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Found 17 results

  1. lahiru_carlover

    Tyres - What Brand To Choose?

    I am planning to buy 4 new tyres for my Toyota 121 car. Can you please tell me some good tyre brands which can buy for affordable price.I heard Maxxis tyres are worth for the money.Is it true? To get the maximum ride comfort what tyre size should i select?
  2. balapas

    Car tyre size increase

    Hi I have an Aqua 2014 model car. Tyre size 175/65/15 and now need replaced. Is it ok to increase size to 185/65/15 tyre size. Thank you
  3. selvanath

    kumho tyres

    Hi Guys, Any one using kumho tyres?
  4. Could you please recommend me a good tyre for Swift 185/60R15? Also, want to know the shops to buy tyres with warranty. Please pm me if your answer violating forum rules.
  5. MAZDA BJ5P Can Use Tyre Size 195/70/R14 ?
  6. lasa

    Tyre Prices

    Can i know which is the best brand new tyre i can get for lowest cost?
  7. Since the lease is almost over thinking of splurging a bit on my Viva Elite 2013. Username is CarNoob - 1991 for a reason. Lol Thinking - Sound system upgrade (Currently stock) - Good Seat Covers? (Currently stock) - Alloy Wheels (Thinking Matt finish) (Currently stock) Specify if I should? If I should do anything else on top? And vendors/ Suppliers you would recommend? Regards, CarNoob1991
  8. selvanath

    Recommend a Tyre brand and place

    Hi Guys, I need to change Tyre for my terious . Previous one Dunlap brand. I am planning to change the vehicle by next year. So i need some advice . Which brand /place you guys recommend. Thank you. regards Selva
  9. Hi Experts I need some advice for my tires. I have read lots of threads related to this topic on the forum. But i need expert advice to replace my tires. When i brought my car one year ago it was fixed with brand new 4 tires. It was Chinese brand (BCT S600) and i knew previous owner fixed those just to sell the car. I am a daily runner average 40 km per day and now done 12000km. treads of the all 4 tires are totally gone and every time i visit to Tyre shops for check air or wheel alignment they says the tires are bad and rubber is very hard. But i know it can run further few thousand kilo meters. The my question is this is the reason for low riding comfort and high road noise i am experiencing form my car? The recommended Tyre size is 165/65/R15 but existing size is 185/65/R15 is this also a reason? Can i get noticeable difference if i replace the tires with good brand and correct size. also previous owner has replaced the original alloy wheels with Chinese brand ( I don't know why hell he was done it) is that make trouble when put correct Tyre size? Is this Chinese BCT S600 is actually bad brand? what are the good quality tire brands for my car. Car is Chevrolet Cruze. Advises are highly appreciated.
  10. VishwaR

    4DR5 tire

    Hi All, I recently bought a J44 4DR5 Jeep. It is not having power steering. And I am willing to keep it's original features. I need to upgrade tire because they are worn-out. Jeep had 15" size rims with radial tire. Later I bought original 4DR5 Rim size 16". Now I am having both 15" & 16" size rims. I found only CE#T tires available in 6.00-16 with bar threads( Calling as Jeep Katta). No way to find out 7.60 15" Tires. My Questions Is there any issues with using 6.00-16 tires, instead of 15" size? (Braking, Stability, Comfortably, Noise....) Is there any other way to find tires with higher width?(Like 7.60..). I had attached a image bellow. It 's spare wheel is low width tire. What would be the usability of similar kind of tire ? And sizeof the tire? Thank you
  11. Is there a good place around Colombo to Maharagama, Malambe area to purchase 4 new tyres for a l200 cab and give the old to them to have a good discount. The old tyres have one only 10k kms.
  12. Please suggest good tyre brands for my Alto car.Currently it has MRF orginal tyres done 50K Kms. front tyres are still OK.rear tyres are worn out. As per my knowledge there is no more MRF car Tyre dealer in Sri Lanka.What whould be next best tyre.
  13. darshana ilangakoon

    Best Tyre For Honda Insight

    Could you please advice me on what are the good types of tires for a insight. I mainly concern the comfortability and less noice PS: My tire size is 185 X 65 X15
  14. Archfiend

    Import Tires

    Greetings All, Is there any restrictions in importing tires via ebay to Sri Lanka. Have anyone tried this? Is importing 4 tires worth the hassle? Because of the tire prices these days I got in to ebay and found a good deal from a seller. Appreciate your responses in advance. Thanks, Archfiend
  15. Guys, i need to change all 4 tyres and currently it has Falken ZE912 205/50R16 tyres. i have two questions. 1. i was thinking to put 205/55 instead of 205/50 coz 55 gives u the best speed output. yet it is about 1cm thinker. so thinking what to go with. 2. I was checking out the Dunlop Sport LM703 tyre. But it has different critics in the internet. some say its good n some say its side walls are very bad. anyone who has been using this tyre. If not what would be a good alternative. I need to know the brand, model and the country of mfg that you recommend. my budget is max around 25k per tire. thanks in advance.
  16. yrangana

    New Tyres

    Guys, I have a Suzuki Swift Jeep model car, The tyre size in the door panel is 165/70 R 14, However previous owner has put 175/70 R 14 GTs for front and 175/70 R 14 Ceat for rear. now Im going to replace front ones with 165/70 R 14, 1. will it be a problem to car (having 175 and 165 rear and front) ? 2. which brand of tyre is optimum economical wise and for long run ? (GT/CEAT/Chinees etc... ) Thanks in advance ....
  17. defendertdi

    Tyre Millage.......

    Guys comment about the best millage will be given by a Tyre I used 175/65 R 14 Tyre Does about 35000-40000 Km (Van)