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Found 7 results

  1. Nismo TV upto their old tricks If you have the boredom to watch for 4 hours on youtube This channel has some good video https://www.youtube.com/user/gt1world/videos
  2. OK, so I thought we'd start a thread for racing games we play, specially for multiplayer stuff, more fun when more people play, after all This first isn't multiplayer, AFAIK, it just showed up on a site I follow. Seems interesting. Not sure I wanna give it a go tho, someone try it out and give some feedback? http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/06/24/new-game-crescent-moon-games-pulls-redline-rush-into-google-play-parks-it-in-the-free-lot/
  3. Andrew_GTR

    Katukurunda Drags '14

    CMSC DRAG CHAMPIONSHIP 2014 The oldest Motorsport Club in the country Ceylon Motor Sports Club, will once again organize the CMSC DRAG CHAMPIONSHIP on the 24th of August 2014 with the Sri Lanka Air Force, at the Katukurunda Race Track located in Kalutara. A 3-Round Championship will be conducted by the CMSC with the first round slated in August. The event, which will be held on 24th August, is expected to bring many enthusiasts and spectators alike to the race. Well-known personalities from the Racing community and exotic vehicles are scheduled to make a presence on the legendary Katukurunda racetrack in anticipation for a great day of racing. The event will ensure that Drag Racing in Sri Lanka would be taken to new heights in the coming future. This will certainly help more enthusiasts to compete in the ‘Drag race’. As the event will be held at a sanctioned venue, it will require only a valid driving license and the competitor’s street vehicle. This is one way in which the regular/general publics are allowed to experience a racing situation whilst being controlled by a recognized club. For more information about the Drags or the Ceylon Motor Sports Club please join the Facebook fan page or visit the Ceylon Motor Sports Club, at #2/1 Hunupitiya Rd Colombo 02 (Between – 9.00 am & 4.30 p.m. on weekdays). Call 0727645081. ENTRIES ARE NOW OPEN AT THE CMSC OFFICE RACE CLASSES 11. CLASSES AND ENGINES 11.1. CLASSES Class 1: Cars upto 1000cc – N/A Class 2: Cars upto 1300cc – N/A Class 3: Cars 1301cc upto 1500cc – N/A Class 4: Cars 1501cc upto 1600cc – N/A Class 5: Cars 1601cc upto 2200cc – N/A Class 6: Cars upto 1600cc turbo open Class 7: Cars Open 2WD Class 8: Cars upto 3500cc AWD Stock Turbo Charged Class 9: Cars Open 4WD Class 10: T & J Open (Trucks & Jeeps) •N/A - Normally Aspirated. *** Cars will be allowed to take part in upto 2 (two) events. E.g - A competitor in the 'Cars upto 1600cc turbo open' will be allowed to compete in the 'Cars open 2WD' with the same vehicle. However, two entries must be lodged with the CMSC before race day and the relevant payment made *** Bike Event List: Class 1: Super Motard 250 {over 100cc upto 125 cc (2T) and over 125 cc up to 250cc (4T)} Class 2: Super Motard Open including 250cc up to 1100cc (2T & 4T) Class 3: Modified Motorcycles Open over 250cc Class 4: Standard Modified Motorcycles over 100cc up to 125cc (2T) Class 5: Standard Modified Motorcycles over 175cc up to 250cc (4T) 13. ENTRIES 13.1.Entry Dates: As Of Now Opening Dates : 5th August '14 Closing Date : 18th August '14 at 4pm 13.2. Entry Fee: 3000rs Cars 1500rs Bikes This amount goes directly to the Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit to assist the differently abled children of the Air Force personnel. Completed entry form must be submitted with full entry fee to specified collection centre.
  4. Andrew_GTR

    Katukurunda Drags '13

    Hi Everyone, Please NOTE that this is the LAST DAY to place your entries for the Katukurunda Drags on the 25th August '13!!! Nothing will be accepted after 4pm TODAY (Friday the 23rd of August). Please understand that ALL ENTRIES will be handed over to the Sri Lanka Air Force tonight for Security Passes and Clearance. Therefore, If you have not made an entry before 4pm it WILL NOT and CANNOT be accepted later on. If you haven't done so already please call the CMSC Office on 4645081 / 727645081 for more details and to confirm your participation! The Entry fee is 3000rs for Cars / 1500rs for Bikes and open to anyone that has a valid driving license! #### Anyone from Autolanka planning on taking part or coming to watch on Sunday? Cheers!
  5. SL-GT Qualifying results Dinesh D - 1:01.270 Abeeth D - 1:01.392 Ashan S - 1:01.518 Janaka D - 1:02.595 Ushan - 1:04.213 Sebastian - 1:06.158 Dileepa - 1:09.171 Darin - DNQ Kamal - DNQ
  6. Andrew_GTR

    Racing Calendar For End 2012

    Hi Guys, Im sure alot of you know the events lined up for this month and the remaining year, but for everyone's information i will list them out. 8th,9th September : Rally Sevanagala (First Rally of the year hosted by MRA) 15th,16th September : Rotherham Katukurunda Tarmac Meet (Championship Meet hosted by SLARDAR) 22nd,23rd,29th,30th September : Redbull Kart Fight (International Event in Collaboration with SLARDAR) 6th,7th October : Rally Pelwatte (Second Rally hosted by MRA) 13th,14th October : Pannala Speed Round 3 (Hosted by AMRC) 3rd,4th November : Rally Yatiyantota (Third Rally hosted by MRA) 14th,15th December : Colombo Night Race (Hosted by Carlton Motor Sports) Hope to see you guys at these meets! Cheers!
  7. Dear Motor Enthusiasts. I cordially Invite you to the the "Pre Launch" Event at the Ceylon Motor Show 2012. Are you ready to take your car from Ordinary to Extra Ordinary Then The U***A *A*I**G C*SS** T*N**G Solution will make this a reality. Do visit our stall located within close proximity to the A*W Pavilion Our trained and well versed motor enthusiasts will be looking forward to helping you understand our unique product and help clarify any questions that you have. Regards, Abbas J Helping Build a Nation of Motor Enthusiasts Helping to make Vehicle Performance and Affordability a Reality