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Found 6 results

  1. http://www.dailymirror.lk/article/Ban-on-import-of-vehicles-without-safety-standards-from-July--144261.html http://www.lankadeepa.lk/latest_news/ජූලි-සිට-ආසන-පටි---වායු-බැලුන-නැති-වාහන-ආනයනය-තහනම්/1-523249 According to the news, import of vehicles, without airbags and seat belts for the driver and the front passenger, Anti-Locking Breaking System (ABS) and three-point seat belts at the rear and below the emission levels or its equivalent as prescribed by Euro IV would not be allowed from July 1,2018. I think this is a good move, which should have been implemented earlier. First question come into anyone's mind is how about vehicles on road without those standards ? Will they also be banned after several years ? Second question is what they are going to do with three wheelers, buses and lorries. Vehicles in these segments may face difficulties in finding alternatives. Most of the low budget Indian vehicle manufactures will not change their plans in coming years. Any members here using vehicles in these segments ??
  2. So most of you are aware I own an old Toyota Starlet. One thing I had neglected to get fixed immediately were the brakes; they were there, but they didn't have much bite when slowing from high speeds. Since I had to do a timing belt change as well, I never really pushed the car beyond 70kmh, even on the highway. However my procrastination came to bite me in the ass last week when I crashed into an idiot in a Vitz who cut into my lane from Hemas Hospital trying to a U turn and stopped right in front of me. It was like a movie playing in slow motion, I stood on the brakes and hit the car just hard enough to crunch the bumper, left signal light and slightly bend the fender. Things were sorted out, but suffice to say, it was completely my fault because I put off maintenance. Turns out, both discs and drums need resurfacing, along with new brake pads all around. The worst part is that I don't really put off maintenance either, but for some reason I had put this on the mental back burner, and instead focused on trivial things like broken power window switches and door panels.
  3. Hi, this is my 1st post over here but i do hangout here alot. so as you may know theres a new helmet saying that the helmet you wear should not cover the area from eye browse to chin. and further more should not be tinted source - http://www.adaderana.lk/news.php?nid=24659 so there are the points i have against it * why is it required to see the face of the driver when you can see the lisence plate (well in the times of war it "might" have been reasonable, still it sounds silly) * its very usefull to wear a full helmet when your riding long distances ( dust in your face, in case of rain ) * in my personal experience i know that it helps alot in an accident ( mostly that the first thing you will hit is your face and it will be the chin and norse ) ... and the list continues if you ask few more riders so is there any legal thing, something like a petition we can take to the court which will cancel this rule? PS let me know if theres something i missed regarding the positiveness of this law thanks, Oshan Rube
  4. Note by the moderator : This post contains information neither endorsed nor supported by the Autolanka community. Readers are advised to read the entire thread and form their own conclusions. Hi everyone This is my second post on the forum. I think this post will help a lot of people to reduce their fuel bill on petrol and diesel vehicles. Going forward we will have lot of vehicles but empty tanks. I have been doing some R&D on engine efficiency and cleaner exhaust gazes for some years and decided to do an engine modification on my Prado to get some extra power and a full burn. For non-technical members it is simply modifying the air intake of the engine at a safer place to feed in HHO as a gas instead of normal air we breathe which is not 100% accounting to a full burn inside the combustion chamber. HHO is a combustion rich gas but the generation mechanism should be done with absolute safety precautions out of water. Luckily I have a friend of mine who has a Garage (Unfortunately in Gampaha, which is a bit far away) and he was nice enough to listen to me (instead of ignoring me as if I have gone crazy) and comply with all the safety precautions and install the unit. Some pictures are attached for enthusiasts. Results: Increased fuel consumption by 20-25% (Mix of city and long distance). I refill a full tank earlier around 360KM range. Now it is 440-450KM range. Increase of power. I can feel it in the depth of low end torch in the Engine which keeps going. Reduced carbon emissions to a good as new engine. This is a 1999 Prado. Less vibration on engine Quick start when you crank the engine Everyone should not jump into this modification. It is a NO for vehicles with warranty by agents (Those brand new shiny vehicles are not lucky enough to have this because they will say “You have modified the engine and now we are not responsible!!!”) So save it for a later date. This is good for engines about 5-7 years and beyond. Vehicles of this age are having different relationships between the owners and the vehicle as such a bit of tweaking will not hurt any feelings J. There is absolutely no harm in doing this modification because it is done outside the whole system. Safety is first in this installation. Is this a real innovation which I should patent? Well absolutely no, because lot of people know about this but no one cares about the safety. Instead I though everyone interested should benefit from this because it helps going green and hugging trees a little. Regards Nana
  5. Dear Motor Enthusiasts. I cordially Invite you to the the "Pre Launch" Event at the Ceylon Motor Show 2012. Are you ready to take your car from Ordinary to Extra Ordinary Then The U***A *A*I**G C*SS** T*N**G Solution will make this a reality. Do visit our stall located within close proximity to the A*W Pavilion Our trained and well versed motor enthusiasts will be looking forward to helping you understand our unique product and help clarify any questions that you have. Regards, Abbas J Helping Build a Nation of Motor Enthusiasts Helping to make Vehicle Performance and Affordability a Reality
  6. I've been a bit concerned about the accidents on Sri Lanka's new highway for a while now and have been thinking what we as an automotive forum could do to help. Clearly some of the accidents reported could have easily been prevented and to that end, I thought we could compile some driving / vehicle maintenance tips. Please feel free to add posts / comment / correct as need.
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