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Found 14 results

  1. So I was on a hunt for a car for few months. Was initially planning to buy a used Honda GP1. Then decided to buy a GP5 as I saw 2014/15 GP5 being priced around 4 mil price range. Then I thought of importing a reconditioned one as I managed to stretch my budget a bit and spoke with a vehicle importer and asked for quotations. But he said now vehicle taxes has changed and cars like GP5 & Aqua (with 1.5l engine) costs more than before. He suggested going for a smaller engine hybrid like Swift RS or a normal car like Vitz, both of which I have ruled out due to various reasons. Enough ranting 🙃 I have several queries, 1. Most of GP5s advertised are around 50k mileage costing around 4 mil. Some are tagged as "agent maintained". If I buy an “agent maintained” one with records, would I be able to get a car in good condition as per the records with a genuine mileage? 2. I see Honda vezels of 2013/14 priced around 4.3 mil. Has this been the case even before the taxing? Or do the hybrids with medium sized engines now have a lower price tag? 3. Will there be a policy change any time soon? (I know this is a stupid question considering the quality of our policy makers) I am a newb to the fancy metal world. Any answer would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance. 🤗
  2. Was thinking of importing a BMW m50 engine or even a jz motor. Any one have any information how the tax system works for importing just the engine of a car?
  3. Hi, I have been wondering that giving a 3.6 Million tax rebate is not fair on government servants or any individuals who import vehicles for permit. I feel the government has introduced permit just for say cause of strike caused by doctors. The permit which is introduced is of no use to the importers. Is it just me who is feeling like this or any one else ?
  4. Hi, I am going to buy a LED TV 40" from Japan. I hope to use it here some time and then bring to Sri Lanka when I return. Anyone have any idea about how much I will have to pay as tax or duty? Also I want to know whether I can bring it as my luggage. PKC
  5. How much price reduce when exporting with a $35000 permit.?Thnx
  6. Hi guyz just wanted to know is the semi Luxury tax applicable for 1998cc kyron year 2008 Tax category is motor car Please let me know Thanks
  7. How to calculate import tax and fees If im going to import a vehicle from japan personally (ex: Toyoyta Allion, Honda grace..) How do I calculate tax and other charges according to new tax? Im sorry if the quection is too broad but please bear with me and help on this matter. . Thank You!
  8. government has increased FOB value of most vehicles, but they have keep the tax percentage as same, For ex, PRIUS Previous FOB - 2410000 (YEN) TAX 92% Total Tax Payable - 2730589.69 (YEN RATE 1.9) Current FOB - 3497237 (YEN) TAX 92% Total Tax Payable - 3925989 (YEN RATE 1.9) So there is no change of tax but tax value is increased due to the increase of FOB value.
  9. Dear Friends, I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a Toyota Vigo Smart Cab and went to do the insurance company to get the insurance done. They have issued a cover note and keep delaying printing the Insurance card. When I inquired, they said that my vehicle have due Semi Luxury Taxes which are not paid for 2 years and due to that they cannot give the insurance card until I clear the taxes. However, this vehicle was insured with j********i Insurance under the 1st owner. they have paid taxes for 3 years which is for 2011, 2012 and 2013. After that j********i has not collected the taxes for 2014 and 2015 claiming that there was a government circular which exempts the Semi Luxury taxes on Dual purpose Single Cabs with effect from 1st January 2013. Now when I check with Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) , they say that the vehicle have overdue taxes and the I should pay the respective taxes. My questions are: 1. Is the Semi Luxury tax still applicable for Vigo Smart cab? 2. The said circular says if the vehicle is Dual Purpose Single cab (Yes my cab is resisted under this category) and if it is has only driver cage (1 seat other than driver as per the CR) and the gross weight is below 3500 Kg (mine is 2665 Kg), how can DMT say that I have to pay the Semi luxury tax? 3. If there are unpaid taxes existed, is it possible to transfer the ownership of the vehicle without charging the applicable taxes from the previous owners? (I am the 3rd owner and two successful transfers was happened) Do anybody came across a situation like this? please share your ideas coz now the new insurance people refusing to issue the insurance card to me because of this. Smart Cab owners please help me to get a clear idea about this. Thanks in Advance Kasun W
  10. Hi, I was wondering if a vehicle is converted from Petrol to Diesel, should the Diesel Tax be paid again for 7 continuous years?
  11. Hi all see this is valuable tread. I have a question, does anyone know how much is the custom calculation & how does it depend on the vehicle type ? I mean tax amount differce on Prius / Allion. Does anyone know how much is it for SUVs & Cars etc ?
  12. Guys, does any one know what will be the importing tax of an axio luxel (zre142) 2012.(not the new model)...any one with personal experience?
  13. jami


    Tax for Luxury vehicle increased.........
  14. Hi all, i'm quite new here and i'm hoping to buy my first car. i'm looking to bring down a prius from japan but i have no idea of how much tax i will have to pay. my budget is around 3.5 million therefore i think of buying a prius made in 2008. can you please suggest me some good sites to see japan auctions and how to calculate the tax amount i will have to pay? if i am to stick to my budget of 3.5 million what is the best amount that i could afford to spend at the auction? thanks for help!!
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