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Found 8 results

  1. chathuu

    KIA SORENTO 2010-12

    Hi guys, one of friends looking to buy registered KIA sorento 2010/11 or 12 model and seek my help to find out good vehicle. I go through some valuable threads in this forum regarding this vehicle and found both favorable & adverse comments. Ultimately i assume this is a reliable vehicle for normal drive. However found some different types of engine capacities such as 2000cc, 2300cc and 2400cc on both petrol & diesel. We were so confused on what to consider. On the other hand diesel varients got a huge price gap around 500k. Anyone please give some details what should we consider, fuel consumption and what version has the reasonable resale market as we are not experts in this.
  2. thilinamc

    KIA SORENTO 2008 won't start

    I have a KIA Sorento 2008 version and recently I had to crank quite hard to get it started(early in the morning). Yesterday it didn't start at all. when the mechanic checked, he told me that all four Glow Plugs are not working. Replace those four plugs and with working battery tried o start. But still not working. Dash lights are working. Any sort of a helping thought is appreciated. Thanks
  3. What is the actual market price of a diesal sorento 2012
  4. Hi guys! My budget is max 4.8m.requirement is a suv.which one would be the better option. Rexton 2008 Kia sorento 2011 (petrol) Kia sportage 2011. Box prado. Concerns are, Reliability, Fuel consumption , Maintenance cost, Availability of spares. Thanks..
  5. I currently have a somewhat basic Kia Sorento from 2014 which I am planning on replacing with a newer SUV (probably a crossover). Due to the lack of a sun roof, 4WD and an extra set of seats in the back, and 100k on the odometer, I assume the sale price would be in the range of 7 to 8 million. I am looking to replace it with a newer vehicle, and would appreciate your recommendations. I have checked out the Toyota CH R 2017 (worrying reviews) or a few years older HONDA CR-V. Or would it be better to stretch the budget further (up to another 1m) and consider something like the Audi Q2 or a newer CR-V.
  6. SandyCarLover

    Sorento 2003

    Guys can somebody tell me about the Sorento 2003 model. I found one with 2.3L Petrol. can you guys share your opinions on this vehicle. Fuel consumption Pleasure Services worth to buy or not and everything you know about ps - i found this one. as it has nothing much, i posted this
  7. SMadu

    Suv For 6M

    Hi Experts, I'm writing this on behalf of my brother. There is a requirement to purchase a Diesel \ Hubrid SUV for around 6 m. We would like to get a registered one which has been used for few years. Following are the models we considered. KIA Sorento Mitsubishi Montero Sport Mitsubishi Outlander Among the above 3, Sorento is the preferred one at the moment. But we have a concern regarding the durability of it since the plan is to use for about 4 - 5 years what we will buy. Vezel is not an option because of my brother does not like its size and look. (A real SUV ?) Appreciate if you can support us to get a better decision on our purchase.
  8. Archfiend

    Sun Roof Issue Kia Sorento 2013

    Hi Guys, I've been noticing some strange issue with my sunroof. Since last month whenever I open the sunroof it won't get closed fully. It opens without an issue but when I hit the close it comes half way through and just reopens back. I Know these windows have safety feature that they re open when meet with an obstacle. I checked the railing and everything for an obstacle but non to be found. Right now I got to help the poor bugger to close it with a little push. Then I have had replaced my battery two days back to see whether it solves the problem but unfortunately NO. Is this common with sun roofs or its just me. What could be the issue and could you suggest me a good place to get this sorted out? Thanx in Advance. Please bear with me if I'm being too silly on this. But I'm completely new to these facts considering against you gurus.