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Found 34 results

  1. recently bought a honda vezel hybrid 2018 RS Sensing .....and need to know how to maintain it without getting into any issues plz help? Or else my mom will kill me.
  2. Guys this is just my oppinion dont bash me lol.but i drove the chr 1.2 turbo ,audi q2 1.0 turbo ,honda vezel hybrid rs and after some spirited driving all that drove with me said that vezel felt special even in the corners u can play with the car not like the audi and the toyota in the wet or in sport mode in a low gear u can have some powersliding fun when turning and at the end of the day it does 13-22 kmpl i know its a dramatic difference i said 13 cuz old owners claim that but im a maths student and i know how to calculate and i got 17-22 17 city 22 highway conditions btw bought it in october 2018 and now july 2019 ..... car is damn good as in the begining and only issues had are rear is extremely bad to be driven because of sport suspension and the black interior makes the car so much clusterphobic(dont know the spellings lol) and if u need a sporty drive and if u are spirited like me u will defineatly need a honda vezel rs(in the rs package u get different suspension)or u can customize but like the porsche gts package this is the optimum budget package so do let me know ur ideas guys and tell me when to sell it and do let me know the recommendations
  3. Hello everyone. Looking for some direction regarding buying a used SUV. I have shortlisted the following and would appreciate it if anyone who owns one or has any experience can give me some feedback to make a decision. Or any other potential vehicle I have missed? Honda CRV (2014/15), Honda Vezel (2016/17/18), Nissan X-Trail (2015/16), Audi Q2, Suzuki Vitara Boosterjet (2019), MG ZS. My priorities are reliability, practicality, resale value and driving pleasure (in that order). Not very fussed on fuel economy. Concerns about the Vezel DCT and X-Trail transmission issues.
  4. saimoomsakash

    Vezel Hybrid 2014 DCT Issues

    I purchased my vezel hybrid 2014 back in February 2018 with 25k in odo. At first, everything runs smoothly. But one thing that I noticed recently is that after running through heavy traffic the gear shifting become much less smooth. Especially the first gear shifting becomes rough and usually takes longer to shift. Sometimes the whole car becomes jerky. I know that the hybrid version has DCT issue but i checked before purchase to ensure that it wasn't recalled. How to maintain DCT? It is going to be a huge issue for me because heavy traffic is very common in city life and I can't bypass that.
  5. Hi, I get the "Honda Smart Key System Check" warning message in my Honda Vezel (2014). This message appears frequently but not always. Any idea what its all about? Also looking for recommendations to whom should I consult for this issue apart from Dealer. Thanks
  6. Hi, I would like to get an advice on whether buying a hybrid vehicle (Vezel 2014/15 Aqua 2013/14 and FIT 2014/15) which has been used in sl for a while. Many of my friends say that all of them will be required to change the battery(most used ones have done more than 50000km). This could cost from Rs. 300k -700k. The other issue is apparently vezel has a gearbox issue that would cost approx 700k. As I see alot of these vehicles being available to buy, I am seeking advice if it is a good choice to do so. If so which model. If not any alternative that would fall below 4.3m
  7. Hi, Anyone can suggest good place to repair my Honda Vezel 2015 except Stafford and Hybrid hub. I have to check my bushes, races and break pad in my Vezel. Thanks in Advance Dilan.
  8. Hi everyone 😀, I'm looking for general advice on maintaining a honda vezel from any long time users of this vehicle. The 2018 version is pretty good so far I have done a mileage of about 1500km and the fuel economy is within 12kmpl in the city and around 14.5kmpl on the highways. I'm hoping it improves overtime. So, basically how to avoid any technical issues that may (hopefully not) arise in the honda vezel such as the dual clutch problems. Thanks in advance
  9. uaz97

    Honda Vezel 2018 RS - maitainance

    Hi everyone 😀, I'm looking for general advice on maintaining a honda vezel from any long time users of this vehicle. The 2018 version is pretty good so far I have done a mileage of about 1500km and the fuel economy is within 12kmpl in the city and around 14.5kmpl on the highways. I'm hoping it improves overtime. So, basically how to avoid any technical issues that may (hopefully not) arise in the honda vezel such as the dual clutch problems.  Thanks in advance
  10. Honda Grace DCT transmission issue is with only 2014/2015 model, not in 2016. is this correct?
  11. saimoomakash

    Honda Vezel Hybrid DCT Tranmission Oil Change

    Are clutch oil and DCT transmission oil different in Vezel Hybrid? Do i have to change dct transmission oil only or have to change clutch oil too? As per my understanding two are different things and have to change both. TIA.
  12. Wolverine007

    Honda Vezel Engine Oil

    I bought a used honda vezel recently. The previous owner has used toyota 10w30 engine oil about three times after 50k service (now at 62k). Should i continue that oil? Or change it to something else in the next service (at 65k?) Also i feel like the engine idling speed is high and the engine sound is also kinda rough. Is it because of the oil? Or does it requires engine tune up? Please advise..
  13. Hi, can someone please mention the best/recommended Engine Oil type and Dual Clutch fluid we can use for Honda Vezel in Sri Lankan conditions?
  14. hamza dx

    Honda vezel 2014 ru3

    While engine start on all the dashboard lights were indicating
  15. petrolHead1

    Honda Hybrid Battery status clarrification

    Hi guys, Today I went and did a full inspection of a Honda Vezel (which I intended of buying) from [email protected]#rd motors. This vehicle is a 2017, 0 millage unregistered one. The summary of the status report is as below. SOC - 35% HV Battery total voltage - 168.75 HV Battery usable capacity - 50% HV Battery cell votage range - 3516.00 mV to 3519.00 mV The supervising official said that the car was in excellent condition after the report. However my issue is why is the "Usable capacity" only 50%. I did a google search and found out that vehicles have around 70% usable capacity. Therefore, my question to you is whether these values are normal for a Vezel/Fit? Thanks in advance.
  16. Thebonaarachchi

    Qashqai, CHR, Vezel, Peugeot 3008

    Hello friends, Thinking of buying a Peugeot 3008 from carmart for my permit this time. Previously I have only used Toyota cars so don't have much of a idea about Peugeot. I value your ideas regarding carmart after sales service, parts availability, repair facilities, etc. It will cost about 6.0 million. Any idea about second hand market. Thanks in advance all Peugeot enthusiasts for your valuable ideas.
  17. saimoomakash

    Honda Vezel Hybrid 2014 Battery

    I recently purchased 2014 Vezel Hybrid Z package. One thing that i am noticing that the hybrid battery is not getting fully charged at all. After 80% charging the engine stopped charging the battery. The first two bar out of 6 in battery indicator never got lit. Is it any problem or this is normal?
  18. sfernando

    Vezel RS vs Normal

    Hi, please let me know what are the differences in the RS model. Is it worth to go for this considering it will take more than ten laks extra. thanks
  19. irshan6399

    Honda Vezel

    Does anyone knows what this means? Tried the google translate app but not very clear. Picture taken from my Honda Vezel. Every time I drive in traffic congested areas (happens mostly during the day), suddenly the air con stops working (blows warm air) and engine knocks, gear shifting delay and then this (above attached photo) comes up on the display. Once this loads fully everything gets back to normal, but I haven't seen any other warning lights come on. Anyone had similar experience or does anyone know what this means?
  20. k119

    Buying a Vezel

    Hi All, Planing to buy Vezel X manufactured on 2014 June. Reason Quite good Fuel consumption, better looking Ground clearance Compact vehicle for 4 people Worried - Recalls happens time to time. 2013 October 24 - fit 2013 December 20 - fit 2014 Feb 10 -fit/vezel When I check with few Vezel experts(local ones :| , Cause its the only possible thing for me) . 1.They told about issue relate with DCT. Looks to be factory fault. Replacement will cost +400000/.But my concern was a). Software update should solve this? b). 2014 June should be on safe side? As last one 2014 Feb. 2. In ability to climb hills. Cannot believe as , How can a Honda vehicle cannot do this when Indian 600cc does it. I am planning to do a vehicle check at local agents. Can't they find whether my software is updated or any equipment need to replace? Anyway , since I am reading lot on this forum , your thoughts and experienced will be quite valuable. BTW contact few people own the vehicle, none had this much of serious issues.
  21. Hi, I had a Mazd Axela 2008 and thinking of going for an upgrade, I am a mazda fan and the new Mazda Skyactive model (dont know the model number) that comes to sri lanka seems to have 2L engine. I like Honda Vezel look as well. would appreciate guide to pick one of these two. coz I dont have much experience with any of those models . I heard Vezel has some issues as well. what model would give value for the money?
  22. Guys, what would be better vehicle? Vezel or Grace EX i mean, in every aspect, fuel consumption, riding pleasure, maintenance, and every way possible. (with the price of course) And how much Grace does in City ? and Vezel as well.... thanks in advance guys
  23. Dear All, Can any body confirm whether the Reverse tilt mirror option is available in the Vezel "RS" edition. Its told that RS edition is better version that the Z grade or at least newer. I'm informed that to enable this option its needed to keep the side mirror adjusting button to left / right mirror adjustment side.then when you put to the reverse left mirror will auto lower the side pre selected. leaving at the center will disable this mode. Im not able to enable this option even by moving the mirror edjust button to left or right. Please share your experiences thanks.
  24. sfernando

    Octane 95 vs 92 for Vezel

    Hi All, I recently bought Honda Vezel and would like to know which fuel is good for Vezel. Below are my considerations IOC 92 IOC 95 Cypetco 92 Cyptetco 95 Also please let me know using addictives based fuel such as Extra Mile would have and advantage over the above for Honda Vezel Really like to get feed back from techies.
  25. Guys, Does anyone having a user manual of Honda vezel hybrid? Else any url to download? cheers!