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Found 15 results

  1. Can someone give me a good comparison of these cars? (Engines , which transmission is better , fuel economy , reliability , interior space etc....) I'm not sure if they're in the same league but I like both of them. I couldn't find any thread about 206..
  2. My vehicle is starlet EP82(petrol) , when brakes applied rpm drops by 200 , as this has been inspected by a gentlemen in this forum, there is a vacuum leak in brakes, is there any recommended place to check this and corrected. Highly appreciate any lead on this matter.
  3. Hi, This is my first post in this forum, but I do read the forum often for expert's ideas and gathered a lot about cars. Here is the situation. My car is a Toyota starlet ep91 1996 reflect f full option with Auto I temporary got to use a starlet ep91 which belongs to one of my relations, which is 1997 full option 5 forward manual. Driving for about 2 weeks I absolutely fell in love with the car, runs like a whistle. Rather than that, it has some options like removable headrest seats, retractable mirrors, full length center console, and exterior and interior in good condition. I asked him if he likes to exchange the car with mine so he is asking my car and another 200000k. Do you guys think if this is a good deal? your feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. So here's some documentation of a bit of DIY I did some months ago. The driver's side window motor fried itself, along with the automatic mechanism and a hardwired fuse on the PCB. It didn't occur to me to properly document this at the time, because I was pressed for time, so the photos were taken mainly for my reference. Cleaning the power window contacts is something everyone should do on a 20 year or older vehicle. The amount of carbon build up on the contacts is insane. I ended up disabling the automatic mechanism because I believe the thermal cutout it uses to no longer be reliable. The post is short, so feel free to ask for specifics since there are many.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm new to Here, I Want to to buy a Turbo Car, that needs to have a better fuel consumption, currently im running a Subaru, BTW i think GT and the Glanza is the best, correct me if im wrong, so now i want to which is the better, gt or glanza, mainly i want performance, Starlet GT VS Glanza 1.What is the best performing car, 2.And what is the best upgradeable car, 3.Both Fuel Consumptions 4.Which one has the more space inside 5.Which one is the Market Car 6.Which One Has The Expensive Parts (Body) 7. What is The Best Looking Car and the Top Speed 8.Stock Cars/Conversions and the Converted Cars Average Price
  6. Hi All, I'm a crazy Vehicle lover not interested hybrid, electric and Indian cars so regarding this question mainly wondering comparisons and user reviews about this cars.I think it’s very useful to other users as well thank for your advices and suggestions... i really appreciate it. 1) Hatchback between 1989 to 1999 around (1-1.2)M ~Max 1.35M better to have Two door -->Sport not a daily runner ---> travel a lots for fun looking for permanence,comfort and efficiency also ---> Japan ride for fashion ----> good looking I'll listed Options sort by my favorite starlet El-30/El-41/Ep-71/Ep-82 Mini Cooper Corolla 2 Windy Tercel Astina 323 hatchback (BG) Integra Pulser Mirage Charade G 101 Charade G 200 March K10 March K11 2) Hatchback between 2000 to 2010 around (1.5-1.7)M ~Max 2M better to have Two door -->Sport not a daily runner ---> travel a lots for fun looking for permanence and efficiency also ---> Japan ride for fashion ----> good looking I'll listed Options sort by my favorite starlet GT Ep-82/Ep91/Glanza V (High Value) kelisa Elite Mira Demio Panda Cross (Good looking) Matrix
  7. i have a toyota starlet 1996 and i hope to sell it buy a new one. I am interested with kia rio and hyundai. The main reason is i need a relatively new car (as 2005 ) rather than using 90 decades car. I know most people says japanees cars far better. But i like to use relatively new car and my budget is less than 1.8M. pls tell me what is the best choice for me.
  8. Dear Expert, I am driving Toyota Starlet EP 91 around 2.5 years . Clock says running millage 170K +. From few weeks I face gear shifting difficulty. This is very prominent when starting the car, gear is very tight to move, even when Clutch paddle fully . Then gradually it become normal. Some times even when driving shifting gear to 1st is tough. feel gear leaver hit something inside. ( this problem arise more than 6 months) For info, my clutch is in far more bottom end of the paddle ( clutch releasing point) , my friend says driving my car is difficult due to this. but im used to it not face big difficult to drive. Paddle has lot of free movement. What is the reason for this ? What are the things need to do for rectify this ? What are the good practices overcome this kind of issue ? - Is there any good, reliable garage in Kandy to do this repair. ( specially around Katugastota). Pls share your views Thank you regards Amila
  9. Update : Bought a starlet. Details see the thread. Hi fellows. My question is a big and like a question paper but hope it will help you to give me a good answer. My requirements are Manual gear car with good fuel economy. budget around 1.1-1.4 and max 1.65 A good resale value. not sure how long Im going to keep it. Maybe from 3 to 5+ years I prefer diesels because we own a townace lotto van (57-xxxx) in our family for about 10years now. Did a full engine overhaul about 8 years [email protected] edirisinhas and still no any problem. I don't want a fast car and ok with the town-ace like performance and feel. Don't care about boot space but leg space will be needed. Prefer hatchbacks but sedans are too ok. My monthly traveling will be bellow 500km but if its good for pocket will do more. I've read over 2,3 times the threads that talks about above models in topics. But i need more to decide.
  10. Hi guys, Hope everyones keeping well. The reason for this post is, I got a two door Starlet NP90 diesel with an engine running slighlty under compression. I still should be able to use it sometime but if ever I decide on replacing the engine, is there a possiblity for me to go for a Turbo Diesel engine? Would you recommend this and has anyone of you done this before? what might be my best swap option and what might be the cost? Also, I've seen some starlets with ABS. My car doesn't have ABS but the wire harness which connects to the ABS unit under the bonnet is here. Is there any possiblity of enabling ABS? Thanks in advance!
  11. dear friends, I recently owned Toyota starlet ep 91 MT and I use few topic to get advice from you guys. Again I need another help. Today I was try to drive my car on hill around 45 degree angle, (on a 45 degree incline slop ) in middle I stopped and I try to use hand break for avoid rolling back. But even fully pull the hand break leaver car start to rolling back, Is it problem with my hand brake, or Is it natural in that kind of angle? pls advice Thank you regards Amila
  12. I owned Toyota starlet ep91 MT and im very new to driving ( 3 wks) some times with my poor clutch balancing car engine switch off. but when this happen in hill (with high degree ) car rolling back and this situation it is hard to tackle. my problem is, when the situation of Engine switch off in high hill, im try to push break paddle but car not stop rolling back, and it is very hard to push the break paddle. (Some time this happen when switch of when reversing) But when im driving it is not happen and break work in good condition. cld you pls explain me is this is normal condition ( because some one say that with engine off, it is not support to breaking system ) thank you Amila
  13. amilaart

    Way Of Gear Changing

    I was buy Toyota Starlet ep91 MT with the help of AL expertise and AL. As im new to driving im confusing in Gear changing. Last few days I did practice run with two of my friends. One friend says that, Do not run 1st gear so long time, change it ASAP, My other friend says that , wait till until vehicle reach some speed and then change it in to 2nd I saw my another office mate change all the 4-5 gear withing first 50 m but still vehicle speed around 20 kmph. As fuel consumption has strong relationship with the driving habits , pls tell me the best way to I need to practice.
  14. Dear All, i just checked with the person who want to sell his starlet 1998 model auto car with 130,000km done- registered in 2000. my gutt feeling is 1.5mn, is it reasonable to ask that price, since i'm new to the vehicle stuff i'm bit nervous to make the quote.
  15. Where I can Replace my car door bedding??Need to replace new Coz it sounds bad when closing
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