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Found 44 results

  1. KasunC

    What petrol type for Swift & Vitz

    Hi, What petrol fuel type(92 or 95) should be used for suzuki swift RS turbo 2017 (non hybrid) and toyota vitz 2017? how can i get to know which should be used? or is this a dumb question?
  2. Hi, I am looking for a Suzuki every mini van. When I looked market I found there are several models exist. Can someone tell me what are the differences between these models ? I am referring recent modes made after 2011. I came across following models or grades upto now. PA , PC, join, join turbo Thanks
  3. dilshant80

    Suzuki Swift Hybrid 2017?

    Hi Guys, Anyone here using the new 2017 Suzuki Swift Hybrid? Any user experiences and comparisons with similar hatchback hybrids (eg. Aqua, Fit). TIA
  4. Hi, so I'm new here and loved reading some great explanations from many. I'm here to ask for similar help on a specific issue that I couldn't find a good answer to. I would like to buy a car and the budget is 1.8-2 million. I was scouring for options and first thing I came up was the Geely Mx7 Mark II. It's within budget and seems like I can get a 4-5 year old one with reasonable options. I also hear that while the interior is not very sturdy, the important parts like the drive train etc are based on a toyota corolla, and even fits corolla parts. (I know the corolla as a really reliable car since our family had AE100 and 121) I also thought about some 2-3 year old Altos which I got to know as reliable and good for hard use as well, and quite fuel efficient, but they are not in anyway safe or comfortable, and really cramped. So would like to avoid it unless there's really no better option. Other option is older Japanese cars. The one I set my sights is a Mazda Familia BJ5P, which actually looks really good, comfortable and spacious, while everyone says Mazdas are very reliable. I found several within budget eith YOM 2000-2002. I loved Hondas as well, especially Civics, but ones within budget are 1996 or so, so guess I'll avoid those. (Same with Toyotas) People say the Honda Citys are good as well, I'd like to know whether they are so actually, since they are assembled elsewhere than Japan. I found several with Vtec engines with YOM 1999-2001. Is it true that 20 year old Japanese cars are better than 2-5 year old Indian or Chinese cars? ? So could you help me out here. What I need is a spacious, reliable and a reasonably safe car. Fuel economy 10+ in city and 13+ outstations is fine. What I really would like to decide between is, Geely MX7 MARK II (2013-2014) MADZA FAMILIA BJ5P (2000-2002) HONDA CITY VTEC (1999-2001) Any good alternative suggestions are welcome as well. Thanks
  5. Darious Stone

    WagonR 2017 Or Picanto 2017 ?

    Guys Big favour.I am a bit confused between going for a picanto or wagon r. Wagon R 2017 Basic can be bought for 3 mil with one year warranty from a car seller (Ishara Traders)for the same 3 mil I can get a picanto with 5 years agent warranty. I know wagon r is got better mileage.How about the picanto compared to the Wagon R 2017 Basic ?.Is it okay to forego the mileage per litre as I am only going to be driving mostly around cmb occasionally go outstation. Also whats the difference between wagon r fx and fz models ? Is it reliable to buy from a place like Ishara traders as A*W will take few months to deliver the Wagon R. What are your opinions ? Also I am planning to register the vehicle under my name and get the insurance in my name and since I am not in the country will my son have trouble claiming if anything goes wrong or is there any way to appoint him as a nominee ?.. Please kindly guide this old man.
  6. Nuwan007lk

    2008 Suzuki Swift Oil Leak

    Dear friends, My Father's 2008 JDM Suzuki Swift (zc71s) is having this engine oil leak. As shown in the image and as far as I can understand, this leak is from a sensor point, is this the crankshaft position sensor? How do I rectify this issue? Your valuable opinion is highly appreciated. Thanks guys
  7. I need to sell my stingray 2017 pearl white.mileage =18000km .What is the best price for wagon r stingray after the budget change.
  8. Ozaalnew

    Wagon R

    Can anyone please enlight on major differences between Wagon R Premium Hybrid(So called brand new-A*W) and Japanese Wagon R (reconditioned-mostly available). Like safety options, cost effectiveness and others..
  9. hey guys, let me get straight to the point , what is the most valuable , reliable , resealable and finally important thing coolest one from above kei cars, i know basic stuff that spacia mild hybrid and so on but dont mind to remind me again anything and others can learn too,, and i would like anyone to post their idea on both , pro con anything , just leave a comment if you see this and know anything like tips for buying etc, again huge help. safe motoring to all thanks in advance.
  10. What’s the best website to compare and know the difference between Japanese vehcile model variations . For example difference between Toyota Premio F grade and Toyota Premio G grade etc.
  11. Suzuku Wagon R, 2015 - MH44S model is identified with a hybrid battery issue. In the Dashboard hybrid system indicator on right side, battery charging arrow (from wheels to battery) do not pop up during deceleration. When the batter was checked with Hybrid repair professionals, they said battery has dead. I don't think time of the battery is up by now. Still less than 3 years of use. It claim Rs. 150,000/= for the replacement and again not sure whether those are genuine or not. What are the possible reasons for premature hybrid battery failure ? Any users of Wagon-R here.
  12. hi fellows, recently decide to upgrade to a suzuki specia, decision has been made to a custom z but im kinda lack of knowledge of basic details of versions(eg- g,x,custom) , options, things i should know before buying any grade of specia ,spear part price etc .kinda noob here giving any info on buying custom z would be a huge help p.s- custom z 2017 full option version is my choice
  13. I have ordered a brand new wagon r from A*W. I confirmed the order end of november. Two of my friends also ordered another two cars. From the begining of march when I inspect about the car the agent said the car has been arrived and told us to be prepared with the finances within a week. But yesterday when I inspect about it, he said car has not arrived and had just shipped from japan on 25th march. And also due to the yen hike a price rise may occur. My other friends didnt face such an issue and they have even paid the full amount and will receive car soon. When I called the agent he doesnt accept to the fact that he said car has arrived and will facilitate with the invoice. When I asked the number of the manager he doesnt give it either saying it will jeopordize his career. Please can anybody give any idea what ahould I do? I think agent is playing some games for commision. this is my first car and that too I am going to use leasing.
  14. Hi all, For all who might find the below helpful. Cheers! Instrument cluster translation from Japanese to English: Download - user manual: http://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/owners_manual/files/2_99011-52R02_20170906035005.pdf
  15. dilan.gunawardena

    Suzuki Wagon R

    Hi I am interested in buying a Suzuki wagon R. but I am confused with the best model to go for. can any one explain me the best option to go. what is the difference between stingray model and normal limited edition version 2016 ect. will this car can travel in hill country considering the capacity of the engine.. Thanks
  16. I'm planning to buy a suzuki swift japan (2006-2010) but heard that the fuel consumption is pretty low compared to other hatchbacks. Also, i heard that fuel consumption of the cvt version of the swift is better than other versions. Is there any way to identify a swift (2005-2010) with a cvt gearbox?
  17. Dear members, Given the recent changes in the budget, I have narrowed my search down to the below vehicles and would like your input as well. My main concerns are comfort, decent ground clearance and maintenance cost. The Toyota Rav4 was also considered, but I would have to buy a 7+ year used vehicle which I am not keen on doing. My top picks 1. Audi Q2 1.0 Litre Turbo 2. Nissan Note E-Power 1.2 Litre 3. Honda Civic Hatchback 1.0 Litre turbo 4. Audi A3 1.0 Litre Turbo 5. Volkswagen Golf 1.2 TSI (Update: 28-11-2017) My low picks 1. Toyota CH-R 1.2 Litre Turbo 2. Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Litre Hybrid 3. Suzuki Baleno 1.0 Litre Turbo Thank you all
  18. Is the 2017 Suzuki Swift RS, that is sold in the Sri Lankan market as 'hybrid' actually a full hybrid, or a mild hybrid. All the car sales guys claim it is a full hybrid. Any way for me to verify this is true? Thanks.
  19. Guys and Gals, I'm planning to buy couple of 660CC vehicles to start a taxi service. These are my requirements. Budget - 2.5M to 3M Condition - Unregistered Resell - After 3 years Fuel Consumption: Above 18 in City Drive: Auto There are lot of new cars below 1000CC entering the market with new tax lows. So I'm not sure what vehicles to look for. I shortlisted some of the options. They are listed below. Make Type Toyota Pixis Suzuki Wagon R, HUSTLER, SPACIA Daihatsu Mira ES, Move Can you all help me to decide one out of these options? If you have any other ideas on the vehicle types, please feel free to share. Cheers, NY_KID
  20. gdgy

    Suzuki Wagon R

    Hi, I am interested in buying a wagon r fz (non safety). But I cant decide whether I should go with the agent or a personal importer/car sale. What are the merits and demerits of both options?
  21. Shanu88

    Wagon R Stingray 2018

    1. Will it cheaper than the current market price? (Rs. 3,300,000) 2. Import through a dealer by opening a LC, is it safe? (If could, please suggest some good dealer contact.) 3. Import a vehicle under personal name, will it lead to open a Tax file? 4. If could please mention the approximate cost particulars which has to be bear.
  22. Heya, I have an automatic 2008 Suzuki Swift and recently it's been shaking/vibrating/juddering quite noticeably when the engine is turned on (whether it's cool or warm). I've always waited for the engine to warm up for a few minutes before driving it, so I really don't know what's going on. I've also noticed that when I put the windows down, the sound of the engine when accelerating is quite unsettling, sounds like a long and loud dry wheeze, I can't really describe it. It just sounds really unhealthy. I also remember one time when the accelerator just stopped working while I was driving (felt like it ran out of gas but I had just filled it) before any of this vibration stuff started, so I pulled over, waited, and then it started working as normal again. I literally have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to mechanical terms and all that jazz, I just thought I'd come here to ask what's actually wrong with it before taking it to a mechanic. My dad knows quite a lot about cars but he isn't here at the moment so I thought I'd come here to get some helpful info to pass on to him. I read somewhere that it could be something to do with the cylinders; if it is I can give some more information later on, but for the moment I'm just looking for what this issue could possibly be. Thanks in advance! Melina
  23. Hi, I'm using Suzuki Every (2016, tiptronic gear, 15000KM done). I get very abnormal sound when the gear is shifting up, actually the sound is bit loud and I can feel the the shift (like dragging). But all the five gears changing without problem, I want to know what causing the problem Is it coming from the tiptonic gear shifting unit? Thanks Abhiram
  24. Hi All, The next periodical service of my car (Maruti Suzuki Alto) is around the corner. Now 20000Kms done. I'm thinking of whether to put it a local service center or to A*W Service. What is your suggestion? Will A*W do a good job? Now I feel that the clutch and steering wheel is bit tightened. Can you pls help me as to what should be done in a full service? Regards Rookantha
  25. Hi Guys, I am planning to upgrade my wheels from 15'' to 16'', car is a 2005 swift zc11s. I have not seen any of the same model with 16'' except the sport model which has factory fitted 16'' wheels. so wondering will there be any issues or if an expert could enlighten me with the result. Plan is to buy Volk racing or Voosen 16'' wheels with low profile tyres, any tip for a place to buy?