me any car otherthan them, highly appreciate it. My main concerns are, i). Reliability ii). Fuel efficiency (I prefer go for a manual since I'm living in Badulla and less traffic ) iii).Im not think much about resale value since I don't have any idea about funding again for a apgrade in the future with my other plans (like construction of my own home etc..) Here are the models I have selected with my knowledge. 1.Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 manual 2011/2012 2.Toyota 121 Manual 1500CC 2003 3.Toyota Yaris 1300CC 2008 4.Toyota Vios 2005 5.Mazda Axela 2003 Think to go for a manual and looking for your kind advices I have no enough experience about cars and only expertised about motorcycles. Thank you. Radar
  9. Hi all, My car is toyota vios 2007 and has 1.5 l 1NZ engine. Recently I was driving a long trip and suddenly heat bulb started to blink. So I stopped the car and checked. Coolant level is fine and the fan is working. So after a while when I start the car bulb is off. So I plugged a bluetooth obd reader and observed the coolant temperature while driving. It shows around 94c - 100c and blub never started to blink. Is this temperature is normal? What is the temp level that blinks the bulb? Can that problem is a senser problem? Can anyone help.
  10. I have toyota vios 2003 car Normally when a door open, signal lights starts blink for several times. This system works fine until today morning. I did not do any repair or anything. Now when doors open dashboard "door open" light indicate but the signal lights blinking does not happening. Car works fine ( normal start/ radio/ setup/headlights) What could be the problem and where should i check. p/s - when hazard switch on, both signal lights blinks. also lights works with signal switch too
  11. My car is vios 2007(face lift). With a cold start power steering seems to be working fine, but after a while when the things get hot power steering is not enough. What could be the reason and what should I do? Will changing the oil fix it?
  12. My car is vios 2007 and used 92 octane petrol since I bought it. Is there a big difference between 92 and 95 petrol? If I'm to change to 95 petrol what is the procedure. Should I empty the tank fully and refill with 95? or wait till the petrol warning comes and refill with 95 is enough?
  13. My car is vios 2007 Recently I have noticed that engine oil level drops with a long range drive My mileage is now 102000 km and Im using 15w40 toyota oil. No white smoke is coming out in noticeable mannar. Will changing the oil to a thicker one solve the issue or will a boring needed? ???? What is the next thicker level of oil? 10w60?
  14. Hi guys, Recently bought a vios 2007. And I find that it is not much comfortable as I expected. I did a front suspention replacement also as those shocks were timed out. Again after the replacement not much comfortable as I expected. Has anyone got some experience on this? Comfortability level compaired with other models?
  15. My car is vios 2007 I accidentally found this today? This the belt that drives alternator and compressor. Is this a normal thing a belt have or some kind of joint. These strips are like nylon. Cant see a belt seperation point though. Im confused. Dont think a belt can run with a handmade joint. What is this?
  16. Hi all, My car is Vios 2007 and it has some issues as follows 1. Brake - I have to push the brake paddle more deeper to engage the brakes. Is this normal or can be fixed? Can this be a problem with brake pads? Left side brake pads are worn out more than right side. Is this a indication of a problem in the braking system? 2. Power steering - Turing the steering wheel is little harder compared with other cars. Oil level is not low. Can this be a problem in the belt? 3. Starting need more crank time - To start the engine I have to run the motor little longer compared to my previous car Honda city 2001. Is this a normal thing?
  17. I am going to buy my first car in few months. Currently, I am doing researches on following cars. Lancer CS1, CS2, CS3 - as forums in autolanka I have decided CS3 1.6 is better. Fit Aria - Not much information but most of the people are saying that this car has better fuel consumption. Honda Civic - Bit of off-budget for me. I am looking for a car for 20Mil. most of the es1 es8 cars cost more than 2Mil.( I am looking for cars after 2002.) N16 and N17 - Don't know much about this. But most of the people saying these cars have lesser fuel consumption. I need fuel consumption about 10Kmpl in Colombo. And No matter its auto or manual. I am not going to travel daily but 2 days a week from Kosgama to Kolpety (38Km). and probably twice a month I am traveling to Matara by southern expressway. So the car needs to be decent in comfort. and need to be reliable as a 14-15 years old car. I am new to automobiles. I have no experience on this subject. It would be very grateful if you help me to choose a better car as a first car. Thanks.
  18. Hi guys im looking to get new car and bellow are the shortlisted cars I found for my budget Toyota vios 2003 Nissan G10 bluebird 2003 Honda fit aria 2003 im looking for relaible car. How is maintenance of above cars and how is the fuel consumption. what will be the best choice Thanks
  19. hey there fellow users I am looking to buy a second hand car and my budget is 2.6 mil honda civic lancer glx toyota vios so these are i am looking for please give me your advised is lancer glx have good demand in second hand market in sri lanka
  20. Hi friends. How about vios car? I want to know about fuel efficacy and maintained cost thanks
  21. my list finally came down to above two cars. Please advice me what should i go for.. my budget is maximum 2.5 million. Car manufacture year should be above 2005.I plan to use this car for next 5-6 years.So want to buy a bit new car.Otherwise i would go for a allion 240 or 121. 1) Toyota vios 1500cc -2006 2) Toyota Yaris 1300cc - 2007 My main concerns are is fuel economy ,comfortable and easy maintenance. Experts please let us know your opinion. Thanks!
  22. I'm planning to buy a new car and my budget is around 2.7 Million (Max). So far I have checked the following models. Toyota allion 240- 2002 Toyota 121 G grade 2005 -1500cc Toyota Belta 2007 - 1300cc Toyota yaris 2008-1300cc Toyota Vios 2008-1500cc Toyota VITZ-1000cc 2010 Don't suggest other car models like Mazda Axela,lancer models or honda cos i'm a toyota fan I'm looking for a car which have good fuel economy,comfortable,good design and reliable car which wont give me troubles (engine and transmission) in the long run as I'm planning to use this car at-least for another 5 years. I plan to run 800km per month(500 km on highway and other 300km on colombo city limit) So, I really appropriate help from you guys to select one model from the above for me or any others you suggest, based on above details. Also if you can share your experiences (fuel consumption and reliability) of the above models that would be highly appreciated. Thank you and looking forward to see your comments.
  23. Dear all, I tried hard to figure out a post related to this, but couldn't. Could anyone of you please recommend a brand of a type of transmission oil for a Toyota Vios, plus please be kind enough to specify the volume of oil needed as well. Thanks in advance.
  24. Dear all, This may sound a bit stupid, but I guess this forum exists in clarifying even the ground level facts which we should clear out. My Toyota Vios car manual says, the service interval has to be once in every 10,000km, where the engine oil and the oil filter will have to be replaced too. However, the general belief among ourselves is that a service at every 5,000km is needed. Could anyone from the community clarify me this? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi I have a problem with my Vios 2004 model car. As you notice, for VIOS, each break light is separated into 2 pieces and I have noticed that only the outer area lights while the inner area never lights up. I got to know from some, that this issue is caused by a relay. But, I have noticed this issue in several Vios cars and I'm not quite sure how to activate the inner section of the break light, though it might actually be something connected to the relay. Please give me an insight why this happens, if anybody knows this and it would be helpful if someone could actually educate me on how to light up both the sections of the break or atleast let me know the secrets behind this. Thank you. SANJEEWA
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