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Found 30 results

  1. I'm really interested in buying a Land Cruiser 100 or 105 series. But even though these are 20 year old vehicles, they go for about 8 Mil to 15 Mil, which is totally not worth considering that many brand new cars cost go for that price. Whereas in Japan or Elsewhere you could buy one for less than 2 Mil. I know these are reliable and amazing vehicles which don't die. Just want to see what everyones opinion is. Thanks!
  2. trish_auto

    MG ZS 2018

    Any idea of this new suv, manufactured in China for European market. Currently which is available for a price tag of Rs.4.6 -4.8 million at the local agents, M**ro Cars Ltd. This has two variants, 1.5-litre non-turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol . If anyone already using this model, please share your views with us. Thank You.
  3. pmanu

    Pajero Computer body

    Hi all, My first question on AL, so if theres anything wrong in the manner this was raised just let me know. I'm planning to buy my first vehicle.After some search and following up on relevant AL threads here I am. my budget is 3 - 3.5 ml and Im looking for a 7 seater. preferebly a 4x4.(I've been driving a navara 2008 which belongs to my father and love it) though not a hardcore offroad driver After a bit of a search my options were pajero palathsaba(1989) and computer body(61-xxxx) models. Eventhough palathsaba has its reputation and being my choice, due to some feminine impacts now I'm considering about computer body. I'll be travelling from colombo to matara and return every weekend, and upcountry once a month with at least 5 seats occupied. Need some advice from anyone who has experience/knowledge in there. What I should check when buying one, Is it reliable,fuel figures(ain't expecting much, just to understand what Im getting in to) spare parts availability, Planning to keep it for at least for 3 years. Anything I should know before spending hard earned money.. Please let me know if I missed any other option in that price range as well. (No sir, I cannot stretch bit more. 3.5 ml is stretched)
  4. trish_auto

    Peugeot 5008 SUV

  5. Hi All, I am looking to buy a jeep. Less than 9 million is my budget. I am looking to keep a jeep for 2 years and sell. Please advise.
  6. I currently have a somewhat basic Kia Sorento from 2014 which I am planning on replacing with a newer SUV (probably a crossover). Due to the lack of a sun roof, 4WD and an extra set of seats in the back, and 100k on the odometer, I assume the sale price would be in the range of 7 to 8 million. I am looking to replace it with a newer vehicle, and would appreciate your recommendations. I have checked out the Toyota CH R 2017 (worrying reviews) or a few years older HONDA CR-V. Or would it be better to stretch the budget further (up to another 1m) and consider something like the Audi Q2 or a newer CR-V.
  7. noddy


    I hope this will be a common site as the car drivers will do this as SUV cut across.
  8. Kax Takashi

    Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    This might be a proper noob question but utterly confused after going over this topic. I am looking for a vehicle to buy under 2.5 million. My main concern is resale value. I am used to driving an '87 honda teg. My choices have narrowed down below. I want to know which is the best option to buy in terms of resale value and petrol consumption. - Zotye Nomad II - Chinese :/ are the newer models still so bad? - Grand Vitara - hard to sell, - Toyota Cami - any thoughts - Rav4 1997 - any thoughts? probably out of this budget.
  9. MrAeonM

    Buying SUV - Honda CRV

    Hi Guys, I'm planing to buy a CR-V (RD5) and budget is around 3.2 M. I've gone through some of the threads but couldn't find any useful information also haven't experience on CRV. Need some advice and information from the experts here.. 1. Maintenance & Spare parts 2. Fuel efficiency ( Heard that it's around 7-10 in city ) 3. 2WD or AWD 4. Conman problem related to the RD5 Value all your ideas regarding this Thank!!!
  10. ROCKS996

    New Honda WRV 2017

    new honda WRV 2017 Honda WRV Specifications Petrol 1.2-litre i-VTEC Petrol Maximum Power 89bhp @ 6,000rpm Maximum Torque 110Nm @ 4,500rpm Diesel 1.5-litre i-DTEC Diesel Maximum Power 99bhp @ 3,600rpm Maximum Torque 200Nm @ 1,750rpm Transmission 5-speed Manual, 6-speed Manual & CVT Honda WRV Mileage Petrol 17.5kmpl Diesel 25.5kmpl Honda WRV Features Exterior New front grille Smoked headlamps LED with Daytime Running Lamps Plastic cladding on bumpers and wheel arches Scruff plates Roof rails Clear lens tail-lamps Interior Chrome accents on dashboard, handbrake and aircon vents New seat upholstery Long wheelbase (2.06m) Water proof floor mats
  11. Please help me to buy a suv under 50 lakhs which is economical in fuel, reliable and having a good second hand market. Totally confused with, 1.Rexton 2.Kia sorrento 3.Hyundai Santa fe 4.Toyota Lexus or Harrier ( 2000- 2004 ) 5.mitsubishi inter cooler older version 6.Outlander ( 2005 maybe ) 7.Kyron 8.Toyota rav 4 9.Toyota Fielder ( non hybrid) 10.Hyundai Tucson Please help what should I go with.. Thanks in advance.
  12. What will be the best bang for buck at current market prices? Looking for something that's manufacturing year is at-least 2010. There are some of options such as Audi A4 2011 (B8), BMW X1, BMW E90 facelift. Is Audi A4 B8.5 within my budget? Or anything else that I can consider?
  13. Goro


  14. Hi Guys, Just need your opinion on above topic. I am planing to buy my second car for daily use ( Daily travel around 30 km). Mu budget is around 2 million rupees. Points consider. Millage - Below 100k Fuel efficiency Whether the car is comfortable Should be a English number
  15. SMadu

    Rav 4

    Hi Experts, I'm considering to purchasing a Toyota RAV 4. But I do not have much knowledge about that vehicle. With some search I understood the market value of that model for YOM 2000 vehicle comes around 25 lacks during these days. I need to know following information about that vehicle. Is is a reliable vehicle Is the price for YOM 2000 auto vehicle of that model is around 25 lacks How about the fuel consumption when transmission is auto Pros and cons in 1.8 l engine and 2 l engine Any better vehicle I can consider for that price range (below 25 lacks) ? Appreciate your valuable ideas. Thanks
  16. Guys, I'm a young engineer working in Dubai. Usually I come to Sri Lanka twice a year (2 weeks each) for vacation and whenever I come I have to get a rented vehicle for my travelling. On average it costs me around 120k per year for rented vehicles alone. Considering this money drain and my plan to work in Dubai for next 5-6 years, I'm thinking of buying a vehicle for myself. Following are my requirements, concerns. 1. Fuel efficiency is not important, 8-9 km/l is enough 2. Need to have good ground clearance as I will ride on it roads less traveled in the hill country. But I'm not a serious offroader 3. Should be easy to maintain, repair as I don't have much mechanical knowledge and don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere 4. Usual occupancy will be 2-3 people 5. Should be auto gear as I have never driven a manual ever since that last ride at RMV Werahara 6. I will probably sell it after 5 years, so resale value is a matter Vehicles I'm interested in are, Suzuki Jimny (3rd gen.), Honda HRV, CRV, Pajero Junior, Pajero IO, Nissan Xtrail (1st gen.). So which one of these are better considering my concerns? Appreciate your valuable comments P.S. If you ask why I buy without continuing to rent a.) For the next 5 years I will have to spend 120x5 = 6 lakhs on rented vehicles. b.) However, if I managed to buy it around 2M there will be a opportunity cost of 160x5 = 8 lakhs (considering FD for 2M at 8% interest) c.) Insurance cost will be 25x5 = 1.25 lakhs d.) I allow 3 lakhs for maintenance and repair over the next 5 years e.) I assume I won't make a profit or loss by selling it (in real terms) after 5 years. So its a vs b,c, and d (6 lakhs against 12.25 lakhs). Odds are against my decision of buying one for myself. But there is this feel good factor by owning a vehicle in SL which cannot be measured. This will be my 1st vehicle in SL.
  17. chathuu

    Kia Sportage 2007

    Hi guys.. Im interested to buy a second hand KIA Sportage Diesel 2007 SUV with triptronic transmission. since i have no previous experience in KIA pls share your information regarding, 1. Fuel Consumption 2. Maintain cost 3. Availability of spares 4. Resale market 5. Other similar options or ideas Tnx.
  18. SMadu

    Suv For 6M

    Hi Experts, I'm writing this on behalf of my brother. There is a requirement to purchase a Diesel \ Hubrid SUV for around 6 m. We would like to get a registered one which has been used for few years. Following are the models we considered. KIA Sorento Mitsubishi Montero Sport Mitsubishi Outlander Among the above 3, Sorento is the preferred one at the moment. But we have a concern regarding the durability of it since the plan is to use for about 4 - 5 years what we will buy. Vezel is not an option because of my brother does not like its size and look. (A real SUV ?) Appreciate if you can support us to get a better decision on our purchase.
  19. Chathuranga88

    Suv For Around 3.5 - 3.8 Million

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a SUV to buy for around 3.5 to 3.8 million range. And considering these two options (please suggest any new as well) Toyota Rav 4 (2007) (2wd, 2.4) Nissan X-Trail (2007) Mitsubishi Outlander (2007) I prefer petrol as not much of a fan of diesel engines (specially in Sri Lanka). What do you think of these two options about Maintenance, Fuel Consumption, and in general usage. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  20. Hi All, Can you tell me what is the best SUV to buy for 5 million in Sri Lanka. Conditions Comfort / Maintainance cost / After sale value Thanks
  21. <p>Hi Guys what do you think about this new model. I searched on internet but couldn't find any other information than whats available in the below advert. Would be great if you got any insights to share, also general opinions about the new model in contrast to old (2008-2013) one. </p>
  22. rauf

    Please Advice

    hi please advice ,i want to purchase a family vehicle . currently my choice between Honda Airwave or Nissan wingroad both same year 2005. help me to decide on the following vehicle and current market. thank you rauf
  23. Damith87

    Why Kia Owners Sell Their Suvs

    Greetings to all experts !!! This topic may look like a little awkward and stupid but I have seen lot of KIA owners selling their SUVs so early. And a heap of drop in second hand market. Most of them are still under 10,000kms. Despite Sri Lanka KIA is gaining a good reputation in Europe and USA etc. Of cause I can call few sellers and ask why their selling but obviously it will not be a genuine answer. Is it because of high maintain cost or a mechanical issues. Or dissatisfied customer service ? Non of my associates use KIA SUVs,so thought of bringing this up with you experts.
  24. RRokz

    Daihatsu Pyzar

    Hello Gyus, Need small help regarding Daihatsu pyzar. I want to know that spear pats availability of pyzar in sri lanka.
  25. Hi, Anyone who has experience with KIA Sportage Diesel Vehicle? I am looking for a 2nd hand SUV - Came across a KIA Sportage 2006 Diesel ( 2L CRDi) 4 WD Auto vehicle. I heard that it does well on Fuel. Any Idea about the maintenance and reliability? (provided it is Diesel and old over 5 years) Other options within my budget are Hyundai Tucson ( 2006 Petrol 2L ) , X trail ( 2003 2.5 L) , Grand Vitara / Escudo ( 2005/6 V6 ) , Mazda Tribute ( 2003) , CRV ( 2003). Looking for a Vehicle with moderate Fuel consumption and fair on maintenance. Your expert advice is essential !