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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, im new to this Form so please give me suggestions for a car that i can buy within 02M-2.5M Saloon type (Sedan) with good fuel economy. I would prefer model after 2003 Like Vios or Corolla used one. Please Give me better idea to buy a car as this will be my first car. Thanks for everyone.
  2. I have a family owned Nissan Sunny B310 (1979) which my dad bought brand new (the second picture). I'm in the process of finding the below mentioned parts that are in good condition. Front Grille (Shell) Front Bumper (Buffer) Front Spoiler Rear Bumper Right Side Fender AirConditioning Compressor and minor parts such as the rear door ashtray. I need them in good condition like in the first picture. If you have any, please buzz me, I'd be grateful.
  3. In sri lanka,according to current situation, using an old vehicle after repairing and updating it is essential than buying and maintaining a new vehicle.So we must need good vehicle repair shops to repair and update these old vehicles.So we need to know about good vehicle repair shops to repair and update them.There are many vehicle recondition shops in sri lanka.but finding a well satisfied recondition place is so hard. So if you know about good recondition centers, please let everyone know. I have an old nissan b310 sunny . But I don't know from where to recodition it.Please let me know about good recondition centers if you know.I need to make my old car perfect.
  4. I have a Honda city 2000 and I am planing to buy a Nissan sunny n16 or n17 model. Will these two models be better than Honda city 2000? And can I sell my car around 2 Million?
  5. what is the best from fb14 1300cc or 1500cc with manual transmission. is there big difference between auto and manual in fuel efficiency of fb14
  6. Hi there, My dad owns a nissan sunny b310 and its been with our family for the last decade. The car all in all is quite alright and runs okay with a general mileage of about 12kmpl. In recent times with the implementation of these eco tests, it has been failing miserably despite what adjustments i do. They ask me to clean air filters, adjust ratios, clean plugs. Im just so confused. Water literally drips from the exhaust so i don't really see it out of tune. Even today i went to get an eco test done and they failed the first attempt saying the fuel flow is a bit too much and that i should clean my air filters. I have no idea how a car so smooth manages to fail like that. Please if anyone knows a place where i can have this properly looked at and tuned to pass these tests it would be great. Preferably around kelaniya, kiribathgoda, kadawatha areas in general. If it's a real professional i don't mind going the extra mile. Thanks in advance.
  7. What is the difference between nissan fb15 and fb15 V*P?
  8. What is the price for nissan fb15 super saloon 2000?
  9. Hello i have a Nissan N16 Automatic 2001 model recent days i face a problem when i shift to D mode car doesn't Move but R ( reverse ) and Gear 1 is working fine if i drive gear 1 for 300 to 400 Meter then D Mode working Normally any one face this problem ? can you help me to solve ?
  10. I have a nissan n 16 (Auto transmission) model and my issue is when I am driving on a trafiic ( most probably when my foot on brakes), some times the car stops. But it is not happening regularly. When it is stopped, then I could start it again at the same time and can drive without any problem. I did an engine tune up , but I experienced it again once. Can any bodygive me possible reasons for that?
  11. Hello everyone, It's a privilege to have a discussion among you, experts. I started restoring my B211 car and the tinkering is almost complete. Front bumper of the car is rusted and damaged. Can you guys suggest a place where I can have a nickel bath and fix it?? And also, please let me know if there's a place where I can find exterior parts for my car.... Thanks a lot.....
  12. Deeshana


    Hello guys, First of all I'm new to this forum and I don't know whether this thread is in the correct section, I'm sorry if its in a wrong place. I've got a Nissan Sunny n16 facelift aka n17 in Sri Lanka. (MT 1.3) It's a 2003 Ex saloon, and I've being using it for about 8 years now. I had an ECU issue and I replaced the ECU about an year back. However I didn't use the car after that because the car was outstation and I was in Colombo. Now I've got the car with me and I realised that after the ECU replacement the fuel consumption is terrible. I thought it was an issue with the oxygen sensor or the camshaft positioning sensor, I realised a few days back that the ECU is from an AT 1.3 N16. Sometimes the rpm won't rev passed 3000 rpm in 2nd gear, it might struggle at around 3k. but suddenly the issue is gone - that's strange though, but at least it revs The fuel issue isn't fixed though, the fuel consumption is high (6kmpl in Colombo) and all the sensors appear to be alright. I'd like to anyone here will be able to explain/help me out regarding this particular topic. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Everyone, I just brought my first car, 1976 Nissan Sunny B211 AKA 'Batu Sunny'. I fell in love with classic cars, wanted to restore a car to its orginal spec. so i bought my Nissan B211. Thing is, i have very low knowledge when it comes to car/mechanics. So I joined this forum to seek the experts knowledge. I want to restore this car to its original condition. The car is in fairly good condition considering its age. There are some missing interior parts but most of the original interior remains in good condition. I'm posting some images and i would love to hear from the experts. Please share your ideas.
  14. hi... im looking fo efi cleanup and tuneup for my car, Nissan Sunny fb14. please help me on this. 1. What should i let the mechanic to do or not to do 2. what is the best method of cleaning fuel system including injectors 3. what is the best place for it in above areas (any personal experiences) 4. how much money should i have in ma pocket for this..
  15. Hi Guys, Please find me a fuse box diagram and if possible an owners manual for 1986 nissan sunny wagon (Trad Sunny - WHB12). Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi.. My car is a Nissan Sunny fb14, 1500cc petrol, manual transmission, 210k on odo, 1997 Yom. Problem is its high fuel consumption. It does abt 9.5km/ltr. Done an efi cleanup (not ultrasonic) and tune-up recently. Fixed New Air filter and fuel filter. I normally drive 7kms in the morning and back to homein the evening. (No traffic blocks average speed abt 60km/hr) Lower AC usage (turn on and off when required). With AC, Idleing is ok but when going in uphill I feel more vibrations. Previous owner has open the Mass Air flow sensor circuit (located on throttle body) and when I open that I could see a tiny IC like thing had gone bad. No engine check lights, black smoke, Oil burning, idle rpm fluctuations, misfires. I think pulling power is ok.. (without ac). No lose connections of wiring. All suggestions are welcome….. what is the best should i do.. thankz..
  17. hi Expertz.... i bought nissan sunny fb14 digital meter car recently. Odo was about 160,000km. Since there was a problem i had to replace the meter with a recondition one. New odo meter reading is about 1500kms. its a funny mileage for a 14 year old car. So is it possible to get the previous value..(or lessor value....about 100k.. ). PM me please if there is a place that i can change the Odo value.. Thanks ma friends...
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