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Found 15 results

  1. Hello! Well first of all this topic is about Honda Civic Sedans not Honda Civic Hatchbacks.... Honda civic sedan 2019 when you go to official website or even to stafford motors website they show 1.5L turbo engine model and 1.6L engine model which are about 90M rupees. But in all other places what you can find is 1000cc turbo engine sedan. I tried to find that model in Honda website but I couldn't find it(I'm not an expert.. maybe I missed it 🤭) So this Honda Civic Sedan 1000cc turbo engine costs roughly 70M -72M right now. What my questions are... 1) is 1000cc turbo engine is really enough for that huge vehicle, I mean performance? In hill country will it perform well? (Please see attached photos) 2) Why cannot we find Honda Civic Sedan 1000cc turbo engine model in Honda website? (If someone found it please send me the link) 3) I have seen lot of Honda Civic Hatchbacks for sale.. if you go to ###### or any other website you can at least find 10 to 20 used honda civic hatchbacks for sale that are run less than 10000kms... why is everyone selling it? Is there any failure? If there is will it be same with the Honda Civic sedan 1000Cc turbo engine model? Thank you.. I know its a big topic... I really need help and even car sale owners seem not aware about models and stuff... Thanks in advance! Cheers Lali 😀
  2. Please give comments on the usage of new Civic 1.0L turbo hatch in Sri Lanka.
  3. What are your thoughts on the MG 6 1800cc Turbo Petrol? It has so many damn options that I think a jap of similar category would look 1980ish.. And the ride is super awesome. God that power.And its a manual,which is fabulous. It has a 2 year or 60,000km warranty from bumper to bumper. Only thing pulling me back is its made in china and thailand. But the finishing is superb. Having used many euros, I can feel this also has the same feel to it in many ways. Please give me ur advice for me ro take a decision. Thanx... Oh its 6.3 million.
  4. What is the engine breaking period of honda civic 2018 1.0 turbo
  5. Hi mates, I would like to know about this Honda N Wgn Custom car. Is there anybody who knows about this? It has a 660cc turbo engine but fully loaded. I heard that it's better than Wagonr. Do you recommend this car? Your valuable opinions are welcome!
  6. Hello guys there are so many honda civic 2017 models for sale around 6m to 7m but there are no used once for sale.. i mean not even 1.. why is no one selling there civic.. only brand new vehicles available... any thoughts on this i was going to get one for my mom but its not for long term use .
  7. Hi Guys, Welcome any reviews on Gen 5 Honda CR-V 2018. How is the new Turbo Vtec engine experience? Fuel economy in SriLanka? Would it worth to have for that price. Cheers
  8. Hi Guys, I'm new to Here, I Want to to buy a Turbo Car, that needs to have a better fuel consumption, currently im running a Subaru, BTW i think GT and the Glanza is the best, correct me if im wrong, so now i want to which is the better, gt or glanza, mainly i want performance, Starlet GT VS Glanza 1.What is the best performing car, 2.And what is the best upgradeable car, 3.Both Fuel Consumptions 4.Which one has the more space inside 5.Which one is the Market Car 6.Which One Has The Expensive Parts (Body) 7. What is The Best Looking Car and the Top Speed 8.Stock Cars/Conversions and the Converted Cars Average Price
  9. Guys need some help on one of my colleague's car. It's 2008 peugeot 407 diesel 1.6 manual. Currently 110k kms with maintenance history throughout agents. Turbo failure notice at 108k kms and he imported Garret branded one from UK and fixed.within 200kms it busted again. Sent the sample for warranty claim and their diagnosis at UK shop was oil starvation. While it arrives back . He fixed his original turbo after repaired locally by a reputed person with a genuine mallet repair kit. That one busted om few munites of first start. Repair was done at a place of the current car mart senoir mechanic and as per ther tests,oil pressure was normal and anyway recon engine was put into car with new oil pump.the oil pressure was adequate as per their observations. And its 300 ml on one munite ideal to be precise. After all this jumble the warranty turbo arrives after payment of 160 sterling pounds and fixed that with so called procedures from the garret agent, which lasted only another 1500kms. Now he's in total darkness with total bill is reaching 800k. The mechanic seems confident and dealt with known peugeots and does interestingly honest job.but fellow is clueless now. Carmart was contacted and their recommendation is to replace engine with turbocharger again with brand new from them. That's again another 1 million rupees plus. Any clue guys?
  10. Hi Guys, Please be kind to clarify the below for me. In 4D56 Engines, some are non turbo and other are intercooler turbo or turbo. Is turbo intercooled better than normal turbo engines? What is the mechanical explanation? Mostly these engines come with 32- Pajero in SL (Known as Palath Sabha). Appreciate your reply. Thanks.
  11. Hey, I found couple of Universal Car Turbo Sound Whistle on ebay but I don't know which one will be suitable for a Lancer EX? http://www.ebay.com/itm/28mm-Universal-Car-Blow-off-Simulator-Whistler-Sound-Exhaust-Whistle-Turbo-Tool-/251556997186?hash=item3a91f72842&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/32mm-Car-Blow-off-Simulator-Whistler-Sound-Exhaust-Whistle-Turbo-XL-Universal-/330952865686?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d0e53f796 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dia24mm-Universal-Car-Blow-off-Simulator-Whistler-Sound-Exhaust-Whistle-Turbo-/231546457275?hash=item35e93e8cbb&vxp=mtr Sizes are 24, 28, 32mm, so which one? Are there any disadvantage of using this? Please see this video for more info. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I'm interesting in mitsubishi delica po5 model. But I'm not a technical guy. Can you share your experince? Comfort Fuel Consumption Maintenance Availability of parts General Issues etc ..... Your feed backs are very helpful me to make a choice. Thanks ..
  13. dilla_t

    Bmw 520D

    ok folks so the 520d has an a TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder diesel engine. Does this Twinpower mean 2 turbocharges or a just a single turbo? I know BMW uses two turbos one for low speed and one for high speed for some models but for 520d does it use two turbos? any views will be appreciated.
  14. Hi guys, Hope everyones keeping well. The reason for this post is, I got a two door Starlet NP90 diesel with an engine running slighlty under compression. I still should be able to use it sometime but if ever I decide on replacing the engine, is there a possiblity for me to go for a Turbo Diesel engine? Would you recommend this and has anyone of you done this before? what might be my best swap option and what might be the cost? Also, I've seen some starlets with ABS. My car doesn't have ABS but the wire harness which connects to the ABS unit under the bonnet is here. Is there any possiblity of enabling ABS? Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks for reading my post. This is regarding a Mitsubishi 4D56T (2.5L) engine. During the service I removed the Air intake horse from the turbo and saw oil has leaked into the compressor wheel. The engine was replaced a few years back and I'm not sure on the actual mileage of the turbo. Is this normal? or is the turbo dying?
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