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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. I am looking for an upgrade from my Mazda Carol 2004 and looking for a vehicle around 2.5M to 3M. With that budget, i am highly concerned about fuel consumption, maintaining cost. Hence, currently i have only below options. (Registered) 1. New japan alto - some people say the second hand market will be very low. 2. Daihatsu mira - lack of spareparts 3. Wagon r - expensive maintenance cost, lack of spareparts So guys i am looking for some ideas, suggestions for a better option. (Including positive and negative sides of above options and, any other models i can go for.) Thank you.
  2. Guys, really appreciate your valuable inputs to help me make a decision. This is my dilemma. I have a 1995 honda civic ek3 VI manual. This is my first car and has been with me for the last 4 years. My and this car have had a good run so far. Needless to say, being a 23 year old car, there are episodic minor repairs which are getting a bit frequent, but nothing major. Within the next few months, I am to receive some cash, and I would be able to spend about 0.5 to 1 million for an upgrade, the lesser the cost, the better, obviously. I guess I could sell this one and go for a bit newer car. But as I said, me and this car have been through a lot together, and even the thought of parting with it is very difficult to handle. So here are my questions. 1. Would going for a performance upgrade for this car be a bad idea? I did some reading and seems a B16A2 swap is possible and that it would cost somewhere close to 5 laks (I am not sure about these values). I am a total noob at these stuff, and would like to know if this is worth the cost. 2. If such an upgrade is possible, what are my options? Are there better options than the B16A swap? What would be the cost? 3. If such an upgrade is not advisable, what would be a good replacement around 3mil? It needs to be a sedan and a manual transmission, and I would like to have a bit of power as well. The options I came up with were Honda civic ES3rs, lancer cs2/3, masda axela/3 and am having trouble deciding what would be better. Are there any other good options? So, I kindly request the help of the experts here, who have helped me in the past as well. Thanks in advance! Ps. Sorry if I am starting an unnecessary thread, couldn't find answers to some of my issues after going through several threads as well.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a Honda car with Single Carb EG8 1995 model. I have few problems with the current engine and would like to enhance/upgrade the ride with conversion or new engine. Current issues - Carb is not working upto the mark as some fuel lines are not connected to carb. - Engine oil burning. This will happen only during the last 1000kms before the next service. Using Caltex SAE 40 Engine oil. Service period 5000km. Current mileage 261,550 kms - Its difficult to start if I parked the car 2-3 days without start the engine.(Battery is full charged and auto choke not working) I'm planning to use this car till 2021. So think about conversion/upgrade would be useful for me. Thinking about below options, 1. Repair the current engine and use it. 2. Remove the carb and do a EFI conversion. 3. Replace with Exi engine.(this option to avoid the hassle of EFI convertion) 4. Replace with VTec engine. Please advice me on above options with the price and the complexity of it. Also I would like to know the places/persons who are selling above mentioned type of engines with complete set. I have gone through the below threads as well.
  4. Hi All, Currently I'm using a Mazda Familia BJ5P (JDM, YOM 2000, facelifted) car as my daily office drive for nearly three years. I initially wanted to buy a FB15, but had to settled with BJ5P due to the limited budget. From the first day I fell in love with this car and in two words I can sum-up the value so far I got as "exceeding expectations". When consider the price I paid (1.7 mil in very early 2014) I'm more than satisfied with the comfort, handling/ driving pleasure, fuel economy, reliability etc. It never let me down so far - may be due to I'm doing the regular services properly and using carefully. I don't want to sell this car since at the moment I'm satisfied with it. Planned to sell it after 2 more years and odo is now reaching 120,000 km and timing belt to be replaced soon. Meanwhile now one of my office friends is suddenly selling his Belta (2008 model, 1300cc) looking for an upgrade before the coming budget. His Belta is in mint condition and he is the second owner. It is properly maintained, no accidents and carefully used, 73,000 km on odometer. He claims he can easily sell his Belta for 3.6 mil within couple of days. He would like to reduce the price around Rs. 50,000 - 60,000 for me and wait for few days if I'm willing to sell my BJ5P and buy his Belta. Also gave me a friendly advice; better to sell my current car now since it is already old, there will be a difficult time after this budget and after that finding a reliable, well maintained car is really hard and selling an old car is difficult. In my gut feeling (I'm not an expert in autos) I think this upgrade is worth for just above 3.5 mil since I know the car. My inner mind says use this opportunity, otherwise I will have a tough time later with selling my current car and hunting for a good car. I already had a test drive. What I really felt during driving is there is not much of different. Probably my current BJ5P is comfier and has better handling (may be I'm biased towards my current ride). What I understood was there is no big difference in driving pleasure/ comfort. Only thing I get is a newer car, better fuel economy and "Toyota badge" for resale in few years. Now he wants to know my decision. According to current market I think I would be able to sell my BJ5P around 1.9 mil - 2 mil. I don't want to go for a lease. I can manage this with a small personal loan and I already have a 1 mil FD in bank (this budget is not an issue, car is passed the test). I'm in a dilemma whether should I upgrade or not? When asking from other friends some says it is a waste of money if I'm upgrading without a need and some says that upgrade is worth and go for it, since it is a "Toyota" it will be like a FD (I'm not a fan of Toyota or any specific brand). And one of my relations said my current car is still in great condition and do the T belt repair and keep it for another couple of years, and instead of upgrading, he suggested to buy a block of land of few purches nearby his surrounding (in Homagama area). He said land value will be almost doubled in 2-3 years (I have no idea whether it is true or false). Please let me know your opinion with below options (I'm not an expert in automobiles, investments or financial planning. But I consider loans/ leases as headaches and disturb my peace of mind. I'm an average professional with an average income and it is sufficient to keep my simple, peaceful lifestyle). Option 1: Sell my current BJ5P car and upgrade to the Belta. (need to get a small personal loan here) Option 2: Keep my current car. Also keep extending the 1 mil FD in the bank and keep the peace in mind. Option 3: Keep my current car and purchase that land (need to get a small personal loan here) Thank you in advance.
  5. luckey007

    Ups Upgrade

    My living area is notorious for frequent blackouts and I do hope to fix a security camera system I wanted a UPS that can last for long. What I did: 1.Asked My favorite techie friend about my idea. After the discussion his answer was it can be done if I can find a solution to the heat. 2.Search the Youtube & blogs. Youtube had several videos. Almost all of them from USA and the question raised was can I use the Chinese UPS circuit as they are using their old UPSs. 3.Accidently met a man who makes inverters in small scale and he told me that "Sir, relay 5k thiena circuit eka rath wenawa wediyi, relay 2k thiena eka rathwenne ne.Ekak thienawanam wede lesiyenma karatheki". When I check my circuit boad onece in the home I found that my board has only 2 relays. And it was the biggest green light. If one of you reading this post know the reason behind this please let me know. The guy who told me this knows only that middle 2 relays are over heating. Then I started my project...
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