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Found 35 results

  1. Hi guys, this is my father's swift 2004 1.3cc car. For some time now, an unusual sound comes from the engine bay when engine is started, in low RPMs and also when moving with 'D' but most of the times with lower RPM values. It's more like a 'Grrrrr...' sound. that's how I can explain it. It was checked at a local garage for a possible engine mount issue but they said there's no problem. Still it is there. I have a small video clip but the sound I mention here is barely audible in the video. If anybody has an idea what this might be, it would be of great help to get this sorted out. Thanks. URL for video clip
  2. Hi, I have narrowed down three models for the current budget of mine which is below 4.4m They are, Toyota Vitz 2017/18 Suzuki Swift 2017/18 Audi A1 2016/17 My plan is for casual use on weekends and some weekdays. Which would you recommend for overall comfort nd driving. (If I have missed any model please tell me as i am still on research stage).
  3. Hi, I observed that my Suzuki Swift (Beetle) steering wheel not returning to center after turning into left side. Also there was some noice when drive in gravel roads. So after inspecting in garage, they replaced lower arms and links and aligned the wheels. After two days, exactly same issue came again. Again I went to the same garage and they were suspected that sound came from rack and they replaced it with recondition rack.But still issue is there. Still steering wheel not returning after turning to left side and noice coming when drive in gravel road. What could be the issue is? regards, Flash
  4. Dileepa Perera

    Chevrolet Cruze 2004 CV JOINT

    iā€™m having some issues with CV joints as most others have here who has the same vehicle. and some heavy noise when i going through a bump and stuff. (maybe shocks?) Can you guys suggest me a good place to fix these things up as my knowledge about cars is below avarage Thanks in advance!
  5. When checking on sales, swift 2017(non safety) and vitz 2018 (safety) both are somewhat in the same price range. what do you think of these two cars? fuel economy, engine quality and performance, build quality, parts prices, interior space, ground clearance, 2nd hand market value and etc.. šŸ˜Š
  6. KasunC

    What petrol type for Swift & Vitz

    Hi, What petrol fuel type(92 or 95) should be used for suzuki swift RS turbo 2017 (non hybrid) and toyota vitz 2017? how can i get to know which should be used? or is this a dumb question?
  7. Could you please recommend me a good tyre for Swift 185/60R15? Also, want to know the shops to buy tyres with warranty. Please pm me if your answer violating forum rules.
  8. dilshant80

    Suzuki Swift Hybrid 2017?

    Hi Guys, Anyone here using the new 2017 Suzuki Swift Hybrid? Any user experiences and comparisons with similar hatchback hybrids (eg. Aqua, Fit). TIA
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to buy one of these cars and appreciate any comments on fuel figures and maintenance cost of two cars( I did search and read most of related posts ). According to my research these and concerns/facts I have found. Still I would appreciate everyones feedback. Demio should do better on fuel than Swift ( Swift 10kmpl in town I read , Demio not sure 12kmpl? ) Demio parts are expensive than swift. - Buying car around 2008 what would be replacements I should expect to? ( Socks/ Shock mounts ). Eg. Had a Mazda familia BJ5P for 2 years. It costs around 35 to replace engine mounts ( Left one original and others Malaysian ) still I'm not sure whether it is expensive or not compared to a similar are of other brand. Steering rack issues. - I read in different places both cars have known issue with steering rack issues. I called to Mazna motors and they also said rack failure is common with Demio and will take around 100k to replace genuine or can do some what less expensive fixes as well. There is where I got shocked and started to doubt on Demio. 1 Lak for rack . Is same figure goes for Swift rack issue fix? Thank you
  10. Nuwan007lk

    2008 Suzuki Swift Oil Leak

    Dear friends, My Father's 2008 JDM Suzuki Swift (zc71s) is having this engine oil leak. As shown in the image and as far as I can understand, this leak is from a sensor point, is this the crankshaft position sensor? How do I rectify this issue? Your valuable opinion is highly appreciated. Thanks guys
  11. Hi All, Im new to this car buying thing and planning to buy a vitz 2017 OR swift 2017 model. I have driven both vehicles, since im not a car guy im ok with both. While observing ncap and moose tests reviews, i understood that vitz is marginally safer and stable compared to swift. But then again swift comes with some bells and whistles (such as automatic climate control) as standard. Where as vitz 1000cc only comes with manual AC. My absolute maximum budget is fixed at 42mil. My main reason for buying a car is as bellow. - daily commute (reliablilty) - Fuel efficiency ( if anyone knows fuel efficiency of both these vehicles please let me know) - Better resale value (after less than 5 years) Appreciate any expert comments of vitz, swift gurus. Thanks allot.
  12. I'm planning to buy a suzuki swift japan (2006-2010) but heard that the fuel consumption is pretty low compared to other hatchbacks. Also, i heard that fuel consumption of the cvt version of the swift is better than other versions. Is there any way to identify a swift (2005-2010) with a cvt gearbox?
  13. Heya, I have an automatic 2008 Suzuki Swift and recently it's been shaking/vibrating/juddering quite noticeably when the engine is turned on (whether it's cool or warm). I've always waited for the engine to warm up for a few minutes before driving it, so I really don't know what's going on. I've also noticed that when I put the windows down, the sound of the engine when accelerating is quite unsettling, sounds like a long and loud dry wheeze, I can't really describe it. It just sounds really unhealthy. I also remember one time when the accelerator just stopped working while I was driving (felt like it ran out of gas but I had just filled it) before any of this vibration stuff started, so I pulled over, waited, and then it started working as normal again. I literally have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to mechanical terms and all that jazz, I just thought I'd come here to ask what's actually wrong with it before taking it to a mechanic. My dad knows quite a lot about cars but he isn't here at the moment so I thought I'd come here to get some helpful info to pass on to him. I read somewhere that it could be something to do with the cylinders; if it is I can give some more information later on, but for the moment I'm just looking for what this issue could possibly be. Thanks in advance! Melina
  14. Dear Members, I am new and looking for my first car. However, Since I don't have much mechanical knowledge on cars, I m afraid of buying a second hand one. Therefore, I wish to buy a reconditioned or brand new one. I expect your suggestions based on followings: Status: Reconditioned or Brand New Make: Any (but prefer Toyota) Color: White Or Blue Budget: 2.7 M to 3.3 M Year: from 2014 - if reconditioned Resell- Second hand market Fuel consumption Transmission: Any However, I feel, it d better to go for Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Swift s too.
  15. Best value for money unregistered car for less than 4M. Plz give your opinion on appearance, driving experience, maintenance, second hand market and durability.
  16. Hi, Anyone have experience in smart key programming for cars? My car smart key is malfunctioning so I called several places/persons and it will cost around Rs 18500. When I checked the ebay there are car key programming units available around 12k (I search for one, which is compatible with my Suzuki Swift 2010). Can we do it ourselves? If I purchase car key programmer unit, I might able to start part time job to program these smart keys at cheaper price. What are the risks associated with it? According to youtube videos, key programming is not a difficult task. But reality is that the same? thanks
  17. Hi Guys, I am planning to upgrade my wheels from 15'' to 16'', car is a 2005 swift zc11s. I have not seen any of the same model with 16'' except the sport model which has factory fitted 16'' wheels. so wondering will there be any issues or if an expert could enlighten me with the result. Plan is to buy Volk racing or Voosen 16'' wheels with low profile tyres, any tip for a place to buy?
  18. Hi guys, I just want to know that the rated life of the timing chain of M13A engine (swift HT51s). I heard some car manufacturers rate the life of timing chain with the lifetime of the car? just to make sure what it is going to be? thanks.
  19. Hi guys, I am planning to buy a used car for around 2.4mil these days. could you guys please comment on below cars on given aspects. Suzuki Swift 2004/2003 vs Honda fit 2004 fuel economy maintenance (part availability) comfortability safety features thanks you-- awaiting comments
  20. Hi all, Two years before I purchased a Mazda BJ5P with the help of you all. It was for my family and I drove it most of the time. My honest opinion is that car is a reliable, cool and fun to drive. I did use it as my wedding car as well . After two years I sold it. Well, the reason is nor since both me and my brother is living in Colombo now car just sit at home until one of us get back. So I wanted to go for a bit smaller car which my sister could drive. My preferences were Suzuki Swift Jeep Model 2004, Chevrolet Curze 2004. BTW I did my homework guys. I read everything related to these vehicles in the forum. Last two days I went to see 8 car of above models. Looking at those cars I'm very disappointed. Most of them looks they were being raped by owners. Engines leaking oil all over the place, power windows not working or creaking, Cabin is dusty like hell etc. Honestly I can't believe how someone can use a car like that. The best car I would was a 3rd owner lady drive. That also have slight oil leaks and it is a basic car ( no ABS, P/S ). It also giving a bit of vibration when on D so I guess engine mounts are not good. Yesterday evening I looked into March AK 12 ( Yes, I read all forum threads ). Should be a very comfortable car with all features. So I'm going to raise the fuel consumption topic again. In most threads people start giving unrealistic figures and from there on thread discussion is off topic. My BJ5P realistically did ~9kmpl is Colombo, Outstations ~12kpml(Trip to Katharagama gave bit beyond 12 so ) and highway ~15kmpl( Driving ~80kmph). I have heard most 1.3 engines ( vitz, swift ) do ~12kmpl on city. So AK12 being more low and wide car would do less I think . I read 10 is also difficult to achieve in AK12. But outstation it should do at least ~13 and highway ~15. So please someone had a AK12 please give me a realistic figure please. Thank you
  21. Hi Guy, I own a Suzuki swift 2005 (japan) beetle auto car, I bought this few months ago and didn't face major issues since last week. Suddenly starter motor failed to respond on few occasions but after switching off and on, it did work. Car has few other electronic errors such as seat belt indicator and gear indicator light errors, they work sometimes but sometimes not. I am wondering weather to go to a electrision or to do the regular service as it's has come closer. Seek your valuable advice.
  22. hello guys, firts of all I should say i have only minor experience about vehicles and vehicle technical jargon. I own Suzuki swift 2007 Japanese one and noticed car is slowly pull to left side when i drive(this is the only problem i have. no any other sound. done alignment. new good year tires.). I took it to the Agent and suggestion was to repair the Rack bush and they told me it requires some lathe work to re-fill the bush. when i talked about cost according to them it will be around 15,000-20,000. I have seen some of the threads about steering rack problems and replies about lathe works and of course i have seen a mech called "Wasantha" on most of the threads. I need your help/thoughts to sort this out please.
  23. Hi Guys, Just wanted to know the main differences between Suzuki Swift Indian version & Suzuki Swift Japanese version. I checked few blogs and found out below differences Engine Capacity 1.3L vs 1.5L Transmission Differences - Indian comes with a manual & Japanese with a Automatic Interior - Good interior in Japanese ( obviously) What about the engine versions? and drawbacks of Indian one? Fuel efficiency, Maintenance & parts availability? Are there any differences in exterior? I was bit supersized about the recondition price differences between these two versions. p.s. - I checked lots of old threads and sorry if i am posting something already discussed in detail.
  24. SMadu

    Bluebird Sylphy

    Hi Experts, I'm looking for a help from you. I sold my car recently and need to go for a car for about 2 Mil. My idea is to by a car for that price and use it for about one and half years and go for a better one later since due to some other reasons I'm not in a position to spend more than that during this year. With some search I found Bluebird Sylphy as a decent car which is available for my budget. But I would like to get to know following information about that car. YOM - 2001 - 2004 Transmission - Auto Fuel consumption in 1.5 l model and 2 l model ? At the same time I'm considering following vehicles too. Toyota Cami Mazda Familia 1.5 Auto FB 15 New shell 1.5 Auto Toyota 110 1.5 Auto Swifts (Indian) zxi YOM 2007 / 8 Appreciate your support.
  25. jayanathkarunarathna

    Engine Heat When A/c Is On

    Hi, I have a Suzuki Swift TH51s YOM 2003. Recently I noticed engine heat in increasing When vehicle is stuck in traffic and A/C is ON. Heat Indicator rise upto 3/4. Indicator comes back to normal when I switch off A/C. No any other noticeable changes (fan is working,water/oil level is normal) Did any one experienced same and fixed ? Please help Thanks