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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am planning to by Proton Waja 2007 edition with Cam Pro 1.6 L AT engine. Could you please give your feedback on the model specially use of proton for price, Spare parts availability, Fuel Consumption, riding experience etc? Your comments are highly appreciated.
  2. Hi all I am new here I am really interested in to buy proton gen 2 car. But I heard it's difficult to find parts for gen 2. Is it true? Also one guy told me it runs only 6, 7 kms for one liter because it has 4 cilinder engine. I really dont know about cars so pls help me
  3. I am hoping to buy my 1st car and got a maximum budget of 1.9 mil for that. And also I am a newbie here. I was going through available cars and found that Proton Gen2 is quite pleasing. This car is 1.3cc 2004 model marked at 1.89 mil and has a mileage of 78000km s. Service records of past year support that fact. Car was bought and registered in 2007 so relatively newer than the cars I was looking(Japan ones). So I went through almost all the forum posts about this car in this forum. But most of them are dated back at 2012 or earlier. So is this car still a good one to go for ? How about the spares availability ? And finally the fuel consumption ? 8kml or above is okay for me since I won't be travelling daily with the car. I am kind of concerned with spares availability. Please note that i am new to this subject. Else what other options I got for the tight budget I have ?
  4. Yesterday, during mid acceleration on the highway, I noticed that there is a little vibration coming. It happens around 50-70km/h and once I exceed that speed and lift the throttle, it is unnoticeable. But if I try to accelerate and go faster like 90-100km/h, the vibration comes back. I'm not really sure where it's coming from. Both front passengers felt it. I have already checked the tyres to verify whether they lose or not. No problem there. Already done some digging on the net. Apparently it is more common than I thought. But no possible solution found. Should I be worried, cause my brother said it's kind of normal, but I'm pretty sure that this does not happen before and it is very noticeable on highway. ps - I don't drive much, so don't know much about the car.
  5. Hi, I bought my first car a couple of months ago. It is a Proton Gen2 2005 Auto transmission. The car has done about 75K miles and the exterior looks very nice. I would like to know if there is a reliable mechanic I can take my car to do any running repairs? Also, is there a dealer who brings Proton parts down from Malaysia that I can buy for a cheap price? Also, it is very hard to get appointments from Swedish Trading Company who are the agents for Proton vehicle. So, I'm seriously looking for an alternative place to take my car. Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers
  6. Clock spring of our gen 2 is badly damaged and currently looking for a replacement. Any idea where I could find one (B/N or RC) except from the company ? Ebay didn't helped either It looks like this http://www.protonaftersales.com/ClockSpringWhatIs.aspx ~Thanks ~
  7. Hello every one, I need your expert advice on this. After a very big research, i come across a proton Gen 2 car YOM2006 which has 800000Km on the clock and having 1300CC engine, plus good interair and exterior but the problem is seller has minimum or no mechanical knowledge, when i ask about the service records and other repairs he says that all the repairs and services had done by the company (he has taken this car from loan, and he says that company provides all the services, which is included in the loan charges), so he dont have any bills or records about the services or repairs. 1.In the autolanka forum i have seen that when it comes to proton Gen 2 cars, YOM 2006 or newer cars are much better than older ones (YOM 2005), is it true ? 2.which Engine is better, 1300CC one or 1600CC one, when it comes to pulling power and fuel economy? 3. because of this car has a loan, what kind of documents i need to ask from the seller, 4. Finally, is there any way we can confirm is this car is not a stolen one i come across many stories about stolen cars selling with fake documents Please kind enough to make your comments on this, Thank you
  8. Pericles

    Proton Persona

    I'm surprised we haven't had a topic on this car before, so thought I'd open one. Few months ago, dad wanted a change, the Gen2 was over 5 years old, passing 40k, and while the initial devaluation was quite steep, was holding value for some time. So he got a trade in offer from the agents, and swapped the car for a new Persona. Its coming close on 3000kms now, and while dad has done most of the driving, I've done enough that I thought I'd put up an opinion. Initial impressions, I liked the car. Quite solid. Nice feel. A little less imaginative in the cabin than the Gen2, but pretty nice. Looks wise, it works just fine. Nice touches like cell phone holders. They had included a proper glove box in this, which was good Now, this particular car was a lower grade than the Gen2, which was full spec. So no leather seats, no cruise control, etc. Notable, this car has the newer engine over the old Gen2, the one were the cam profile switching actually works, unlike the old one where the campro was just a name. This is the 1.6l, disks all round. My feeling, this car is good. Quite comfortable, less sporty on the suspension than the Gen2, but quite good. Body roll is not too bad, but it doesn't like quick direction changes. It does hold the road quite well on a sweeping corner, but switching sides is not done confidently. Brakes are somewhat mushy. Probalby equal to the Gen2. Probably taken from the Gen2. Steering is still ESP, but its a lot tighter than the Gen2. One of my main complaints on the Gen2 was lack of steering feel, this at least does help with the illusion of steering feel a little. Dad doesn't like it tho Other major complaint on the Gen2, gearbox. This is a much, much better autobox. Also they seem to have done away with that daft drive-by-wire throttle control, which is good. I think this car is a little heavier than the Gen2, but since the engine is the same, its a little underpowered. The GB is good, so the initial bite and starting to move part is a lot better than the Gen2, but it can't keep on going from there. Or it might just be that they are going for a smoother acceleration pattern rather than savage acceleration. So it takes some time to get to a nice cruise speed, but is a very nice cruiser once it gets there. Sporty overtaking is not its forte, but it is a very relaxing drive. In no hurry, just smooth. Now to that bit that all the non-enthusiasts want to know. Close to 3000km, fuel consumption shows 8.2l per 100km. Its done one trip outstation, probably covered 500km. Also that was to Nuwara Eliya District, not town, so lots of low range climibing on slow, twisty, potholed roads involved. For those bad at maths, that means its doing better than 12. The Gen2 did slightly less than 10, over 9.5. And it has winker mirrors.
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