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Found 173 results

  1. Hello friends, I have been mulling on the idea of upgrading from my current car. I currently own a Honda Vezel hybrid 2015. As of now I have no serious issues with the car, just that I need more space for my family and our bags. Also since I live in the up country region, I feel the vezel is seriously underpowered when loaded on the hilly roads. My budget is upto a maximum of 14m and I'm looking for an SUV a class above Vezel. And strictly not a hybrid that would be reluctant to carry load around the hills. Thanks.
  2. TOYOTA Engine Cabin Wash & Detailing

    Hi, I'm wondering whether there is a place where offer an engine Cabin wash and Detailing service as featured in the below Video.I don't think even TOYOTA offer this sort of detailing process. Any opinions in to this???
  3. Peugeot 406

    My father is obsessed with Toyota and all the Japanese cars. But is it that hard to maintain a Peugeot 406? Is there a significant difference between Peugeot 406 parts and Corolla 110 spares? I don't understand what's wrong with europ cars second hand market value in Sri Lanka.
  4. Hi all, I have a Toyota IST (2002) and I'm badly in need of tyre replacement(all 4 tyres) since the existing ones are quite weared off. Existing ones are Nankang Tubeless and the tyre size 195/60R15. I'm looking for a Thailand/Japan tyre since I'm gonna sell it soon & I want to give a well maintained car for the one who buying. So please give me your opinion about a Suitable tyre Brand ,it's price and a vendor(if possible). Awaiting your suggestions. Thanks
  5. Toyota passo vibration problem

    Just bought a toyota passo but when idling the engine vibrates too much and shakes the car. When idle and on 'D' drive, the engine vibrates too much and shakes the car literally. I got the engine mount replaced but the problem is worst. Can you help plz.
  6. Hiace Regius Market

    How is the sri lankan market of the TOYOTA HIACE REGIUS? I want know is there a good market for this? if anyone knows, please reply. Thank you.
  7. DIY Power Window Switch Repair

    So here's some documentation of a bit of DIY I did some months ago. The driver's side window motor fried itself, along with the automatic mechanism and a hardwired fuse on the PCB. It didn't occur to me to properly document this at the time, because I was pressed for time, so the photos were taken mainly for my reference. Cleaning the power window contacts is something everyone should do on a 20 year or older vehicle. The amount of carbon build up on the contacts is insane. I ended up disabling the automatic mechanism because I believe the thermal cutout it uses to no longer be reliable. The post is short, so feel free to ask for specifics since there are many.
  8. Toyota Fuel Economy Survey

    Hi friends, I would like to go with Toyota vehicle fuel economy survey. because it will helpful for all sri lankan or people who is gonna buy Toyota vehicle. Please take few second to serve others while searching. Please add Your Toyota vehicle Model: Manufactured year: Engine Capacity : Fuel type : Transmission Type : Economy : (kmpl) city limits (kmpl) Out stations
  9. Hi All, Need some advice from the experts here regarding a possible gearbox failure in my NZT260 Toyota Allion (1NZ-FE). Couple of days back when I was on the way and fortunately closer to my home the car started to rev high up when accelerating and started experiencing a huge power loss to the wheels. I got home and I have kept the car in place till today without moving it to prevent any further damage. So basically the car engages the Drive mode and when accelerating the car barely moves (does not get past 20 km/h) but the engine revs high up. Only reverse is working without any loss of power. No noise or any cranking is heard from the tranny. Mechanics suggest that it is a common failure in CVT type transmissions in Toyotas' and it cannot be repaired, but replaced the whole transmission in full. All the maintenance have been done through Toyota Lanka and CVT transmission oil was replaced at the recommended intervals right throughout (CVT oil was changed in the last service as well). Toyota Lanka says the part is more than 900k, but recons are around 175k the least. The car has close to 186k mileage. Has anyone else running similar transmission experienced this? Is it possible to repair? If it has to be replaced, any tips on buying the part, replacement? Value all your ideas regarding this Regards.
  10. Toyota Aqua vs Honda FIT

    I was looking to buy a Grace but due to DCT transmission issues, I'm looking for new options. Honda FIT (2015 L Grade) or Toyota Aqua (2015 G Grade)? have to consider resale value, fuel and comfort. Seems like 2015 FIT has more fuel efficiency and the performance.
  11. Toyota AXIO X LIMITED

    Is this a Axio X limited?what are the features in an axio x limited?does it comes with teak panel or not?.please post some interior photos of a x limited,who owns one
  12. Buying a new Car

    I currently have Axio 2010 X grade car and I'm planning on buying 2015 Honda Grace EX for 5.5m after selling my Axio. Is it good decision or is there any better options?
  13. I have done a overhaul to my KE72 engine around 5 months ago through a reputed company. All the engine related work done by Edirisinghe Brothers. After that I have drove only 3500 km up to now. Now I experience, - Oil level reduces - White smoke in high RPM I have informed to the company where the repair has done. As I expected they are complaining about the spares I used (I bough 90% of the parts from MM Organization) they say they might have given me duplicates. Please share your ideas with me.
  14. Toyota BJ 40

    Hi, I am looking at buying a landcruiser bj40 for my personal use. I saw this one at a cushion house and liked it very much.
  15. Vitz Fuel Consumption

    Hi I recently Purchase Vitz 1000cc..Its doing 11-12Km/l (Colombo City) Some people told me that it works 15km/l in Colombo. Do i need to do engine tuneup to increase the consumption or give me any other advice?
  16. Differential oil for hiace 58-

    What oil should i use for my toyota hiace 58- old model.differential.i asked from an oil shop they said to use s.a.e 90 but can i use 80w-90 toyota differential oil
  17. Buy a Car

    I am looking for a car around 34 laks,what should i buy?for family use.Thank You
  18. 2016/2017 Toyota Allion Vs Premio

    The latest versions of Toyota Allion and Premio was released in mid-2016. The two models has come with significant design as well as technological improvements. This time, Toyota has blurred the boundaries of the design in both of the cars and given a one common overall design to the front and the back while specifying 2 different levels of detailing and trim. Despite that fact, the design this time is really impressive. Firstly, let's watch the video that we did as the comparison between the two cars. The 2 cars have been built on the same chassis as the predecessors', the NZE-260. but in the exterior, the hood (bonnet), front fenders and the front and rear buffers have been redesigned with different levels of detailing. The front lamps are LED including the head lamp. Tail lights are a combination of both LED and conventional lighting. The ground clearance has also been increased a bit which is a better sign. This time, there is no "G-Superior" in the Premio. Instead the "EX-Package" as the highest option level in the Premio and G-Plus in the Allion. In the video, there are those highest grades. The Premio that we took to has the New body colour which they call it as "Dark Red Mica Metallic" which is more Redish than the wine-red of the out going version (Different colour codes). The white is all the same and it is the Pearl-white (metallic white) in the video. The 2 cars are equipped with more sophisticated technological aspects. Mainly the safety features like, High Beam Assist: Which will control the high beam (Head light) by it self. When driving at night, due to the HBA system we no more need to put the lights into Full or Dim. When a car is coming towards, the system automatically dims the light and immediately after its passed, the lights are put into full. Lane Departure Assist: The system will give a warning if the driver is crossing between the lanes unsafely. The display in the dashboard displays the regarding information. Pre-Safe Collision Assist: The car brakes by itself if the driver did not take necessary actions in the situation where a collision could happen. The system works under the speed of 50Km/h. It is the Same as the CTBA which came in Honda. Additionally with the ultra sonic sensors on the front and rear bumpers (buffers) the system detects if there are short collision objects even when the car is moving in a tight parking lot. The system boosts brake even the driver has applied brakes slightly which would not sufficient to stop the car. The on dash display visualizes how close you are to a collision object. This time they have added the Engine Auto Stop function which turns off the engine when it is in idle in order to maximize the fuel efficiency. For an instance, when you are waiting for the green light, The Auto Stop will work until you take the foot off the brake pedal. Immediately after the brakes are released, the engine comes up and ready when your foot reaches the accelerator (no delay).
  19. Guys, need some honest opinions. Is there anyone who converted the appearance of a 2007 Allion 260 to a 2010 Allion 260 by changing the Old Lights and Buffers to new ones? If so, do we need to change any brackets or do they get fixed to the same brackets?
  20. Dear Friends. Recently i brought Allion 240. It has toyota player that support USB,DVD. But i try to play video file from usb (File type is MP4) it said not support.Then i converted it to WMA and same again. Please let me know which video file types that support default toyota player. Ur answers are highly appreciate
  21. hello everyone , is it really worth buying a toyota axio 2016 hybrid g50 limited red interior model brand new at this time period , because its the end of 2016 ... will the next axio be released anytime soon ? if so will it look a lot different than the axios of 2016 ? whats the difference between wxb , g50 limited & g models ? almost everyone i know who owns the g model says the car is underpowered.
  22. Dear all, Warm wishes for a Happy new year. Recently, the front driver side door central locking actuator has stopped working. But still the door can be locked using the key hole. The part number i found from online parts catalogue is 69110-12070 and I'm attaching pictures of the device as well. I would like to know a place this could be bought locally. Preferably around Kandy. Thank you in advance.
  23. Gonna Buy Allion 2016 Or A Premio 2016 , Any Suggestions , Advice ? Which Is The Better Buy ? Fuel Consumption City & Outstation ? Thanks
  24. Hello Experts, Excited to join Autolanka forums Waited almost for month for an admin to approve me ... anyway, whoever the admin that approved me, Last December, I sold my good old Maruti WagonR ( 2008 model, 5yrs old, driven for 30000+ Kms) For 1.6mil. I was searching for a good car to buy ever since. ( that's how I ended up on autolanka) So now that I finally got approved I thought it's time to get expert ideas on buying my new vehicle. My budget is 3.5mil - 4.0mil. I wanted to buy a japanese car and browsing the internet, Finally I decided that there are two contenders: 1. Toyota axio 161 1.3 X Grade (2013) 2. Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.6 GLX (2013) Both the cars ( Brand New ) are being sold for 3.5 mil. for the permit. ( Lancer : 3,460,000 to be exact) My priorities are: -RELIABILITY -Fuel Economy -Spare Parts Availability -Safety And comfort -Handling -Looks - Resale value Axio Dealers are mainly bragging of TOYOTA Reliability and Spare parts availability. They assured me I'm in deep trouble if I choose a mitsubishi because there are no spare parts in local market and I would have to buy spare parts only from agent paying a huge amount of money and I have to wait till eternity for mitsubishi agents to import parts from japan. And they also mentioned that unlike axio, I won't be able to sell the mitsubishi for a decent price. (if I wanted to, of course) I called mitsu agents and they say they have spare parts for any vehicle they sell and I don't have to worry. However the sales guy said he have no idea on 3rd party parts availability. So as you all can see i'm in a dilemma here. If you were in my position which car would you buy? And please be kind enough to mention why.. This is my first post on autolanka, so please go easy on me if I have offended any rule. Thanks in advance.
  25. Buying a new Van

    Heay Im Ahad 18 years old My family are gonna buy a Toyota hiace model 2003 registered in 2007 the number is PE and the price is 58lakhs Can any of you tell me if the price is reasonable?!?!?! Someone who is an expert in this please reply me for I can get you feedback before buying. I will be expecting your Ideas and feedback's thank you.