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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Guys I'm looking forward to do a slight modification to my car, having a Lancer CS1. wanna add side skirts, a spoiler & bumper lips. any tips as to where i can get a quality job done for a reasonable price?? attached below is the way i want to get da car modified.
  2. ChanDK

    Demio 2009 Spoiler

    anyone knows where to buy and hook up spoiler for Demio 2009 (DE3FS)
  3. One of my friends wants to buy an after market FK8 (Civic Type R) spoiler for his FK7. But most Sri Lankan sellers have a different version of this spoiler which has a wrong scale. What they have is not the correct scale. There's no OEM version yet, so have to find the best replica. Sri Lankan sellers have a spoiler shown in the below picture, which is neither the correct scale nor correct shape as in real FK8. Notice how it connects to the wing. Fixing something like this would definitely mess up aero dynamics of the car than fixing something at least closely matches the original one. Correct spoiler looks like this, Notice it's not connected to the bent part of the wing. It just fits in between wing and bent area At the moment there are replicas of correct scale on the internet. We contacted few major spare part sellers who brings down type r spoilers and bodykits, but all of them have the wrong scale version. Does anyone know someone who imports this correct full scale FK8 spoiler?
  4. Hi my dearest car enthusiasts and experts.. :-) Although many people asked me to modify my lancer I never liked it except for a spoiler and may be some trimmed side skirts. I've tried my best to maintain its original looks but now it has been some time since I bought the car (brand new) and the paint is slightly faded. Thought of doing a good paint job and fitting a Evo iv type spoiler. This is the one I'm looking for : http://www.flickr.com/photos/dori_dori_graphics/3942076201/ Could you please assist me where I should look for to get this type of a spoiler? I'm also looking at buying a decent set of alloys. Any thoughts about a reasonably priced place where you have a good selection? People who have modified their lancers..hints are welcome for the best looking alloys on lancers... Thank you very much buddies... cheers....!
  5. guys i just bought a honda civic ek3 1997.um new to honda.so i dont actually know much about it.please help me with the following issues. 01.I need to put the rubber beeding which is in the front of the buffer. 02.the power antenna is broken.i prefer a recon japanese one rather than going for a chinese new one. 03.Um not a ricer but just thought of getting a spoiler and the mesh grill. 04.A small sticker to paste in the lower part of the front doors which says 1.5 v-tec (cuz i saw a car with this sticker.it was nice) 05.Need a good tune up ( I checked the forum alot people said Zackie is good but one of the honda club memeber told me he replaces the chips and hacks the car.so i really dont know um like lost) 06.Also i need a bit of advice.The car is with original honda alloys.they dont look so nice but it gives the car an original look.in two minds whether to trade it n go for better alloys. guys please help me with these issues since um totally new to handling vehicles.please tell me the places to do the relevant things done and how much would it cost me.Sorry if have re-posted something which is already there.but please be kind enough to help me out.Thanks a trillion in advance!
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