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Found 8 results

  1. Will buying a BMW 730iL E32 1994 be a good deal . Both cars I found have really low mileage for a oldcar. Its 60K and 70K . Is there a catch? I really need help since its going to be my first ever vehicle and don't want to be stuck in a garage all day.
  2. I’m planning to buy a vehicle for my permit. I hv a low budget. I heard of a site called *******, which provides personal contract plans which are btw interesting and inviting. I want to know if someone knows regarding the reliability of this site and the personal contract plans. Does it suit for a low budget. Thank you.
  3. Hey guys, I am going to buy my first vehicle. I need some advise on choosing it. My budget is 2.5 - 3 million. These are the cars that I am interested in so far. Kia Cerato (something around 2010) Kia Rio (Not sure if I can find one, but interested in something around 2010) Ford Focus (around 2010) Mitsubishi Lancer GLX (I think I will have to settle for 2008, if I am going for this option) Could you please comment on the fuel consumption and the reliability. I am trying to find fuel economical car that doesn't cost a fortune to maintain. I am very attracted to Kia vehicles and Ford. However, I am not sure if they give a good mileage. Also no clue about their maintenance cost. I know these vehicles are hard to sell. However, that is not a big importance for me. Feel free to suggest new vehicles to my watch list. (I am trying to avoid Indian cars and old Japanese cars.) Please share your opinion. I really appreciate it. Thanks in advance !
  4. Hi, after some considerations, I'm thinking about buying a Toyota vitz 1999-2001 model as my first car. Any personal users of the 1000 cc manual? Is it good? Every foreign site lists it with atleast 15 kmpl, and saying it's actually a very good car even after 15 or so years of use. This is the reason I considered it in the first place. However, I'm confused with what I found here. I have done searches here and I'm all confused about certain facts like fuel economy. I have seen many people quoting figures like 7-8 kmpl. Isn't that simply absurd for a small 1 ton car? We had a 2002 Toyota Corolla 121 1300cc & 1994 Toyota Corolla AE100 1500cc as family cars and they consistently did more than 11 kmpl. Is there something wrong with the vitz? I thought it was an excellent choice for the price range. ~2 million. Especially considering it was the replacement for starlet which was already a great car. Reliability and fuel economy is my biggest concern since I'm buying it on 5 year lease and hope to use for all those years without major problems. Are your personal experiences different from what I have heard from other foreign sites? Any other suggestions?
  5. What is the major issues of CVT against AT , some people said CVT has not long last survival, is it correct.
  6. Hey guys, I'm planning to buy the aforementioned car. The particular model that I'm considering is the non-hybrid FD1. Are their any renowned problems with the car ? Are their manufacturing faults that plague the car ? Is it a good buy ? Thank you in advance. Any help is greatly appreciated
  7. I had been using a Lancer EX and sold it while back. I have been searching for a good vehicle for a long time. Due to this budget fluctuations I have no idea what sort of a deal I should look at. Therefore I thought of asking the experts. Please help me decide by providing your opinions and thoughts. My requirements are Performance Driving pleasure Maintainability Safety and reliability 9-10 KM/L fuel consumption would be great. Budget is 3.5M Thanks in advance.
  8. How good is a micro geely MX7. I know what most people will say, rather go for a jap car but this is solely for tourism. I am planing on buying one for tourism because it's price and the model will be newer with a newer number plate. (Travel and tourism companies are real shit heads, they want new numbers, new cars) otherwise i'd definitely go for a jap car. How good is this for the purpose?
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