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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys my suzuki swift started making rattle sounds from the front driver side (sound comes from underneath more like from the rack) when going over bumpy roads and there is no sound when driving on smooth roads. Also there is a rubber squeeking noise when turning the steering wheel from the center, sounds like rubbing on rubber. It is more noticeable when you drive a fair distance and when the engine is warm. I have attached the link for two short videos of the noises: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1CIcWsxez7ZYbNpazTndgTuRFdQQFzf0I (You might have to use earphones for the rattle noise video because it is quite hard to notice) Is this a known issue for Suzuki Swift's? If anyone has the same problem and have already solved it please let me know. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hello guys....i have two general questions... 1. Is there any mechanical issue\disadvantage if I park my car with front wheels not straight? 2. When the car is stationary, does rotating steering wheel put any additional stresses and wear and tear to steering linkage and EPS system? Thank you.
  3. When Installing multi-function keys for my Toyota Vitz 2017 Bara Stereos Guys removed Steering Wheel Clock Spring. I was told it doesn't do any help at the time, but now I'm concerned as I heard it's a part of air bag system. What do you guys know about this? Should I fix it back?
  4. Hi, Anyone can help me, my car is Toyota corolla 121. Steering wheel is too tight for last couple of days.
  5. I have 2015 Toyota Vitz F Safety version. It has Eclipse AVN134MW car audio setup and already missing SD memory. Radio is working fine. I have search in internet but could't find solutions for following problems. Setup has USB logo. But I can not find USB out. Dual Multi functional steering wheel, but seem like it is not working(Can not volume up down) Seem like Bluetooth not support with setup. How I can connect phone to answer call? (call answer and drop buttons appear on steering) Can I change the car audio language to English Where can I fix those problems?
  6. ඇල්ටෝ 800 (2010) 65000km මගේ වාහනයේ සාමන්‍යයෙන් කාපට් හෝ රලු පාරක යද්දි "ටක ටක" සද්දයක් එනවා. යමක් වදිනවා වගෙ. ඉස්සරහ වම් පැත්තෙන් තමයි එන්නේ. නවත්තලා තියලා යන්න ගත්තම ටිකක් වෙලා ගිහින් එන්නෙ. වලක වැ‍ටුනාට සද්දෙ එන්නෙ නෑ. ගරාජ් දැම්මම කිව්වෙ rack එකේ දැති ගෙවිලා කියල. rack බුෂ් මාරු කලා. දැනට දුවලා ‍රැක් එකක් අලුතෙන් දාන්න කිව්වා. මේ ගැන ඔබගේ අදහස් මොනවාද? rack දාන්න කොපමණ මුදලක් වැය වෙයිද?
  7. Hi all, I get excessive steering wheel vibration on idle, my idle rev is around 900Rpm (with aircon running). But when I give it a little bit of gas it stops (around 1000RPM). The vibration is only when the car is idling. My engine mounts are new. Any help is much appreciated. Iced-T
  8. hello guys, firts of all I should say i have only minor experience about vehicles and vehicle technical jargon. I own Suzuki swift 2007 Japanese one and noticed car is slowly pull to left side when i drive(this is the only problem i have. no any other sound. done alignment. new good year tires.). I took it to the Agent and suggestion was to repair the Rack bush and they told me it requires some lathe work to re-fill the bush. when i talked about cost according to them it will be around 15,000-20,000. I have seen some of the threads about steering rack problems and replies about lathe works and of course i have seen a mech called "Wasantha" on most of the threads. I need your help/thoughts to sort this out please.
  9. Dear all, looking for some clue from experienced or from experts Car : Lancer box Brake pads & liners replaced 6 months ago, at the same time overhauled the complete brake system. Overhaul includes; polishing caliper pistons flushing brake oil line replaced new caliper washer replaced all washers (including oil seal) replaced most of the 'factory fitted' tiny winy parts also new master pump with servo (heavier) finally filled with fresh 'lockheed' oil at the end did the air bleeding also. Braking improved drastically, better than compared to my 2003 kia. But one thing is persisted since then. when I apply brake car pulls to right. If I apply brake suddenly steering pulls to right heavily. So again visited the mechanic. As he suggested to replace the bearings, I've replaced the all 4 bearing in the front. still problem didn't solved at all. Again took the car to the mechanic last week and replaced the caliper pistons with brand new one both side. Now the wheels can be spinned freely by hand (both wheels spins freely-almost same stoppage time) But still steering pulls to the right heavily when applying brake. Now I'm clueless. Please shed some experience and knowledge
  10. Hi Guys, This issue came up very recently and i need your guys expert opinion. During the periodic sevice of my Nissan Cefiro A33 the supervisor told me that the Right hand side Steering rack boot is damaged and need to be replaced. When I took the car to the garage to do the replacement, I observed that the boot is covered with oil and I was told that there is a oil leak from the steering rack. I was also told that the only remedy is to replace the steering rack. What I want to know from you guys is that when there is a oil leak in the steering rack does the only remedy is to replace the whole rack? cant we apply oil seals etc? Can someone recommend me a good spot to show this and get the good solution? Thanks guys and keep up the good work. Regards
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