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Found 30 results

  1. Advice needed, my car's abs system is currently in need of a abs system replacement and I have found one at a reasonable price with a warranty, the only problem is it appears to be of a different Prius model ( 3rd gen but not 30 model) the mechanic said they would reprogram the abs system to match the car model. Is this a relaible fix?
  2. I need to buy a hybrid car.Which hybrid car should I buy?..feel free to comment the fuel consumption(km per litre)
  3. Nadia

    NSZT- W64

    Does anyone know a way to get the SD card for the Toyota set up NSZT-W64 ?
  4. The bird on water

    Prius 3Rd Gen - Change Display/voice Language?

    As you all know the Japanese Domestic Model of the Prius comes with Japanese as both display and voice language. I was just wondering if it would be possible to change this to English. Does anyone know if this is possible? Cheers, Hansa
  5. Hi, I'm planning to buy my 1st car. I was interested in hybrid and EV models hoping they would be more economical but after reading some threads here it seems I'm wrong. I was looking about Toyota Aqua, Honda Fit (GP5), Honda Freed and Nissan Leaf(seems not so reliable for long journey) and seen more negative comments than I thought. I don't know much about cars(even my parents didn't have one) and I would like to here the opinions/suggestions from the experts. Below are some of my concerns. This is going to be my 1st car. Would be better if the maintenance is easier and economical in terms of maintenance and fuel consumption. I don't want to invest a lot in a vehicle. I prefer to have good resale value in case I want to switch to an EV model once it become more reliable here. My budget is 4m, but can go little up if it's worthy (have to obtain personal loan for around 2.5/3m). I would love if I can get something below that budget as I don't like paying lot of interest for a loan and loan interest rates are high now. Minimum of 5 seats and good boot space. Would love if 6/7 seater available at this price (like Honda Freed). I would prefer safer ones with 5 or 8 airbags (because in most cases would be driven with all seats occupied) Most of the time will be driven in Colombo city and would take for long journey on vaccations/special occasions. Love to have latest features in the interior. In terms of exterio body shape, I dont like box types(like in Suzuki Every) but that wouldn't be a deciding factor. More concerned about interior than exterior.
  6. Submitted by Benjamin Yong on September 30th, 2016 Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Driver technology powers each one of the company's hybrid vehicles. We all know the Toyota Prius family of vehicles are fuel-efficient. Some may even know it’s because of the automaker’s Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) system that powers every hybrid model. But how does it work? Find out below. At the core of HSD is a twin motor-engine setup. A gasoline engine acts as the primary means of propulsion and an electric motor provides backup power and recovers surplus energy. The computer automatically switches between the two to deliver maximum fuel efficiency and a comfortable driving feel. Let’s dive a little deeper into the technology. When the vehicle is initially started up and all the way up to the mid-speed range, engine efficiency is at its poorest. As a result, the gasoline powerplant is shut off and the car runs solely off the high-output electric motor. During normal cruising, the main power switches over to the warmed up engine running at high efficiency, which directly drives the wheels. A generator is also engaged — via a built-in device that splits and diverts engine output — to produce electricity for the motor. In scenarios calling for rapid acceleration like passing on the highway, power is supplied simultaneously from both sources to boost performance. As soon as it’s time to slow down, the process happens in reverse. While the driver lets off the accelerator and/or gets on the brakes, the wheels turn the motor, now operating as a generator, converting rotational and braking energy into additional electricity used to charge a high capacity battery. This is known as regenerative braking. When the battery level dips down to a low level, the engine switches on the generator to begin the recharge cycle, ensuring the system maintains a healthy charge for optimum operation
  7. Hi All, I have seen this advertisement(from a famous hybrid service station) saying that it is possible to recondition/rebuild the "NiMH battery packs to perform at up to 95% of its original capacity". I called the place and got to know that, Procedure takes three days, Procedure called "Battery conditioning" and claims it's American technology, This is not cell replacement. Cost will depend on the condition of the battery(how much of the current battery can be recovered, they said) - Min cost is close to a second-hand battery pack Rebuild battery will be released with a 1-year warranty. They claim that after the rebuilding procedure it is good as brand new. Do you any of you have knowledge on this. Is it a legitimate claim and is it possible to do that? I searched the forum and couldn't find related topics. Hence decided to open a new topic.
  8. sosh

    Toyota Prius

    Is buying a 2nd gen prius (2008) a good idea at this time?? or should i consider a axio 2007 which is almost same in price? i am concerned about the cost on maintenance and all
  9. Hi guys..!! is a prius 2008 a good option when compared with an axio yom 2007?
  10. jayashantha12345

    Prius 3rd vs Allion 1.5

    Dear friends I want to select Allion vs Prius Kindly help me to compare following Comfort Preformance Breaking Preformance Car controlling VSC, traction control etc New features Pl help me Thanks alot
  11. Hi Experts, When I start the car (only in cold start), there is an abnormal sound keep coming from engine bay for about 5 - 10 minutes. But when the engine gets warm, this sound disappears. It is clearly a rattling sound from the engine bay. When this sound is present, I can feel a little vibration to the interior of the car. This happens only when I start the car in the morning. When the engine is warm, this sound is not audible. Issue started 2 weeks back. No repairs were done to the car for last 12 months . What could be the reason? Car : Toyota Prius ZVW30 (mfd.year 2010) ODO Meter : 88,000 km Major Repairs : Complete steering rack and tie rods were replaced by Toyota Lanka 1 year and 2 months back due to a noise problem (at the cost of Rs. 114,000)
  12. Chinthaka Athulathmudali

    Prius (Zvw30) Cell Or Battery Replacement ?

    Dear Friends, I just need a little advice from anyone who knows about hybrid batteries....(toyota prius). I am getting a weird jerk in my car these days, mostly when the car is switching the power from the battery to the engine power. the following figures shows the voltage levels and resistivity on EV mode. As you can see, there is a notable difference on the cell group no 8 and 9. Just need to know whether the replacement of cells will be enough as the full change will cost a lot.... please help
  13. Images are as follows for Floor carpet and Leather seat covers Total cost Rs 36000.00 from Custom car sailors
  14. tharindra

    Some Numbers To Munch On

    Did a bit of a quick draw analysis on cars prices advertised on a popular local classifieds, maybe it can be of some sort of numerical substance for the many of the arguments here It's work in progress, hopefully we can discover something interesting. https://medium.com/@crunch/galle-road-wars-part-1-c9b3e534a5a
  15. I've been using this car for about 20 months now. when I got it it has done 56k and now 85k. during this period of time, I had to replace the low beam light several times, almost 8 - 10 bulbs I've replaced during the period. When I spoke to the previous user, who is a colleague at my work place, he also mentioned the same issue. Since the problem is known I had one spare bulb in the car this weekend, when I was travelling to Kandy, left side bulb went off, Upon reaching the destination I changed it. However when I stared the car last nyt to come back, the right side low beam gone off. Any good electricians who can attend to this. PN : My car developed a HV battery issue for last 6000km, I tried some diagnostics without changing the battery, nothing worked out well. last week I got a battery service done at Dilly's super in Panadura, where they cleared much of the oxidation from the bus bars. I've the pictures to post, but the capacity restrictions doesn't allows me to do so. During the trip to Kandy,the car did about 10% - 20% good on fuel. However I'm yet to confirm whether the HV problem is fully resolved or not.
  16. My car has done 69k so far. in terms of fuel also its doing quite well. however when I start the car, i hear a sound like rating when the engine warms up. when I asked Toyota Lanka they said to do the engine tune up & see. Since it is doing good on fuel and no difference in pulling power, would engine tune up help to resolve my problem. Anything other places to get an inspection done prior to go ahead with the tune up.?
  17. Hi all, Need your expert ideas on this. Planning to get a hybrid(Prius Gen-3 or Insight 2010), need to know which one is better? Key areas; Fuel Consumption Maintenance cost Safety and Performance Availability of spare parts Re-sale value Know issues (If any) Thanks in advance!
  18. I have sold my lancer & bought a Prius 3rd Gen (UK imported version) recently. What should be the correct engine oil viscosity for my car? Mfd. Year: 2010 Mileage: 35300 miles (approx. 56800 km) Driving conditions: weekdays very low traffic around 30 km per day / weekends long distance around 200km every weekend Yesterday the full service was done from Cl**n Pa*k and after that fuel economy reduced to 35 mpg on average. Usually it is between 50 - 55 MPG. Oil type used: Toyota 0W-20 SN Air filter replaced Oil filter replaced What could be the issue?
  19. hi guys today i pumped Rs.4000 worth petrol to my new prius gen3 and drove from nuggegoda to navinna. i checked my fuel meter just after pumping petrol, it indicates 4 gauges. but on my way to Navinna i noticed a drop of one gauge which is impossible for a prius. then again on my way back to Nugegoda it gained that lost gauge and i was surprised....hehe this is not the first time and few days back same thing happened when i was travelling to dabulla. that day i pumped rs 2000 worth petrol on top of the petrol which was there already and statrted heading towards Dabulla and as i reached Kurunagala i suddenlly notice that iam out of petrol, the last gauge was blinking so i pumped another Rs 4000 worth petrol. then i saw 7 gauges in fuel indicator, i was happy and start driving again. after driving for 6 km again it drop down to 6 gauges. after another 12km it drop down to 5 gauges then to 5 gauges in another 23km. I was shocked. At the end, there was only 3 gauges on the indicator when i reached Dabulla. on the next day when i start the car the indicator showed 5 gauges again and i was more shocked....hehe. so i took the car to few garages near by dabulla but they didnt know much abt the matter. at the end of the day i managed to get the indicator back upto 6 gauges after driving around Dabulla city and belive me when i say this, on the second day i head back to colombo without pumping any more petrol and i lost only 2 gauges from the 6 gauges i had. still i cant figure it out what cause the issue. so i googled it and found this http://priuschat.com/threads/reset-2009-gas-gauge.130111/ Reset 2009 Gas Gauge1. Park the vehicle so as it is level,front to back and side to side.​ 2. IgOn and make sure that "Trip A " is showing on the odo ( this is where we made a mistake).​ 3. Power down.​ 4. Keep your foot off the brake.​ 5. Push in and hold down the Odo/Trip button.​ 6. Push the Power button twice to IgOn ( not Ready mode ).​ 7. Turn the Odo/Trip off then On 3 times in 5 seconds.​ 8. Continue holding the Odo/Trip button until a 6 digit code appears.​ 9. Release,then push again the Odo/Trip button for another 5 seconds. The 6 digit code will change to a 5 digit code.​ 10. After the middle digit,of the 5 digit code,changes to "1" release the Odo/Trip button and the odometer will return to normal readin but its not working for my car coz my car is 3gen guys plz help me to figure out this issue. or if u know how to reset gas gauge for 3gen plz let me know thankx Chamila
  20. Jor-el

    Prius 1.8 Performance

    Hello fellows, I'm kinda asking because Im curious - I own a 3rd gen 1.8ltr prius. If I compete with same priced gasoline vehicles like Mazda 3(1.6), Honda civic(1.6), Lancer EX (1.6), Toyota axio (1.5),(without mods) which one will win? your ideas?
  21. Dear All, I have prius 2 ng generation car. But the audio system does not have AUX connectior. But I beleve there should be a way to provide audio in most probebly from the back side connector. Does any one have idea availability of such connector. Please refer the below link. Thank you, Pra
  22. tinyman

    Montero Sports Brake Pad Issue

    Hi, there are two montero sports at my office with ODO at 45000km and 12000km. during the usage period of 45000km we happened to replace the brake pads 5 times and the vehicle with 12000km had front brake pads replaced once at 10000km. When I spoke to Uni**d Motors they say its normal as a brake pad is only expected to last from 10000km to 15000km distance. Meanwhile we have a montero 2013 and several prius cars, non of those giving trouble like this, one prius got a brakepad replacement only after 100,000km. What might be the reason for such wear-off.
  23. carbuddy

    Prius 2Nd Gen 2011?

    Hi All, Is 2011 2nd gen prius available? There are ads saying that its 2011? Is it true?


    Ive just signed up for this site and all ive been seeing are that anytime someone puts up a question about a hybrid, flocks of users keeps insulting them on their vehicle. I really dont see what they have to hate them so much?? I own a prius 3rd gen and i can tell from over 2 years of use that although it may not be in the same class and far from the of looks as an exotic or be anywhere near a sports car in performance it does serve its purpose better than any other car ive used so far. Ive been using a 121 and ive been using beemers and several other US models and ive experienced first handed that this prius is much more reliable and much economical in every sense compared to other cars of the SAME price range. I am an avid lover of tuned modified cars and the prius does not make those come true but it still is one of the best cars ive ever driven. To anyone looking for a car which is reliable or economical i would recommend a prius although if looking for a cheap car it would not be bad to get a used 121 or civic (i am not a environmental freak btw though i do care for it :| ) The prius saves me a lot on gas and i mean a lot. i drive over 3000km per month both in colombo and to outstation locations. during long distance driving i ususally get over 20kmpl but if not going agressively i can get around 30kmpl while going at 50-70kmph. in rush hour traffic i get varying mileage while sometimes it may drop to 16kmpl but usually about 19-22kmpl. and considering the price of fuel it is a great saving considering i dont even have to use 95 octane. i was going to buy an allion 2011 but decided against it as the prius was full of options unlike the allion. someone here suggested that i test the pre collision system by driving at a wall or tree... and i did try it. but i instead drove it at a pile of cardboard boxes and for their info it did stop automatically without hitting it. and the radar cruise control is also a useful feature but i dont use it much considering our three wheel drivers and motor bikes. other maintenance stuff is also lower as the service has to be done only every 10000km and there is no need to change ATF oil or any belts. ive been using it for 40000km and the brake pads are almost like brand new. (in the corolla i would have to replace every 25000) the only problem is the stock ture size that came in the touring mode. the 17" 215 tires are a bit expensive but this problem is not there in the regular JP prius. ive yet to replace a single mechanical part and there have been no issues at all except that i drained the 12V battery once by listening to the radio in ACC mode for too long. another benefit is when the car is stopped you can use the AC without burning fuel. the performance is nowhere near a BMW or an american car but it does provide more power than the majority of vehicles in sri lanka (outside inner colombo ) and the acceleration response is better because of the motors. and in PWR mode it feels much better than an insight in S mode (though the sound of the engine is not at all sporty... sounds like an aircraft taking off) On the contrary to what people say, the battery is as reliable as any other part of the car and the chance of your battery failing is almost nil unless you treat it badly which is the same for a gasoline car if you do not maintain the engine it will be damaged. and the battery can now be repaired by changing damaged cells which are about 7000 rupees only. and i believe a reason people insult hybrid owners are because they drive slowly. thats the fault of the driver, not the car.. driving slow will not make it more efficient and ive seen people in jaguars and BMWs going slower than that. to all who think hybrids are cheap vehicles. just because they are relatively cheap here, in japan they are about two time more expensive when used than a brand new allion.. AND i know some here are going to say im jobless to be typing this yeah. true. im doing this just because some people dont care about saving their hard earned money that doesnt mean they should insult others who do try. anyone who has any questions im willing to provide answers to the best i can. and im open to any comments why your'll hate hybrids so much (P.S i did hate them before i bought one... so you should try it without being prejudiced)
  25. civic eg4

    Civic Eg4 Jdm Spec'd

    Hi guys, Got my JDM imported civic EG4 . Used for track days and as a grocery getter. Here are a few specs and upgrades done to the car by me: 1. HKS titanium exhaust 2. 16 inch Borbet rims 3. type r badges 4. TEIN shocks 5. upgraded brakes The car is sitting low compared to the corolla next to it and the handling for a car that weighs 980kg's is awesome (can corner a bend at 85km/h easy . will be upgrading the engine to a B16A one day hopefully. The car currently makes 125bhp, give me some your thoughts and ideas to help me make this beast into a better monster track and street car. ohh and what about the prius hating sticker? lol. Yes i do downshift whenever I see a prius, prius drivers hate me lool . The sticker would be good in sri lanka as well considering the amount of those hideous cars on the road.