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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings gentlemen, I was issued a spot fine for failing to obey traffic signs by crossing a double line. Pleads to avoid a fine were futile. This happened last night in Siyabalanduwa. Now I have to deal with the haste of recovering my driving license from the police within 14 days. I'm no stranger to occasional spot fines in outstation areas. If the incident occurred when the post offices open, I immediately detour to the nearest post office, pay the fine and collect the license from the cop who will be at the same spot when I was fined. On a couple of occasions when I was fined at night, I go about my journey without fuss and pay the fines at the local post office within the next couple of days. Then I send the receipt issued by the post office through a courier to the outstation police station and they bring back the license the next day. This was possible because I had an accomplice working for a courier. Now my accomplice is no longer working for the courier. They say they can go to the police, pickup the license, and deliver it only if it was put in an envelop and addressed to me. They are not willing to send a courier to the police station with the post office receipt and collect it on my behalf. Not even for some extra fee?. I called two other couriers and they also declined the job. I can ask a friend from the area / traveling to the area / passing thorough the area to collect it. But that will take more than 14 days. Is there any courier / service provider to get this type of a job done? Please share with the community how you collect the driving licenses retained by the police when imposing a spot fine.
  2. so today i was driving and saw a woman crossing the road in the yellow line. she was slow so i had time to go and i drove. I was caught and given a paper from a policeman. How much will my fine cost ?
  3. Hi, this is my 1st post over here but i do hangout here alot. so as you may know theres a new helmet saying that the helmet you wear should not cover the area from eye browse to chin. and further more should not be tinted source - http://www.adaderana.lk/news.php?nid=24659 so there are the points i have against it * why is it required to see the face of the driver when you can see the lisence plate (well in the times of war it "might" have been reasonable, still it sounds silly) * its very usefull to wear a full helmet when your riding long distances ( dust in your face, in case of rain ) * in my personal experience i know that it helps alot in an accident ( mostly that the first thing you will hit is your face and it will be the chin and norse ) ... and the list continues if you ask few more riders so is there any legal thing, something like a petition we can take to the court which will cancel this rule? PS let me know if theres something i missed regarding the positiveness of this law thanks, Oshan Rube
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