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Found 30 results

  1. I'm considering VW Golf or Peugeot 307. YOM would be 2007 or 8. would like some help to understand if there are any specific things to look when buying one and again if there are any factory faults in these models? I know the 307 autos had a gearbox issue. but I'm looking for a manual option. any help would be appreciated. BMW 320i (YOM 2005/6) is also an option. any thoughts on that as well compared to the VW and Pug??
  2. Chanu D

    408 & 407

    I intend to buy a Peugeot either a 407 or 408 2013 or 2014 Pls lets me know if those cars are failures or better buys and which model is better and hassle free Also if you all can recommend me a good Peugeot garage in the vicinity of Moratuwa
  3. Guys, Can someone tell me about Peugeot 306 hatchbag 1997?
  4. trish_auto

    Peugeot 5008 SUV

  5. Hi there helpful forum members Just recently bought a used 407 in mint condition exterior and interior with all the due services done with a full service history. I'd like to know what to expect in terms of maintenance , time up of the vehicle to keep it in top running condition the things i need to replace over time and to get an idea of how to keep it in smooth runing condition.
  6. anton406nirmal

    406 D9

    Hi Guys, Is it worth buying a 406, YOM 2002, 185,000 milage, 2000CC, manual transmission car for Rs.1.9Mn (GO-XXXX).? I have seen the car in an Advert. Look perfectly good.
  7. nirajmarshel

    Peugeot 306 XR

    Hi Friends I am interested in buying a Peugeot 306 XR car. The price is around 1.25 Million and there are some issues with the vehicle. 1. AC leak - not checked yet. 2. CV joint problem This seems to be a good comfortable vehicle for this budget. That's why it took my attention. But I need some expert advice about the vehicle generally. More specifically about the spare parts availability and cost. Fuel efficiency is also concerned. Thanks for reading. Niraj
  8. channa0526

    How Good Is the Peugeot 406 D9 Over D8 ?

    Hi ,Iam currently planning to upgrade from D8 to D9 ?Can anyone advice me more on this topic ?fuel efficiency wise does D9 has a higher advantage over D9 ? Are the electronics of D9 are prone to frequent repairs ?Are parts expensive than D8 ?Btw My engine type Is l6a 1.8L.Thanks very much for your correspondence.
  9. Hi all, I actually got a sub-woofer fixed to my 20-year-old car (Peugeot 406 d8) today from a professional auto-shop and I"m wondering whether this would mess up the car in the near future? As a note I would like to mention that, the worker who fixed this connected the amp, to the car battery. Just wanted to know, whether it would cause any huge issues as an overall, to the car or it's wiring system? Thanks.
  10. Hi, I'm a newbie out here, so please do bare with my mismatches. I'm running a Peugeot 406 (1998) at the moment, and I"m trying to insert a proper audio set with a display (inclusive of the reverse cam). I would love to have all sorts of new features in the audio player such as playing songs via bluetooth, or from my iOS etc. Some of my friends suggested me to go with Sun Lanka or Pet#o. I'd highly appreciate if you'll could suggest me a good place where I can get this done within a day with a reasonable amount. Thanks.
  11. RukshanF

    Peugeot Mechanic

    I am trying to find a good Peugeot mechanic in kandana or thereabout, If anyone knows please let me know. Thanx.
  12. RRokz

    Peugeot 306 Market Price

    ppls, I wanna know about Market price of Peugeot 306 1.4cc 2000YOM Petrol normal car.... . waiting your quick responce
  13. Do you recommend the body repair services at Carmart Workshop Ratmalana? I consider the quality of work and honesty. They said that we do not need to pay the repair bills from private account of customers, they'll handle all insurance claims. If anybody has experience with Carmart body repair workshop please share your information or else where do you recommend for Peugeot accident repairs (body panels)?
  15. Nishan.dj

    Peugeot 504 GL vs L

    Hi guys, I am hunting for Peugeot 504 and got 2 cars. One is a GL one and other is L. I didn't see L version anywhere but the GL. This is the only L version I found. I am confused with these two versions. The L version has it's own AC system where GL doesn't have and currently hang on type is attached to front. Could you guys help me decide which one to buy based on, Parts availability on L version compared to GL because I like the L Version Dashboard. The L version doesn't have rear disc brakes but GL does. Thanks and appreciate your replies.
  16. Urmask

    Peugeot 406

    My father is obsessed with Toyota and all the Japanese cars. But is it that hard to maintain a Peugeot 406? Is there a significant difference between Peugeot 406 parts and Corolla 110 spares? I don't understand what's wrong with europ cars second hand market value in Sri Lanka.
  17. In Sri Lanka, 2nd hand market of European cars is very poor. Like to know the reasons and have a good conversation for the awareness of all who are interested. Thank you.
  18. Hi folks, Someone inform me about the cruise control option in Peugeot 406.
  19. narenups68

    Peugeot 206

    Hi Guys, Im interested in buying a Peugeot 206 (2002/ 2005 ) Automatic (tiptronic). This will be my 1st car. My budget is around 1 to 1.5 Mn. Need your valuable advice on going for this car. I heard fuel consumption is around 12km/l . Naren
  20. Hi Guys, I'm interested to buy a used Peugeot car with following specification. Model: Peugeot 406 Executive Year of Manufactured: 2000 Mileage: 200000km Fuel: Petrol Transmission: Automatic AL4 What are the Pros and Cons of this car? What about the fuel consumption of this car? (for city limits and specially long distance?) What about the maintenance cost? (Services, Parts) I have heard some forums that the AL4 gearbox in not reliable. But the current owner of this car said he never got any issues with the gearbox so far. Is AL4 gearboxes are improved in 2000 model cars? If I got any issues in future is that possible to easily repair it? What about the repair cost? My intention to use this car for daily office usage and weekend long trips. I prefer 406 because of its comfortable and handling. Could anyone advice me? Based on your suggestion I can make a decision :D.
  21. Hi, Gentlemen and ladies (if there any) I currently own a S Type Jaguar (2000 model year), which is a great machine that has very unique and distinctive looks and loads of road presence, specially where I live most of the time (outside the Colombo). However, I have been thinking of trading my Jag to one of the following models. 1. BMW E38 - 740iL preferably (1998-2001) - used to be a dream car for me and still is to some extent,very rare to find. 2. BMW E39 - 525i, 530i preferably (2001-2003) - not sure if this will be a downgrade from my S type Jag in terms of looks, sheer road presence and power. 3. BMW E60 5 Series - (2003-2006) - Nice car, not many on classifieds like the F10 5 Series 4. Jaguar XJ (X350) - (2003-2007) - The big brother to my S Type. Amazing looks, expensive and very rare. 5. Audi A6 (C5) - (2000 - 2003) - also, not sure if this will be a downgrade from my S type Jag in terms of looks, sheer road presence and power. 6. Merc W211 E Class ( 2002 - 2005) - Looks elegant, may not be a bang for the buck due to high demand for Mercs in SL Since I am used to fuel consumption, parts availability and maintenance cost of premium euro's, I humbly request from you to guide on on, 1. What kind of improvements that each model will offer in comparison to my S Type Jag ? 2. Can you point out a mint condition E38 (long wheel base LCI), E39, E60, XJ - X350 that is intended for trade / sale ? 3. Other general advice ? Thanking you for your precious time.. Kal-El
  22. Hi Automobiles or cars as we used call them, has long become a commodity and are now mass produced trade items that aims to fulfill the automotive requirements of contemporary human beings, whose day to day routines IMHO, are much more sophisticated now and reflect the chaotic and busy social, economic aspects of modern societies. Due to such scenario, most of us has lost certain feel good factor and innocence that we had when we were growing up (applies more to people who have grown up in 80's and 90's). IMHO, the cars themselves too, whilst become state-of-the-art and technologically revolutionary by every passing year, has lost a certain character and enthusiasts who love cars manufactured in 90's or early 00's, may agree that, their cars has such personality and character, that most modern cars (even the current models of their favorite make) lacks and thus continues to TLC their cars with great dedication and soul. IMHO, For example, a BMW car manufactured in 90's (or early 00's) has such a timeless design aesthetics and driving a well maintained car will give the impression that, people who made that car has such attention to detail, workmanship, passion and are mostly assembled in original factory of the maker. Now a modern BMW for example is mostly put together by robots and are mass-produced items in countries like India or china (no offense to the countries) and during recent ride in a 2015 5 series, I got the impression that, whilst the Car is modern looking and dripping with latest technologies, it lacked that certain character that old ones had and I got the impression that some of the materials used in the new car may not be durable as the ones in older cars. No I cannot afford a 2015 BMW for the time being I do not intent to discourage anyone from buying one. Also I do not intent to undervalue the brilliant tech or modern aspects of new cars, However, my heart always races when i see a mint condition older car (exclusively euro car as I am an euro car enthusiast) on the roads and I don't get the same excitement when I see modern cars. It may be just me or do you also happens to have same feelings for 90's cars. Sound off in comments below Cheers,
  23. Can someone give me a good comparison of these cars? (Engines , which transmission is better , fuel economy , reliability , interior space etc....) I'm not sure if they're in the same league but I like both of them. I couldn't find any thread about 206..
  24. Cheers to Everyone! I'm a newbie to the maximum.. I started following this forum very recently and I have found it extremely usefull to me just as for you guys. So thumbs up to everyone who is sharing there experiences and knowledge.. Guys! I'm looking to buy a car for our family as soon as possible. These are the things I'm really considering at this moment. 1.) Our budget is around 1.5M (Max of 1.7M) 2.) As we are getting a part of it by a loan from dad's office the vehicle need to be registered within the past 12 years. 3.) This won't be a daily runner but, having a fuel economy of 11/12kmpl on citys is somewhat expected. (This might not be practical for this situation) Maybe used about 100km per week, this is just a rough idea, not so sure. 4.) Manuals are prefered, would go for an auto unless we don't have any good condition manuals in the market. (As we are hoping to buy one within atleast 2-3weeks) So right now these are the vehicles I have been looking for, Mazda Demios, Fiat Puntos and some Peugeots. I have no idea of buying Indian stuff and dad doesn't like perodua kelisas, marchs, swifts etc.. Test drove a Peugeot 307, a 2002 one registered in 2007. Used in UK, 150k on clock upto date. It felt so great with almost every aspect, but then again I'm a total newbie when it comes to inspection. I guess I was too excited since it was the first time, I even forgot to check wheher it had power mirrors :yahoo:It's 1.5M, 10kmpl on citys as he said. Petrol, 1.3 if my memory is right no alloy wheels, body condition was good. Is it worth for a 1.475M? And guys I'm sorry about the length of this post.. Just two more clarifications, In the 307 the signal light lever on the left and the wiper lever on the right. is it same for all european vehicles in SL? And how much would be necessary to maintain a usual car for an year apart from the insurance? Thanx in advance!!