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Found 11 results

  1. Hey all, It's 2019 and most of the topics related are a bit old and I want a fresh opinion on what to do. I will make this simple as possible. I have a budget of 2.2 million and I'm trying to buy a car for daily use. I'm not really concerned that much about the fuel consumption as long as it's above 10km/l in city traffic. Since safety is also important to me I have decided to stay away from all Indian cars. The most bugging decision for me regarding is whether to buy an 10 year old car or a relatively new Micro Panda Cross 2017/18. The old car options I have are; Nissan March k12 Viva Elite 2013 Honda Fit Aria 2005 Mazda Demio 2004/5 I would really appreciate your guidance. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Guys, I'm looking forward to buying my first car. Need your expert opinion on this matter. I know there are plenty of old posts regarding the tagged vehicles but I need an up to date information as of those old post are somewhat now obsolete in their context in regarding the mileage and years of usage etc...Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Experts, I recently bought a Japan Suzuki Swift 1.3 (YOM 2005). After I drive it for around 20kms, it indicates the check engine indicator and at the time engine will give a noticable miss. Usually this happens when I accelerate bit more after slowing down. After sometime, the indicator turns off and engine will come back to normal. Sometimes if i try to start the engine after i turned it off, it doesnt start at all. And this issue won't indicate when we scanned it. Here's what I have done so far. I have changed spark plugs and the coils. Changed the fuses in the fuse box to all original japan fuses. Replaced the cam sensor. So far nothing has worked. My elecrical guy's opinion is that we should replace the control box. If any of you guys has come across this kind of issue or if you can think of something, please share. Thanks, M
  4. Heya, I have an automatic 2008 Suzuki Swift and recently it's been shaking/vibrating/juddering quite noticeably when the engine is turned on (whether it's cool or warm). I've always waited for the engine to warm up for a few minutes before driving it, so I really don't know what's going on. I've also noticed that when I put the windows down, the sound of the engine when accelerating is quite unsettling, sounds like a long and loud dry wheeze, I can't really describe it. It just sounds really unhealthy. I also remember one time when the accelerator just stopped working while I was driving (felt like it ran out of gas but I had just filled it) before any of this vibration stuff started, so I pulled over, waited, and then it started working as normal again. I literally have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to mechanical terms and all that jazz, I just thought I'd come here to ask what's actually wrong with it before taking it to a mechanic. My dad knows quite a lot about cars but he isn't here at the moment so I thought I'd come here to get some helpful info to pass on to him. I read somewhere that it could be something to do with the cylinders; if it is I can give some more information later on, but for the moment I'm just looking for what this issue could possibly be. Thanks in advance! Melina
  5. Hi guys, I have been using this forum for a while but this is my first post. I did an engine tune up on my suzuki swift HT51s model two days ago. The mechanic replaced the plugs. Everything was fine until yesterday morning. The car started but the RPM needle quickly comes down to zero and the engine stops. I accelerated the car to make sure the needle does not drops but when I release the accelerator peddle the engine shuts down. After couple of attempts the engine starts and runs as usual. I felt this today morning as well. What could be the problem? Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie to the forum and looking for some experts' advice on buying a used car. My maximum budget is around 2.8-3.0m and I'm looking for a Japanese-made car, preferably a manual one. The car has to be durable enough, fairly good on fuel, comfortable and powerful enough. Also finding spares and maintenance mustn't be any problem and the car has to have a good value for money and a good resale value. I have just picked out some cars on my own choice. Toyota Yaris(Saloon) Toyota Vios Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 Nissan March(AK12-Beetle model) Suzuki Swift(Beetle model. Does Japanese Swift have a manual version??) I would like to have your expert advice on, 1) What would be the best fit car for my requirements considering the above list of choices? 2) What are the other choices that can be considered? 3) What are the pros and cons of buying a fairly new manual car(considering SL car market)? Your advice is much appreciated. Regards..!!
  7. Do you know a place to buy door visors for Suzuki Swift (2010,ZCS71s model)? I check it in S*n Lan*a. But the model they have not suit for 71S model I don't like to go to Darley road.
  8. Hi Friends, Good day for all of you. I recently bought a suzuki swift ZC71S model. It has factory fitted CD receiver unit. But this CD receiver only tunes between FM 87-90 frequency. Does anyone has idea a way to convert this to support FM 87-108 frequency range. Thanks in advance. Bandara
  9. Hello Guys, I Own Suzuki swift 2004 car. few months before I think battery of remote goes dead. Can any one show me how to get this back remote working ? it's a original car remote system comes with this car. Can I program it again my own ? Do I need to go some place to do it ? Do I need to replace full security system ? Please help me Thanks!
  10. Wishing all Blog Post Readers a Happy and Safe Avurudu!!!! 2013 Updates and News (I am Back!!!!!!) To all my post readers thanks for your support and comments. I decided to restart posting after a busy 12 months of starting a business in Sri Lanka. What to expect in this years update:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::> Suzuki Swift Club Plans are in Motion and we had a super turn out at Independence Square Pictures of the Official Casual Suzuki Enthusiasts Meet Up 2013 organized By "Ultra Racing Sri Lanka" was very successful. Special thanks to "Autoyouth" for their photographic coverage. Continuous appreciation towards the "Autolanka" team as its no simple task to manage and run a forum with this many features and updates. Education Series Updates (Will be updated over the course of the upcoming holidays and will be completed in an estimated 8 weeks.) Part 4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.0 Performance Wiper Blades and importance of clear vision. Product installed : Wilita Performance Aero Wiper. Windscreen Fluid Wilita Windscreen Fluid without Anti Freeze 4.1 Wiper Brands 4.2 How to Select Wiper Blades 4.3 What to look for in a Blade 4.4 Blade care and maintenance 4.5 Different Designs and Gimmicks 4.6 Coatings and Glass Cleaning Tips Part 5-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topics related to vehicle handling and chassis dynamics. 5.0 Products Installed : Ultra Racing Multi Point Chassis Tuning Products. 5.1 Planned Suspension Upgrades : Bilstein Shocks B14 5.2 Planned Brake Upgrades : Dixcel Rotors and Performance Pads Part 6-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.0 Radiator Coolant 6.1 Brands 6.2 Selection 6.3 Dilution All you need to know about Radiator Coolants and Dilution Process Part 7-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7.0 Selecting Brake Pads and Rotors Part 8-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.0 Drag Race Experience How to prepare for competition race events Safety Requirements Performance enhancement Tips Pending from last year (2012) : CAR AUDIO VIDEO SYSTEMS!!!! Speakers and Amps too!!!!! (Pending Coming This week) I have installed Pioneer Double Din Head Unit with Front Pair of Pioneer Components. Await full installation and review I will be discussing head units, amps, subs, tweaters , wires , reverse cameras all in detail over the coming weeks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tire Purchasing Guide All about tires: Tire rim sizes, alloy wheels, air pressure, types of tires sports or comfort. General Review of Bridgestone Turanza and Potenza tires (Pending) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thread dedicated to Suzuki Swift Car Owners + All car enthusiasts Personal Note: Personal experience, passion for car care and detailing have helped in writing this thread. Inspiration and gratitude to the many contributors of this forum I salute you. I wish to do my part and share my knowledge with everyone who shares the passion for cars. Its unfortunate to live in an environment where the statement "Mai kath hondthai ai kath hondai" <> "this is good and that is good" based on opinions that are not backed by technical facts. My threads objective is to write to the best of my abilities what I have learnt from the many sources online and offline . They all have contributed and help form and build the opinions I share here. Enjoy :::: ) Contents Part 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction Purchasing a Car Important Information about Car Variants and Origin of Vehicle Japanese Swift Export Model (Agent Vehicle) Swift 2011 USED :Domestic Model (Reconditioned Option) Swift 2004 -2010 ​More about CVT and 1.2XG Indian Swift ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Personal Car Care 2.1.1 My ArmorAll Care Care Collection (Update 16th April 2012) Visit the link http://www.suzukiclu...ual_RS415_1.pdf]http://www.suzukiclu...ual_RS415_1.pdf http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6945222492/ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Part 3.1 CAR AUDIO VIDEO AND SOUND RELATED ENHANCEMENTS _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.1.1 CAR HI FI INTRODUCTION Definitions (pending) Head Unit Single (1 DIN) Double (2 DIN) Amplifier Speakers Coaxial Component / Separates Subwoofers Wire Kits Sound Deadening / Sound Proofing Audio Processor Equalizer Bands FM Frequency Range Japan Range / Sri Lanka Range GPS Systems Reverse Camera Integration 3.1.2 CAR OEM SYSTEMS 3.1.3 CAR's Come with Premium Audio in 2012 Myths vs Facts 3.1.4 After Market Brands Commonly Known Brands Head Unit Brands Sony Pioneer JVC Clarion Blauphunkt Alpine Nakamichi General Speaker Brands DLS - Entry Level Infinity JBL JL Audio Boston Acoustic Rockford Fosgate Kicker Lightning Audio ..................List goes on and will be updated in coming weeks Dedicated Speaker Brands (Insane Performance Level Products) DLS - SWEDEN FOCAL AUDIO - USA RAINBOW - Germany OEM Bowers and Wilkins - Jaguar Premium Package Bang and Olufson -Design that is simply stunning. Comes with Audi Cars and Aston Martin. Finding its way into many products due to ICE amplifier concept. Bose OEM installed usually in a variety of cars. High to medium end to even Ferrari and Porsche. 3.1.5 The Basics of After Market Car Audio I hope to make this section a bit humorous and enjoyable to read. Option 1 is the standard most cost effective way to improve stock car audio. Option 2 is the full works approach to create the ultimate audio visual extravaganza for the neighborhood you live in. Option 1 Hassle Free (Cost Effective) Method STAGE 1 : CHANGE YOUR SPEAKERS STAGE 2 : Change your Head Unit STAGE 3 : Add A Powered Sub Option 2 Allot of wiring, extra costs, cutting and the use of dedicated amplifies and non active sub woofers STAGE 1 : Throw your Head unit and Buy A DVD MULTIMEDIA RECEIVER STAGE 2 : ADD a 4 Channel Amplifier. (Under Seat or in the Rear Storage compartment space) STAGE 3 : Get the System wired. Select Wire Kits, Special Fuse, Remove seats and tear ur car apart temporarily. Spend on interconnects and premium high gauge wiring too STAGE 4 : Now you need one or more Subwoofers. Decide monochannel amplifier, 2 channel bridge , 4 channel bridge and then be confused. STAGE 5: Once your system is operational an you have the watts to shake the neighbor hood you are the king of your area. STAGE 6 : WAIT FOR PEER APPROVAL AND BE THE ENVY OF ALL. (Jealousy + you are a show off branding for yourself) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Release Note 16/04/2012 Car Care Pic Uploaded "ArmorAll Collection" Updated Information on using Castrol Edge 5W-40 "Very Happy" 19/4/2012 Car Audio under part 3 initiated with icons and formatting for chapter details updated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11/04/2013 Updates to new content and parts of blog. Correction of minor spelling errors and update to brands in Car Care Range "Do give me feed back and improvement tips as I write" "Will be adding photos and illustrations as I complete my ultimate guide" Regards Abbas J
  11. Dear friends, I am thinking about Maruti Suzuki Swift (33 M ) , Maruti A Star (26.7 M) If any of you have experince above vehicle regarding the quality, reliability , FC and Value of money please let me know it Thanks
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