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Found 194 results

  1. Hey, guys, I need help with buying a car <link to third party classifieds site removed> from an online marketplace. this is my first car and hence have no idea of what I should look into. Can anyone please list me out on what things I should Look before buying the car. Can anyone please help me with this?
  2. Hello guys! I need some advice for buying my first car. My maximum budget is restricted to around 3 million, so I have few options. What do you think is best - buy a brand new manual Kia Picanto (around 3 mil the last time I checked) or import something like a 2015/2016 Vitz from Japan? Or forget both and go the local second-hand route with possible risks involved? I won't be actually buying one until a year or so, but I'm doing some research in advance anyway. I have zero prior experience with cars. Thanks for your opinions and advice!
  3. Hi, I have got my permit (yay!) and for my luck govt. changed the tax allowance as well. But now I am bit clueless what should I buy with it. I have 2011 premio and a 2004 vits of which I will be selling one. I don't like to buy a another Premio/Allion. Today when I checked with the car importers along highlevel road in K'pona/Nugegoda, they were not willing to tell me what options I have. As I understand, the max CIF value I can bring in is USD35000. What are my options in that case. My budget for final figure is 6M or less. I prefer Japanese cars because they will just take from point A to B in a reliable way but I am open for Euro option as well in which case I will have to lookafter the baby bit more sedan, crossover /SUV, I am open for anything Most of my rides are within the city and comfort is important Fuel consumption is also a factor Is there a place where I can check the prices for vehicle bringing here of permit Thanks,
  4. Guys looking to buy a good car in between 26 and 28 lakhs... any suggestions??? looking for a car with a good fuel consumption..... any advices will be greatly appreciated ...
  5. Hi Guys, I am new to this website. Recently had an accident and i need to find tail light for corolla 141 2008. Is there any specific place to find it. And looking for Koito genuine light. But its around 22K in toyota lanka. Is there any other place to find this bit cheaper let me know. Heard it should around 12K.(thailand) Thanks.
  6. I'm planning to buy a toyota aqua. My budget is around 4 million rupees. I don't know anything about buying a used hybrid car. 1. What kind of model should i go? (There are 2012,13 g grade and some 2014 models available for this price in classified sites) 2. Is it worth buying a 4-5 years old hybrid car for 4mil.? (I heard there can be battery related issues) 3. Is there anything special to check when buying an used aqua? My main concerns when selecting aqua was the fuel economy, reliability & resale value.
  7. Hi can anybody tell me some information about the new toyota crown.I kinda like its overall design. But the thing i cant seem to find this car anywhere. I want to know if theres a fault or something or is it beacuse its not so much popular with srilankan people? Anyways will it be same as maintaining a europian car?And wbt the fuel consumtion. Thnx❤
  8. Hi All, I'm looking for a car which is in the range of 5-7 lakh.My requirements.Please help to give suggestion about what models to looking for. 1.As I work on weekdays, I will use it mainly on weekends. 2.Fuel consumption around 10-12km per l 3.My plan is used it for around 2 years. 4.second hand price can be half of the buying price.(not concern about second-hand market).
  9. Toyota Gps Map

    May Vitz has a Navi model NSCD-W66. But does not work in sri lanka. Is it possible to fix it to work on sri lanka? I have the SD card too.
  10. Hi, I'm driving a 2012 Allion clocked around 65k in it's odometer. All the periodic maintenance are done though the agents. Recently I've noticed a strange KRRRR.. sound when the car is slowing down from 30km/h to 10km/h. I heard this noise when I'm driving (A/C turned off and both passenger side and driver side shutters are fully open) through a quiet lane which has walls on both sides. So I can hear the car's noises very well. When the car slows down to 10km/h this KRRRR... sound came from the left side of it and fades away within few seconds. Also I can hear this sound even in sudden pick-ups of the vehicle from 10km/h or below. I'm suspecting there is something wrong with my CVT. Have any of you had the same problem? Thanks.
  11. daihatsu terios 2007

    In my Jeep when ac is ON a crying noise is coming when going forward. But when it's OFF it's not coming. Some says it's coming from ac compressor and need to change. I have serviced also but they did not tell for any issue. Cool is ok but less in the noon with very hot times. Do you know what type of a compressor it has and whether I can put a passo compressor reconditioned to this. What is the cubic capacity of passo. Mine is Terios Cargo Volume13.4 cuFT OR 379 L
  12. Hi Guys, I am interest on buying Toyota Allion 2002/2003 or Premio 2002 like car but Now it is 2018 which means those are 15,16 years old and most of the car have mileage over 1 laks, In other hand we have Yaris and Belta with 2007, 2008 manufactured so we can buy almost same prices as Allions. I am looking for 1500cc car but saw Premios has 1800cc only then fuel consumption should bad. Need your opinions on either go for Allion/Premio or Yaris/Belta like cars? PS : Have a idea of Corolla 141 also but most of people saying don't buy it. Is there any specific reason for that? Cheers!
  13. Vitz or corolla

    What is the best option from toyota vitz and toyota corolla ? I mean around 30 lakhs range wht is the best option
  14. Please explain about Cons and Pros of Toyota Pixis Epoch car and Daihatsu Mira EIS car..
  15. Merry christmas everyone . Need some advice, Planning to go for a used mid sized car. Trying to choose between camry, accord and mark x. Fuel economy is not a major concern. Looking for a reliable, comfortable car with decent driving experience. Budget is 4-5 mil. Anyone with experience using above vehicles? Any known technical issues?
  16. Dear Members, I am new and looking for my first car. However, Since I don't have much mechanical knowledge on cars, I m afraid of buying a second hand one. Therefore, I wish to buy a reconditioned or brand new one. I expect your suggestions based on followings: Status: Reconditioned or Brand New Make: Any (but prefer Toyota) Color: White Or Blue Budget: 2.7 M to 3.3 M Year: from 2014 - if reconditioned Resell- Second hand market Fuel consumption Transmission: Any However, I feel, it d better to go for Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Swift s too.
  17. Hi, I'm planning to buy my 1st car. I was interested in hybrid and EV models hoping they would be more economical but after reading some threads here it seems I'm wrong. I was looking about Toyota Aqua, Honda Fit (GP5), Honda Freed and Nissan Leaf(seems not so reliable for long journey) and seen more negative comments than I thought. I don't know much about cars(even my parents didn't have one) and I would like to here the opinions/suggestions from the experts. Below are some of my concerns. This is going to be my 1st car. Would be better if the maintenance is easier and economical in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption. I don't want to invest a lot in a vehicle. I prefer to have good resale value in case I want to switch to an EV model once it become more reliable here. My budget is 4m, but can go little up if it's worthy (have to obtain personal loan for around 2.5/3m). I would love if I can get something below that budget as I don't like paying lot of interest for a loan and loan interest rates are high now. Minimum of 5 seats and good boot space. Would love if 6/7 seater available at this price (like Honda Freed). I would prefer safer ones with 5 or 8 airbags (because in most cases would be driven with all seats occupied) Most of the time will be driven in Colombo city and would take for long journey on vaccations/special occasions. Love to have latest features in the interior. In terms of exterio body shape, I dont like box types(like in Suzuki Every) but that wouldn't be a deciding factor. More concerned about interior than exterior.
  18. What is the best option from these two? 1. Buying a honda civic 2017 brand new hatchback (UK) 2. Buying a toyota premio 2014 used? Please give me your advices.
  19. Dear members, Given the recent changes in the budget, I have narrowed my search down to the below vehicles and would like your input as well. My main concerns are comfort, decent ground clearance and maintenance cost. The Toyota Rav4 was also considered, but I would have to buy a 7+ year used vehicle which I am not keen on doing. My top picks 1. Audi Q2 1.0 Litre Turbo 2. Nissan Note E-Power 1.2 Litre 3. Honda Civic Hatchback 1.0 Litre turbo 4. Audi A3 1.0 Litre Turbo 5. Volkswagen Golf 1.2 TSI (Update: 28-11-2017) My low picks 1. Toyota CH-R 1.2 Litre Turbo 2. Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Litre Hybrid 3. Suzuki Baleno 1.0 Litre Turbo Thank you all
  20. I recently purchase a Toyota Aqua 2013 model which has done 62000Km Couple of days later the 'Check hybrid system' and 'Check Engine' indicators were shown. After taking to Toyota Lanka, I got a system scan done and the error code was P0A80, which is for Replace Hybrid battery pack. They identified the issue to be a voltage drop in one of the battery cell. They recommended to do a battery service, but while removing the battery they found the battery has already been serviced as well. For the moment I have temporarily got the code deleted. This is temporary and the error will appear again (I got it twice). The recommended solution is to replace the battery pack. Agent price is extremely expensive, but few other places said it would cost around 200,000. I wanted to know if replacing the problematic cell would be a good option? has anyone done this? if so what are the good places which this can be done. I spent 4 Million for the car and don't have another 200K at the moment. Anyone got any solution?
  21. Hello every one, I am just wondering how to recognize a true G grade and a Normal Grade of TOYOTA AXIO HYBRID 2015,2016,2017,2018 I have heard that many sellers/Importers bring down the Normal Grade Axios and convert them to higher grade (mostly G grade) . ( Of cause you always can compare the options but this can be very easily modified) Heard this is common for Premio and Allions too. a.) Can we recognize by the chassis number series or any other number? Thank you!
  22. Hello friends, I have been mulling on the idea of upgrading from my current car. I currently own a Honda Vezel hybrid 2015. As of now I have no serious issues with the car, just that I need more space for my family and our bags. Also since I live in the up country region, I feel the vezel is seriously underpowered when loaded on the hilly roads. My budget is upto a maximum of 14m and I'm looking for an SUV a class above Vezel. And strictly not a hybrid that would be reluctant to carry load around the hills. Thanks.
  23. TOYOTA Engine Cabin Wash & Detailing

    Hi, I'm wondering whether there is a place where offer an engine Cabin wash and Detailing service as featured in the below Video.I don't think even TOYOTA offer this sort of detailing process. Any opinions in to this???
  24. Toyota passo vibration problem

    Just bought a toyota passo but when idling the engine vibrates too much and shakes the car. When idle and on 'D' drive, the engine vibrates too much and shakes the car literally. I got the engine mount replaced but the problem is worst. Can you help plz.
  25. Hi all, I have a Toyota IST (2002) and I'm badly in need of tyre replacement(all 4 tyres) since the existing ones are quite weared off. Existing ones are Nankang Tubeless and the tyre size 195/60R15. I'm looking for a Thailand/Japan tyre since I'm gonna sell it soon & I want to give a well maintained car for the one who buying. So please give me your opinion about a Suitable tyre Brand ,it's price and a vendor(if possible). Awaiting your suggestions. Thanks