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Found 14 results

  1. need a home visit painter for do a painting and tinkering of my van.. if there any one have contact please send me....
  2. hi, I am planning to buy a Toyota Premio 2013 and I am interested in G Superior version....I heard about there're lots of premios that rebadged to G Superior..what are the differents of G superior and other grades? how can I find whether is it a rebadged or not?
  3. I would be parking my Car in a closed garrage for 2-3 months (with a short run 1 or 2 times a month) as I would be travelling. Would appreciate if some advice could be provided by the AL memebrs on what should be done to keep the vehicle in good order while its parked. Also would like to know from where I could purchase a Steering Lock (the one that fits on the Steerng wheel) for the car. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. What are the places to do vehicle inspection?. . Does Mag C#ty and Sterlin provide good inspection service?
  5. Hello everyone, Could someone please tell me, where could I find VIN number of Toyota CHR? I looked at usual places like Door jamb, near windscreen.. Etc. But no luck.
  6. I am going to buy a new Toyota Premio from a doctor who imported the vehicle by using his permit. So I want to know about how much do I have to pay to the RMV when registering this vehicle under my name. Are there are any additional charges do I need to pay to RMV when registering the vehicle as the vehicle was imported by using a permit?
  7. HOW YOUR FAMOUS FIVE STAR VEHICLE SERVICE STATION IN SRI LANKA, CHEAT YOU / RIP OFF. a. Filter Px : They insist on using their Filters. ie. Oil, Air, Fuel. If you challenge it, they will say that, there Filters are the most reliable & they will take the responsibility. But, the truth is that, there is no way for us to prove that, THE BREAK DOWN OF YOUR VEHICLE IS DUE TO THE QUALITY OF THE FILTERS. Therefore, even if you use Service Station Filters or any other parties filters or Authorized / Sole Agents Filters, the result is same. The Px of their Filters are aprox. Rs. 1,000.00 - 3,000.00, more than the Filters available in reputed Spare Parts Shops. As the service stations are highest users / bulk users of Filters, they should charge less than the Spare Parts Shops. But, the Service Stations charge very much more. Pl. get the DISCOUNTED Pxs of the Filters from a reputed Spare Parts Shop & compare with the charges given in your next service bill. If you do not have a reputed Spare Parts Shop, check with G.S. AUTO SPARES (PVT) LTD. TEL. NO. 4542666 / 3136977 / 0773404497 - This is where I buy it. SOLUTION : ALWAYS BUY YOUR FILTERS FROM A REPUTED SPARE PARTS SHOP, AT THE HIGHEST DISCOUNT. b.Filter lifetime : Each type of Filter has a lifetime for usage. It is given by the manufacturer. eg. Oil Filters - 5,000 kms ; Air Filter - 10,000 kms ; Fuel Filter - 15,000.00 kms. When the vehicle is handed over to the Service Station, they will fill up a check list & get your signature. They will always put it to your mouth saying that, we will change all Filters & it will be marked in the check list. Specially, if you are sending the Vehicle through a Driver / Employee, they will do so. At some Service Stations, a tip is given to the Driver / Employee, based on the value of the service bill. The truth is that, at 5,000 km service, you have to change only the Oil Filter & the other two Filters are still usable. But, they will change all Filters & if you challenge, they will show the check list signed by you. They replace all the Filters & keep the Fuel Filter & Air Filter (which is still usable) with them. They will clean your Filters & use it to another Customers Vehicle & charge him for new Filters. Therefore, even your Vehicle will get used Filters & you will be charged for new Filters. SOLUTION : ASK FOR THE LIFE TIME OF EACH FILTER (OR READ THE LIFE TIME GIVEN IN THE BOX) & CHANGE ONLY THE EXPIRED FILTER/S. AT LEAST, BE PRESENT, WHEN CHANGING THE FILTERS. c. Extra Labour Charge : The Service Stations doing the above will ask for an extra Labour Charge, if the Filters are brought by the Customer. There are enough normal Service Stations, which will fix the Filters brought by the Customers, without an additional charge. In case of the so called five star Service Stations, even if you pay the extra Labour Charge, you will have a saving & you are sure that, your Vehicle has a new Filter. SOLUTION : SELECT A SERVICE STATION, WITHOUT SUCH EXTRA LABOUR CHARGE. d. Cost of Engine Oil : The Cost of Engine Oil should be cheaper at the Service Stations (in Drums) than the Spare Part Shops (sold in sealed Cans), as the Service Stations use Oil in bulk on Drums & the usage is very much higher than the Spare Parts Shop. However, the Oil Price is higher in Service Stations than the Spare Parts Shop. The reputed Spare Parts Shops give a discount of min. 15% per 5 litre Can for cash purchases. In case of promotion times, a litre is given free, as well. If you do not know a place, contact G. S. AUTO (CONTACT DETAILS GIVEN ABOVE). Pl. get the DISCOUNTED Px of the Engine Oil from a reputed spare parts shop & compare with the charges given in your next service bill. It is best to buy from a Spare Parts Shop than an Oil Mart, to ensure that, the Cans are not adulterated. SOLUTION : BUY YOUR ENGINE OIL IN CANS OF 5 LITRE, AT THE BEST DISCOUNTED PX. e. Volume of Engine Oil : The five star Service Stations use a pump to fill the engine oil, from their large Drums. There is no guarantee that, the engine oil in these Drums are not adulterated. They will pump it to a 5 Litre Oil Can & you can not see how much they fill to the Can, as the Can is not transparent. ie. it is a black Can. Therefore, you will not know how much Engine Oil is filled. They will fill only 4.0 - 4.5 litrs & charge for 5 litrs. In some cases, they will put 4.0 - 4.5 ltrs from the 5 litr Can & then another 0.5 Litre will be filled to a litre Can & charge for 6 litrs. As per manufacturer of the Vehicle, the empty engine could hold only 4.0 - 4.5 litrs. SOLUTION : BUY YOUR ENGINE OIL IN CANS OF 5 LTRS & ASK FOR THE CAN TO BE GIVEN TO YOU TO CHECK WHETHER THERE IS ANY REMAINING OIL. ALSO, ENSURE THAT, YOU ARE PRESENT, TILL THE OIL CHANGE IS COMPLETED. f. Extra Labour Charge : The Service Stations doing the above will ask for an extra Labour Charge, if the Oil are brought by the Customer. There are enough normal Service Stations, which will use the Engine Oil brought by the Customers, without an additional charge. In case of the so called five star Service Stations, even if you pay the extra Labour Charge, you will have a saving & you are sure that, your Vehicle has right quantity & good quality Engine Oil. SOLUTION : SELECT A SERVICE STATION, WITHOUT SUCH EXTRA LABOUR CHARGE. g. Additional Work : As said before, they will add at least one more Job (eg. change of Auto Transmission Oil, Cleaning of Engine, etc), in the same manner given in (b) above, for each Service, which is not required. SOLUTION : BE ALERT FOR SUCH SUGGESTIONS & IMMEDIATELY INSIST ON BASIC SERVICE ONLY. ALSO, READ THE CHECK LIST, BEFORE SIGNING IT. h. Incentives on Profit / Turnover : The five Star Service Stations employees / Managers adopt all this to show Profits & Turnover, as they get a daily / weekly / monthly commission, based on Turnover & Profits. SOLUTION : SELECT A PROPRIETOR OWNED & PERSONALLY RUN SERVICE STATION. I. The worst is that, when the above is exposed to the Manager & asked for the contact details of the Chairman / M.D., the Manager accuses the Customer of scolding him & misbehaving / taking it up at the reception. He goes to the extent of black listing the Customer, saying that it is done with the blessings of the M.D., who was abroad. In addition, he inform all Branches not entertain the Customer or provide contact details of Chairman / M.D. When asked to show the CCTV footage of the incident, it is refused as well. So, you are left at their mercy, after getting cheated. Please read this, too. https://www.facebook.com/ken.vijayakumar
  8. Hi, I have been wondering that giving a 3.6 Million tax rebate is not fair on government servants or any individuals who import vehicles for permit. I feel the government has introduced permit just for say cause of strike caused by doctors. The permit which is introduced is of no use to the importers. Is it just me who is feeling like this or any one else ?
  9. Hello Community, Are there import duty concessions for Sri Lankan businesses that earn foreign exchange. If yes, can you please point me to a reliable information source on the topic. Thanks so much!
  10. Hi, Just got my permit I have a maximum budget of 4.5 million (lower would be obviously better) Open to brand new and recondition Wife just had a child, so looking at a totally family perspective and economy Also would like a vehicle which has a good ground clearance (at least 150mm)- but not essential What are your recommendations? Thank you
  11. 1. 30000 USD permit (CIF value max), 50% Tax 2. Budget under 6 million 3, Sedan/SUV/Hatchback/CUV what is your choice?
  12. Goro


  13. Hey guys..im a newbie to auto lanka forum as well as to vehicles..so bare my lack of knowledge in this area...I did some searching about cars for my above budget and came up with few choices..but I need further guidance from experienced..so I came here ... anyway..my budget is between 1.3M - 1.4M as topic says..i would prefer a saloon type basically to travel with my family..Car will not be my daily driver for work..and mostly I will be using it for journeys and other occasions..(I'm letting you know these details so you can have a better idea what kind of fuel economy would be good for me)... I came with several options...please help me to choose which one is better..anything else apart from the list.. Nissan FB14(1997 - 1999) Nissan Pulsar Nissan Primera(1997 - 1999) Mazda Familia (2000) Honda City(2000) My expectations *Good fuel economy(since I will use it for journeys and long trips) *Avg. priced spare parts *Overall good looking solid car *Around 1,500cc *Automatic I had Nissan Cefiro in mind too but got to know from several thread in here that Nissan Cefiro is very bad for fuel economy..Mazda Familia and Honda City have better looks comparing to other types..I've got to know that they do less fuel economy and spare parts are pricier i know I cannot afford a lot for my tight budget..or a car with very good fuel consumption...but I hope I will be able to find a proper one with your guys' help! Thanks in advance! ‚Äč
  14. What is the duration we have to wait before selling car that was recently bought and registered. I am talking about the second hand cars. Is that rule where you have to wait for six months after registration to sell your car, still in practice?? Thanks folks
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