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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I've been feeling an odd ride in my 2007 Axio 141 for some time now and the replacement of various parts and multiple inspections have not really helped. The feeling I get is of that, that the car is not stable at high speeds (60+). It gives a feeling that the car is not 'planted' to the road and you do not have confidence in making sharp turns. Car has done 160k, genuine mileage. It's on its second set of shocks - having replaced the originals with KYBs at 90k mileage. However, many inspections revealed no issues. Tires are Michelin Energy Saver (UK) with plenty of tread left and all suspension components are within their life limits. I've most recently replaced my lower arm bushings, which did not resolve the issue. Tried several different alignment places to no avail. And multiple checks by technicians have confirmed no play in the rack and pinion steering. This has driven my focus to whether this could be a shocks related issue - which gives the feeling or sensation that the car is 'floating' whilst it actually is tracking fine. I've come to realise that the driver's side of the car (particularly when no passengers other than the driver is on board) tends to feel lower particularly when overtaking another vehicle (ie - on the side of the road which is sloping down). A crude check of ground height -when not under load - revealed that the front right wheel base height is approximately one inch lower than the other three. I've tried to get the issue checked at multiple places - but they all suggest that I remove the shocks for inspection whilst prepared for replacement. While I'm ok to do so - I feel it's better to have another opinion as I've found that most places will try to 'sell' you new shocks. Does this sound like a worn shocks issue? Or could it actually be the springs? I do not want to replace the shocks if it is something else - like the springs - as the new shocks will 'mask' the real issue for some time before it crops up again. Your opinion is highly appreciated.
  2. Hi, Can someone please tell me the components that should be replaced when replacing front shocks? As i know it is better to replace the following at once. 1. shock absorbers (2) 2. shock dust covers (2) 3. shock mounts (2) 4. Sway bar links (2) Is there anything else or is this it? Thanks
  3. Alfisti

    Alfa 159 Suspension

    Dear Experts I'm going to change the suspension of my Alfa 159 due to some rattles coming from front right and rear. Issues only lies with the front arms and the 4 top mounts. However, after a discussion with ITMC, I decided to change the dampers also to ensure the new parts will not suffer by old parts (the mounts are quite expensive). The choices I have for dampers are as follows; 1. Koni yellow sport adjustable 2. Koni FSD 3. Bilstein B4 4. Bilstein B6 I have been using Koni yellow adjustables in my Alfa 156 and they were quite good. But they were a bit stiffer for the comfort needed for a daily drive. Bilstein B4 is the OEM replacement but it is twin tube whereas others are mono tube. Now it's not everyday we drive like maniacs and only once a year we have a track day. So day to day comfort is also an important factor. Can you enlighten me with your experience with above choices? Thanks a lot in advance
  4. we bought this FB14 (1998) few weeks ago and garage told me that i have to replace shocks very soon.. now i have realized that vehicle is having low ground clearence.. Is fb14 having low grnd clearence comparing to other cars or does it cause by defect shocks.