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Found 9 results

  1. I am asked to replace tapper cover (rocker cover) and gear box mount for my Viva elite (100k+ kms done). Estimate for both at the agent is about 85k with engine tune up. Any members can share your experience with this change? Are these critical jobs which I can only the trust the agent with?
  2. Hi, will it take high maintaining cost for Viva elite ABS models, when ABS going out of work, or will it be low maintenance cost for non ABS models. I needed to select a model which has low maintaining cost. some says ABS model are very expensive (Maintaining) Tks
  3. Hello all, I want to buy a small car with my budget 3 million as my 1st car.I consider about best look,good reselling value after 5yrs,good safety and affordable fuel efficiency. My current selections are Kia picanto,Suzuki celerio,toyota wigo and japan alto.when i think best look my 1st selection is picanto. Does picanto have above features? I want to resell it after 5yrs Looking for your valuble ideas and advices Thnks
  4. Planning to buy my first car and confused whether to go with Kia Picanto 2017 or Perodua Axia 2017. I test drove both vehicles and personally i like Picanto because of the build quality and interior finish but I heard that Axia's fuel consumption is much better than Picanto's. Planning to use this for traveling to work (Colombo - Battaramulla) and driving for Uber in weekends. Any fellow Picanto or Axia users? Thanks in Advance.
  5. Hi guys, i bought the axia last year and the fuel consumption was quite good but since of late I feel that the fuel consumption has increased. Am not sure what’s going on but any advise on this or any solution would be much appreciated. TIA
  6. Hi guys, Can you please someone let me know about the perodua kelisa car. Hoping to buy that one, Hows the condition , Fuel consumption, Parts ..etc. Current market value.
  7. Hi Members, This might be a really noob question but as I have ziff knowledge on engines and engine components. help me out here. Below is an image of a Perodua Kelisa Engine. What i want to know is What is the port on the throttle body that I have higlighted in the image? What is it's function? I checked online and in this immage this nozzle is exposed : but on this youtube video and another image (thanks @Sampath Gunasekara for this ) there is a tube attached to this port/nozzle/valve which i see missing in the vehicle in question. What is the significance of this? Is it a vacuum line? Should a tube be connected to it ? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  8. Hi guys.. Having thoughts of buying a used Perodua Kenari car. Don't have much of contacts and the car is not much visible on the roads. I asked a vehicle engineer and he told me that it has some engine issues. Pls help me here coz i have no clue about this vehicle. Is this a good fuel economy car?
  9. Hi there people, Lookin for a Hatchback/Kei car for my sister . Reqmnts are : Automatic transmission + good interior + availability of spare-parts, budget max: 1.4 -1.5 million we went through and checked plenty of Nissan march k11's Suzuki Alto's (Japan) , and Kelissa's and starlets (most of them 1997 model so it didnt meet the req, ) , and Vivas (over budget: all with Auto trans cost more than 1.7 mill) however most of them when inspecting - have been poorly maintained, interiors were in reallly bad state and some had a list of many owners (worried abt the resale aspect here) we inspected a Perodua Kelisa[2005] and a Subaru R2[2004] recently, and both of them were in really good condition - now the problem is out of these cars which would be the better buy ? Major concern is spare part availability as both these cars are well over 7 years old. agreed the R2 is rare but are spares avail for Kelisa as well? ( Mind you i DID use the search in this site, - nothing about spares etc) I feel that the R2 being Subaru has better build quality than the perodua. anyways overall which would be the better buy out of these ?
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