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Found 32 results

  1. Hi Guys, Today I have bought a honda city 2000 V-Tec car and I want to know a good and trusted place near Kandy to service and do some repairs in my car. This is going to be the first service I'm doing after buying it. There is a little power steering oil leak and I need to get it repaired too. So do you guys have any suggestions for me on a place to repair it? Service and repair from two separate places is okay. Also, I really appreciate it if you guys give me a hint on what to check in this first service after buying this old car...? Thank you.
  2. dantoddd

    Servicing Audi A!

    Guys, I'm looking for a place to service my Audi A1. Unfortunately Senok does not handle re-exports so I'm left with using an alternative place. do you guys have any recommended places?
  3. So I took my car to St###### in Boralasgamuwa for a full service. Though she is a brand new unit, the service reminder was due - 86 dates, so thought of giving her a full treat. This is the first time I am doing a car service on my own as this is the first car I own. Long story short, I wasnt satisfied by their service. I know I dont have much previous experience to compare. But from what I saw, I decided not to get a service done from them again. The way they treat vehicles is very bad. All the owners are chilling in a waiting area while cars get washed/ oil changed out of their sights. I doubt most of them have ever witnessed the actual process at least once. I thought of having a walk around in washing area out of curiosity and was not happy about the way they did the service. The process in a nutshell, Use high pressure water to soak the car, spray some cleaning agent, quickly rub the surface with an old piece of towel (hey where are microfiber cloths?), and done. Also, I dont know if its ok or not, but the service guy applied some foam and washed it away with some liquid which I think is water.Then he applied high pressure air to the engine bay to dry it up. I felt the pressure was too high for smaller engine parts. Worst that he did it in a hurry and I am not sure if he dried the engine properly. I went back to the office and inquired a service adviser about my concerns and he told it is the usual process of servicing. He said it is a special chemical to clean the engine bay and it is not water that they use to wash the engine bay. But I am certain that I saw steam coming up from engine (why is there steam, if its not water?). I am not going to go in detail about my entire experience, just wanted to share what I saw and how I felt. In a positive note, they have a very good front office and good system established to make appointments and gets the job done on time. But the quality of the service is highly questionable. I dont think this is an isolated incident, so thought of sharing to make people aware. Maybe I am being paranoid, maybe I am thinking too much, but it doesnt harm you for being a bit more vigilant about the way others treat to things you love.Thank you.
  4. Hi fellow drivers, Just got a viva elite 2012 manual recently and need to repair / replace some stuff related to brakes (could be pads / caliper pins etc.). I live in Panadura. I need a close by guy to make my go-to-guy. I don't think #UNIMO will be good given that many people here complain of the service and prices. If you know any good place, please drop a note on prices too . Thanks! (If I'm replacing brake pads or caliper pins, do I need to go with original products or A-grade replica? I heard originals can be around 20k while a good replica is 2k something. Correct me.) @Admin Sorry Admin, please move to 'Request Information On A Good Mechanic/ Workshop And Discussion'. Still new to this.
  5. When I was looking for new car, advertisements and car salesman's talk about the warranty and free service for the car. Some say you would be a getting a warranty from Sterling Japan with free services and other say you get free services for Auto Miraj. If Sterling warranty is included generally the price is couple of laks more. But when I ask about details about of service they were not able to provide me with the clear answer. 1. Has anyone use this free service from sterling Japan. Who are the local dealers or contact point ? 2. Has anyone claim the sterling warranty ? If so from where and how ? 3. Is sterling warranty is real at all ?
  6. Hi All, Please be kind enough to share your experience if u ever did a service from the Honda agent in Sri Lanka.
  7. Want to Jump to the 2019 discussion on this? Click here. Guys I want to do a little research on service quality, customer support from our local agents for different vehicle makes, please share your experience. Even though most of us heavily depends on our own preferred mechanics, it's good to have some support from official local agent for our vehicles (if exists). This is something to consider specially for first owner vehicles since on serious damages there's nothing much a local mechanic can do other than saying "take it to the company", have you delt with the local agent for your vehicle make? how's your experience? My Experience With Toyota Lanka I bought my toyota aqua from a sale at dutugamunu street, so it's a JDM one and i've took it to Toyota Lanka 2 times and their service has been outstanding. My car recently got attacked by a rat (http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/16551-rat-problem-advice-on-next-steps/) and did some serious damage and local mechanics couldn't even figure out what the warning light was for. They found the tiny wire break within 20 minutes and gave me a good walkthrough (they know their stuff). Please share your experience, will help others to determine what kind of after sales support available for their vehicles.
  8. Guys,pls help me to choose service station for my allion 260 YOM 2007. Milage >90k Kurunegala area,should be good service and reasonable prizes. Thanks
  9. Hi all, I just did the 2nd service of my car couple of days ago and I noticed that after washing the undercarriage, they washed engine bay area with high pressure water and also dried it up with high pressurized air. Is this normal practice or not recommended at all? I remember I read somewhere in AL that engine washing is not a wise practice or something. Anyway no any problems occurred after that. Engine bay looked very clean as well. 😏 Can you guys give me some clarification on this so I can be vigilant next time. I hope they know what they are doing. TIA
  10. esanda007

    Service Except Pres**

    After going through all of autolanka found lot of records regarding service places for bmw. But most of the records are around 2013 or before. can any body recommend better place for a service for bmw f30 imported out side prestige. they are charging 950000 for registration at company. Thanks in Advance.
  11. Red Junior

    Peugeot 5008 Service

    Where can i get a usual 5000km service done for a peugeot 5008 except from da dealer (carmart). bz car was imported personally. any suggestions?
  12. ratamassa

    Advice for a new car owner

    Hey guys, I managed to get myself a used car recently and I have a bunch of general questions regarding a few things. Servicing: What are some good places for this? I've a Toyota, but I assume going to Toyota Lanka isn't really an economical idea. Repairs and Parts: Again, places. I want to DIY a bunch of things on the car, and would love some input. Currently there's a leak in the windshield washer and I want to get the tubing replaced, how should I go about this? Dashcams: I feel like this would be a good investment. Anything you guys recommend? I felt like there isn't much info around for new car owners, so if there's anything that would be helpful, please share. Much thanks in advance.
  13. Hi there helpful forum members Just recently bought a used 407 in mint condition exterior and interior with all the due services done with a full service history. I'd like to know what to expect in terms of maintenance , time up of the vehicle to keep it in top running condition the things i need to replace over time and to get an idea of how to keep it in smooth runing condition.
  14. MKA

    Honda Grace 2014

    Please let me know the regular servicing schedule and mechanical servicing schedule of Honda Grace
  15. Dear all, I use a Honda Grace 2016 EX and I'm still not an expert in mechanical aspects of the car. I bought the vehicle at 21,000 km and had the first service done at 25,000 km during which the oil filter and the engine oil were changed. Now, I'm nearing 30,000 km and I need to know what other oils/fluids needs to be changed/re-filled during this service. I am not very clear about the distinction between Dual Clutch Transmission Oil and Gear Oil. Are they the same or different? Should both be changed? I appreciate your expert opinion in this regard. Thank you very much. PS- If there had been other discussion regarding the same topic, please be kind enough to share.
  16. Hi All, Recently I imported a toyota vitz and in need of doing the first service. Can anyone tell me what are the things need to be replaced ( eg :- engine oil , filters etc).
  17. SandyCarLover

    Sorento 2003

    Guys can somebody tell me about the Sorento 2003 model. I found one with 2.3L Petrol. can you guys share your opinions on this vehicle. Fuel consumption Pleasure Services worth to buy or not and everything you know about ps - i found this one. as it has nothing much, i posted this
  18. Hi All, The next periodical service of my car (Maruti Suzuki Alto) is around the corner. Now 20000Kms done. I'm thinking of whether to put it a local service center or to A*W Service. What is your suggestion? Will A*W do a good job? Now I feel that the clutch and steering wheel is bit tightened. Can you pls help me as to what should be done in a full service? Regards Rookantha
  19. CarManiac

    Mazda Familia Bj5P 2003

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a pre-owned Mazda Familia BJ5P (YoM 2003) car. I'm a newbie to Mazda and also not much experienced in automatic drives.But I'm willing to get to know this car very well. First of all there are few things which I would like to get advice from you Mazda experts. The car has done 132000km(seems it's genuine) but the previous owner couldn't provide me with its proper service records. What would be the most appropriate services, Changing engine oil, filters, ATF etc?(The colour of ATF was quite good) The steering was a little too tight as if it was lacking power steering a bit. Wheel alignments and the power steering fluid level was OK. What might be the possible reasons for this? What is the function of the Hold button? Is it exactly the same as the OD on/off button on some other vehicles?(I could find a thread on AL on this hold button stuff, but the exact functioning of the "Hold" was not that clear to me) I got to know that this car has Mazda ZL engine. So is it ZL or ZL-DE? Is there any difference in those two?(I just found that it differs from the ZL-VE with variable valve timing) I would like to have an owner's manual and a workshop manual for this model.(I could find a 2003 Mazda Protege owner's manual but it was different in some ways, the engine was 1.6/2.0 there. Is it that Familia is the JDM and the Protege is US/European?) How could I get the exact owner's/workshop manuals for the Mazda Familia BJ5P? I would like to share the experiences and knowledge with Mazda Familia owners/experts and also willing to join with good Mazda/Familia clubs or forums if there are any. Thanks in advance.
  20. I have been going to Micro service centre at Kelaniya for all services on my Korando. Frankly I am not all that happy with their care and of course prices charged on parts. I have heard of Advanced Car Diagnostics at Pannipitiya and has anyone of you had any experience with this place please? especially their quality of service and charges. Thanks a lot in advance.
  21. If i can have a soft/ hard copy of TOYOTA COROLLA 141 (3ZZ-FE) service manual. thanks
  22. Dear experts, I am planning on doing an Engine tune up and spark plug replacement this weekend for my Starlet EP91 ( fuel consumption too high). Please suggest good places I can get it done. Name of place, location and if possible how much it will cost me generally. Thanks.
  23. thara123

    Toyota Aqua First Service

    Hi All, Now I have imported a Toyota Aqua 2012/10 S Grade reconditioned car, one week back. it has already run 6000kms. My question is, 1. Do I need to do the service before further running the car? 2. What kind of service do I need to do(full service(oil changes, changing filters etc.))? 3. if yes for 2, which engine oil do I need to replace(i might need to ask the service centre about this)? 4. Do I need to do the first service from toyota lanka or else any other recommended places? Thanks in advance.
  24. ravindasenarath

    Spraying Oil Under The Car

    Normally at service centers apart from washing and vacuuming the car they spray oil under the vehicle. I expect this is to prevent rust. But does it really help that way? Isn't there any bad effect to rubber parts(bushes etc) cause of oil since rubbers is tend to soften because of oil.
  25. Mdpperera

    Bought A Micro Kyron, What Next?

    HI All, Last week I bought a Micro Kyron 2008 (KH series) SUV and it did only 29,800KMs. I saw all the service records and meter reading is correct. I noticed following issues and please help me to fix those Door Armrest covers have some cracks (how to fix) On steering wheel, right side tiptronic button is not working, Seems someone put glue in it (how to check and fix) Two fuses have been removed, remote lock sound is not coming and no light flash when lock/unlock (How to fix the fuses) Previous owner said I have to change some oil after 30000KM and he said only company does that part. (Any idea about this oil and what is it call?) Also I would like to know any best place to get Cut and Polish for this new ride, Guys Any suggestion? How about your experience with Asian Alliance Insurance and with MBSL Insurance? (for the moment they are the cheapest, For 38 laks - 55K annual pay for full cover) Anyhow Kyron is a really nice handy SUV and has enough space for a big family. Good power and very comfortable drive (IF you want to go for this model, please try to find a low mileage SUV if not u will have lot of work to be done. Thanks MDP