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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, Is there any way to find out how many vehicles are registered under my NIC number...? I have owned several motorcycles during the last ten to fifteen years and I have sold them. I recently came to know that some of them are still under my name. I have got the whereabout information and the current owners' details on one motorcycle but I can't find out the other three motorcycles and whereabouts. I can't remember their registration numbers as well. If there is any way that I can find out which vehicles are under my NIC number then the problem is solved. Is there any way I can do this?
  2. I have a friend who is trying to join the forum. But he is having trouble creating an account. He gets an error related to account validation. http://autolanka.com/forums/register/?do=validating Can somebody shed some light regarding this matter? Thanks.
  3. Guys, only now I realized that I dont have that small registration sticker pasted on the the back of the windshield. I saw somewhere in a forum thread that it is usually located behind the front number plate given by RMV. But I did not check about it back then when I received the plate. Appreciate if anyone can provide answers for below queries. 1) Is it a necessity to have it pasted on the windshield? Can police fine me for not having it? 1) How can I safely remove the number plate holder without breaking it so I can check the back of the number plate? My number plate was installed by Staf**rd using their frame. 2) If the sticker is not available there, how can I obtain one? Thank you.
  4. When registering an unregistered vehicle for the first time, is it normal to have rounded numbers as engine capacity? Assume the actual CC is 658CC which is mentioned with the vehicle and CR to have 650CC as the engine capacity? If these two has such difference, will it be a problem in the long run?
  5. I'm sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.. but i am currently in the process of buying a used car, which is registered in Kandy... hence number plate shows CP I reside in Colombo, so i was wondering is it possible to get the number changed from CP to WP?
  6. Dear friends, What are the documents requird for vehicle ownership one day transfer in NARAHANPITIYA head office of Department of motor traffic?
  7. Could some one tell me what this number plate is for? [ wp C16-xxxx ] Normally sellers only have got chassis number & engine number until the vehicles registration is done. Then why do they use this kind of number?
  8. Guys, I went to see a car but in the book and also in the engine bay only the engine series number was there (1KZ) not an engine number like 1KZ-xxxxx. As far as I can see the car is pretty much straight. What would you think about this?
  9. Hi, Does anyone know whether there have been any new regulations pertaining to vehicle transfers?
  10. I saw this image on fb: Does anyone know what is the registration number in the Land Rover..??? Have seen quite a few Land Rovers, Navaras and Mercs around colombo bearing such numbers.
  11. chami.mcp

    Mazda Ford Club

    Dear friends, first of all thanks for the tips and advices of ur all and i have bought a laser giha 2000 auto car for 1.6 m and damn it is a good drive and im fully satisfied. Also theres no repairs and it is in a good condition with new tyres and new battry. Now i want to join ford club and please tell me how could i join this club. And please suggest me a good insuarance company and a policy which will never spoil customer's expectations. Thank you again guys...
  12. Hi Guys, My dad bought this 1979 Lancer A72 in 1997 (from one of his good friends), and before he could complete the transfer, the previous owner passed away. The death occured suddenly so my dad didn't even want to think about the transfer at the time because the family was quite devastated with their loss. It has been 14 years and it is I who take care of this car now, I do not have any intention of letting go of her because she has been there all my life. However, I thik its high time that I get the transfer done. How do I get about with it now that the owner is deceased? Is there a legal procedure that I have to go through? Other details: - I have the agreement letter (hand-writen transfer letter with signatures by both parties on stamps) - I have the original vehicle registration documents - The deal was done in March 1997 Thanks in advance! Davy
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