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Found 10 results

  1. Dear Friends, I'm willing to buy a Misubishi Pajero Intercooler 2800 (Non Turbo) 1995. Registration No. 64-97xx. This is a brand new model with 4M40 Engine. Is this advisable to buy? how about this model's performance? is it worth 3.5 million?
  2. hustlehard

    Premium vehicle to buy for 3 - 4.5 million?

    Hello everyone, What are your thoughts on buying a Mitsubishi Outlander 2008/2009/2010 or 2011 model now? Since I can find one for the price range of 4-5 million I think its the perfect crossover for me (correct me if I'm wrong) I want to know about all the positive sides and the negative sides of buying this vehicle. And spending 4 - 5 million on a vehicle is a huge investment for me so I will continue to post whatever the vehicle that comes to my mind which I can't find proper information on other threads as it will help me and other Sri Lankans to make the right decision when buying a vehicle. Thank you in advance!
  3. My 1985 Pajero jerks when accelerating from stop, Yesterday I was in a traffic and I accelerate to go forward but my vehicle didn't move for like 2 sec and suddenly jerked and moved. Can anyone tell me the reason for it? is it okay to keep running with this problem? Thank you.
  4. I am restoring my Mitsubishi Pajero junior zr2.... Can anyone tell me if the headlights of a Landrover Defender fits as I wish to modify/ replace them with aftermarket headlights.
  5. pmanu

    Pajero Computer body

    Hi all, My first question on AL, so if theres anything wrong in the manner this was raised just let me know. I'm planning to buy my first vehicle.After some search and following up on relevant AL threads here I am. my budget is 3 - 3.5 ml and Im looking for a 7 seater. preferebly a 4x4.(I've been driving a navara 2008 which belongs to my father and love it) though not a hardcore offroad driver After a bit of a search my options were pajero palathsaba(1989) and computer body(61-xxxx) models. Eventhough palathsaba has its reputation and being my choice, due to some feminine impacts now I'm considering about computer body. I'll be travelling from colombo to matara and return every weekend, and upcountry once a month with at least 5 seats occupied. Need some advice from anyone who has experience/knowledge in there. What I should check when buying one, Is it reliable,fuel figures(ain't expecting much, just to understand what Im getting in to) spare parts availability, Planning to keep it for at least for 3 years. Anything I should know before spending hard earned money.. Please let me know if I missed any other option in that price range as well. (No sir, I cannot stretch bit more. 3.5 ml is stretched)
  6. I m new to the group and would like to know the following from you experts. My budget is arr 5 mio and need to buy s seven seater as my family is big. Thought of buying montero ( mahataya) model 1998 . Why do I think any that? Hw is the fuel consumption? is maintenance cost high? What are the other options I have?
  7. Nishan.dj

    4D56 Turbo / Turbo Intercooler

    Hi Guys, Please be kind to clarify the below for me. In 4D56 Engines, some are non turbo and other are intercooler turbo or turbo. Is turbo intercooled better than normal turbo engines? What is the mechanical explanation? Mostly these engines come with 32- Pajero in SL (Known as Palath Sabha). Appreciate your reply. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I would like to know how much fuel Petrol Mitsubishi Pajeros consume on average. I'm looking at a 2005ish V73 or a 2008ish V93. Thanks
  9. lahiru_carlover

    What This Pajero Model Is So Cheap?

    why these Mitsubishi Pajero iO mini SUV used vehicle prices are around 2.5 million range?whats is the reason? Are there any problems with this model? http://www.autolanka.com/ad.asp?ID=64683
  10. Thanks for reading my post. This is regarding a Mitsubishi 4D56T (2.5L) engine. During the service I removed the Air intake horse from the turbo and saw oil has leaked into the compressor wheel. The engine was replaced a few years back and I'm not sure on the actual mileage of the turbo. Is this normal? or is the turbo dying?