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Found 253 results

  1. Guys, I have a Prado 2005 petrol one. Problem is with air condition system. it seem that there is a gas leak and technician advise me to replace cool box since the issue is with it. My concern is that to replace this he needs to remove complete dashboard. Please let me know is there a other way to replace it with out removing the total dashboard ?
  2. Can anybody tell me what is the standard rpm when toyota allion 260 on park mode
  3. Guys,pls help me to choose service station for my allion 260 YOM 2007. Milage >90k Kurunegala area,should be good service and reasonable prizes. Thanks
  4. Guys, Any idea what this symbol is about? It’s in my friends 2015 Aqua
  5. Dear Friends, I am new to this forum and new to buying a car as well. So please help with your extensive knowledge about cars for my selection. budget: 2.5 - 2.6 million I will be getting a lease after paying 30% down payment. I have checked some car sales, AL ads and ###### ads. Having gone through these ads, I have a small understanding that toyota vitz 1.0L 2007/2008 and kia picanto 2016 full option fall in that range. 1. Can you please help me decide which is better? 2. Can you please recommend a good, fuel efficient kei car that I can buy for my budget? 3. Is Toyota Passo 2004 a good car to buy for 2.1 million rupees or is the price too much? Many Thanks and God Bless you!!! Kind Regards Kushi...
  6. pragas dhoni

    Toyota TownAce Chassis Number

    its has any problems for chassi number or its normal paint problem? please advice for me
  7. A recent variant of the Yaris has emerged as Toyota Ativ and currently goes for around 6.5M brand new. Although its not a JDM model and is not assembled in japan, Is it worth the price rather buying a reconditioned Axio Hybrid (2016+) or Civic EX (2017-18 model) in terms of 1) Comfort 2) Reliability( Specially for continuous long distance driving) 3) Fuel efficiency 4) Acceleration, Ride comfort and Maintenance 5) Market Depreciation( since i run over 50K on each car i use, I don't look for profits but am concerned about the overall depreciation over time) Any expert advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. I have the toyota premio 2018 1.5L ex (g superior). In the display, drive information is not showing. Avarage speed, eco display, fuel economy those things not displaying. Ideling stop display is showing but the i display(drive information) is not showing. Is there any settings to display those?
  9. Hi All, I am planning to go either of above options and i would like to know your advise of buying those 2 options. I have no idea to use for off road purposes, but i have concern about comfort, re sale value. Cheers
  10. Shiron

    Compounding car paint

    Dear all, Im going to apply the clear coat myself, after compounding the newly appied solid white car paint. Reason is... I couldnt apply the clear coat at same run when i was applying solid paint. The procedure im going to follow is... 1st wet sand the base coat by 2500 / 3000 grt , then compounding/ buff (witthout wax), wash with britol , finally appy the clear coat. Is this OK ?? Let me know some understanding on Paint buff machines, pads, compound types/ gauges... etc. I need to buy. Thanks.
  11. Hello everyone. I am looking to buy a new car for like 32 lakhs. I am not a car expert so your ideas will help me alot. I have some options in my mind. I was looking to go for a Hinda Fit gp1 but I saw a post that it has some mechanical problems like engine oil draining. Belta and Yaris and wagon r are my other options. I am going to buy this with a 5 year lease and will be using it for next 5 years. I would use this vehicle for my daily works. Please give me your thoughts and help me to find a good vehicle.
  12. kingz_123

    Allion 240

    Hi all, My car is Allion 240. Since last 6 months, i m experiencing a considerable reduction of engine oil soon after a service i m using 10w 30. Milage indicate as close 180000. Should i change the oil type or is there any thing that i can do?
  13. Hi, This is my first post in this forum, but I do read the forum often for expert's ideas and gathered a lot about cars. Here is the situation. My car is a Toyota starlet ep91 1996 reflect f full option with Auto I temporary got to use a starlet ep91 which belongs to one of my relations, which is 1997 full option 5 forward manual. Driving for about 2 weeks I absolutely fell in love with the car, runs like a whistle. Rather than that, it has some options like removable headrest seats, retractable mirrors, full length center console, and exterior and interior in good condition. I asked him if he likes to exchange the car with mine so he is asking my car and another 200000k. Do you guys think if this is a good deal? your feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  14. When checking on sales, swift 2017(non safety) and vitz 2018 (safety) both are somewhat in the same price range. what do you think of these two cars? fuel economy, engine quality and performance, build quality, parts prices, interior space, ground clearance, 2nd hand market value and etc.. 😊
  15. Hello All, We were given a Toyota Allion 2009 (NZT260) car as a gift and car seems to be having very decent and well maintained interior and exterior conditions. But this doesn't mean engine and other parts are very well maintained. Therefore, i would like your recommendations on doing the upcoming 78,633 KM service from a local service station or any other stations like w*rth or ster*ing or clean*ark. 1. My biggest worry is i don't see any record that transmission oil replaced for this car. Kindly advice is it good to do the CVT oil change at TL with said service and how much would it cost please. Found on internet it takes up 8.09 Ltr for a full CVT oil change.? Also is it worth to go with Toyota OEM CVT oil and place to buy this and cost.? 2. I heard from a friend that TL wouldn't go extreme on fully emptying the CVT oil, cleaning the magnets, cleaning the inner covers whole shebang and filling the oil up. Is that correct or is he wrong in this.? I only made couple of trips to colombo and Galle so engine condition of car is still unknown to me. But so far yet no weird noise from engine, no power loss or any other issues noticed. But i do experience a 5-6 seconds of screechy noise from the belt after a cold start up. It does not come up on warm start up. Normally my car did 12.4 on Highway and in colombo with 1 passenger somewhat heavy traffic 8-9 km with AC on with settings 23c. So i guess fuel consumption is at its best.? I don't have a big financial backing yet so keeping this car at optimal is good for our "punchi family". Aha, one more thing. I also have this stupid feeling deep down where i like to see water coming out of the silencer. LOL. I don't see it now and would it come if I do a tune up.? Hope this is looking good for the car. Thanks a lot for looking at this long post and appreciate your inputs. Cheers.
  16. Hi All, My Toyota Vitz KSP130 2015 (YOM) gives an unusual whistle sound when I accelerate. This does not happen always. This happens when I drive for sometime long (2 - 3 hours) continuously or when I drive in the hill country or when on S (Sports) mode. I suspect it's happening when I'm on a low gear or when I accelerate fast. When it starts to come, as I accelerate the whistle sound goes up and when I take off my foot from the pedals it stops. When I'm on S (Sports) mode a burning smell also comes. I don't know these two are related. This is really annoying and need your expert opinion to resolve this. TIA. Cheers Madhawa007
  17. KasunC

    What petrol type for Swift & Vitz

    Hi, What petrol fuel type(92 or 95) should be used for suzuki swift RS turbo 2017 (non hybrid) and toyota vitz 2017? how can i get to know which should be used? or is this a dumb question?
  18. ThushanthaSrimal

    Toyota carina AT150 spare parts

    Hi all, I have a Toyota carina AT150 - YOM 1983 and havent run for a while. Im getting into re-modify the car. Engine is in running condition but the body is some what corroded eg. floor bords. Corroded parts have to be replaced with new metal sheets and the interior also need some modification. Does any one know shops/places where I can buy spare parts and do necessary mechanical work? I think nugegoda area is the place to start. Any specific shops? Thanks
  19. Hello guys, Finally I’m happy to say that after many years, I’m going to sell my car and buy an Axio Luxel Alpha.So the car is owned by one of my father’s closest friends and he is the first owner. He personally imported and maintained the car well. At the moment the car has only two issues. One is the famous dashboard cracking problem. Other one is a bad Right side front shock absorber. I have driven the car previously and man that thing pulls hard.So I used my 121 during the same period of mileage but since this has a different engine and a gearbox, I have a doubt about maintaining it. So please give your advice. The car has done nearly 120k kms 1.Do I need to change the CVT gear oil? 2.Where can I get the dashboard problem sorted out and how much will it cost?Most of the advertisements in famous sites have quoted 20k.Is is for the repair or replacement?Which is the best option? 3.I previously used B/new KYB shocks for my 121 and I felt that they are pretty hard.So one of my friends said to use good reconditioned shock absorbers.He also uses them for his 110.If then where is the best and trusted place to buy them?Do I need to replace both right and left ones? 4.The car currently has rim cups.I plan to replace them with original alloys that came with it.Where can I find reconditioned original alloy wheels? 5.Other than that,what are the general maintainence stuff I have to do after purchasing? 6.Is there any known issues for this prticular model? -One more question.Does the Luxel handles better than the G and X versions?Someone has mentioned about a rear stabilizer bar previously in the forum.Is it true?I never had the chance to push it to the limits😃 So finally I have to let go my good old 121 baby.Since she gave me no troubles during her 6 1/2 year stay, I hope the next owner will have to worry about nothing.I also touched 180kmph twice and the car felt well planted and no stability issues came. Just a bit sad to let her go😐 Cheers🤟🤟🤟
  20. JFLanka

    1999 Toyota Hiace Dx Owner's Manual

    Hi Everyone, I am searching for the owner's manual for 1999 Toyota Hiace DX. I tried google but couldn't find. Does anyone have the manual or can anyone tell me where to look.. Thanks in advance.
  21. Haritha Tennakoon

    Shock absorber for aqua

    Can anyone help me to replace shocks with good quality for good price. Toyota Lanka said it around rs 100,000. And I asked from a shop. They have a brand called Kobe. Their price is around rs 25000 for both front and rear. Thanks
  22. aamarakoon

    Seat belt warning beep

    Does anyone know how to toggle seat belt warning beep in Toyota aqua 2016?. Just bought it unregistered. Seat belt dashboard indicator works but no audible alarm. Tried the internet. Odo button push and hold method doesn't bring the beep on off option.But opens the safety sense menu.
  23. Dear All, I have a Toyota axio 2007 model. Couple of months back, there was a switching issue in my a/c. ( A/C did no work properly. It switched off when car is cool but didn't switched on when needed). When I present this to Auto A/C expert they said me that there is a problem in A/C compressor valve. And also is a specific failure for Axio and Allion models. Has any of here experienced this type of problem with Axio or Allion car. Please advice me.
  24. Want to bye buy a car pls please recommend these tow two Honada Honda GP5 or Toyota Aqva Aqua ?
  25. need a good unregistered van with better fuel economy and also should be 7 seated. budget is about 4.4 to 4.6...i'm currently thinking about Nissan nv 200 2014 vm20 model(petrol 1590cc).will it be good for tourism purposes? is there anyone have experienced with this vehicle? most of these vehicles doesn't have dual A/C, so will it be a problem for 7 seated van?there's also 2015 gx model(m20) for 49.5mil & also need to know about fuel economy of these 2 models(2014 vm20 & 2015 m20). appreciate your valuable advises....