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Found 5 results

  1. fiat fan

    Mitsubishi Pajero Io

    Hi Guys... So I sold my FD1 and the Alto(sister owned´╝îabused by me)... Happy news is my brother bought the FD1... So now I am back to car hunting.. I am gonna get a 2011 Audi A4 for me.. Enough OT, sry abt that... Here is the issue. The Alto was bought by my sister and her husband.. But soon they started disliking the car and I just ran it and sorta riced it.. And we sold it off.. They are now going to buy a Pajero Io. Probably a post 2001 model.. We used to own one back in the day when they just landed in the country.. Since it was vrand new we ran it well and sold ot off on 2 years and moved to something else... It had all the bells and whistles the io came in... Now the issue is,we will be buying one second hand,and now they are bit old..how are they coping up? I checked all the threads in the forum. But most were dated at 2013 max.. So I want to know the current situation of the io`s. Has the pump failing got any permanent solutions? How much is a pump ? What should I pay for an io? Anything to look at specifically when buying?(we check it at that car checks place anyway) Can I find a fully loaded model? How are parts priced? Any other alternative vehicle to look for?max is 2.6 million. Should be a mini suv or small crossover cos the roads we run are shitty and full of pot holes.. Thanx all. Sorry for the loooong rant
  2. Guys, I'm a young engineer working in Dubai. Usually I come to Sri Lanka twice a year (2 weeks each) for vacation and whenever I come I have to get a rented vehicle for my travelling. On average it costs me around 120k per year for rented vehicles alone. Considering this money drain and my plan to work in Dubai for next 5-6 years, I'm thinking of buying a vehicle for myself. Following are my requirements, concerns. 1. Fuel efficiency is not important, 8-9 km/l is enough 2. Need to have good ground clearance as I will ride on it roads less traveled in the hill country. But I'm not a serious offroader 3. Should be easy to maintain, repair as I don't have much mechanical knowledge and don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere 4. Usual occupancy will be 2-3 people 5. Should be auto gear as I have never driven a manual ever since that last ride at RMV Werahara 6. I will probably sell it after 5 years, so resale value is a matter Vehicles I'm interested in are, Suzuki Jimny (3rd gen.), Honda HRV, CRV, Pajero Junior, Pajero IO, Nissan Xtrail (1st gen.). So which one of these are better considering my concerns? Appreciate your valuable comments P.S. If you ask why I buy without continuing to rent a.) For the next 5 years I will have to spend 120x5 = 6 lakhs on rented vehicles. b.) However, if I managed to buy it around 2M there will be a opportunity cost of 160x5 = 8 lakhs (considering FD for 2M at 8% interest) c.) Insurance cost will be 25x5 = 1.25 lakhs d.) I allow 3 lakhs for maintenance and repair over the next 5 years e.) I assume I won't make a profit or loss by selling it (in real terms) after 5 years. So its a vs b,c, and d (6 lakhs against 12.25 lakhs). Odds are against my decision of buying one for myself. But there is this feel good factor by owning a vehicle in SL which cannot be measured. This will be my 1st vehicle in SL.
  3. Hi All, I'm searching for a 4g93 - Turbo engine's, engine block, which contains the cylinders for the pistons. Any idea if this is even possible and if it's so, from where I can try to locate one? Thanks, Y3k
  4. Hi All, I'm trying to locate a GDI Fuel Pump for 4G93 Turbo engine. If the GDI is from an IO I need the pipe assembly that comes to the pump. If its from a Cedia, only the pump is sufficient. So far my search has led me to a person called Pejro Mahinda in panchikawatta, who has some pumps which are expensive. I would like to know any other places that might have this available. Thanks, Y3K
  5. Hi, My Paj IO (a 2001, turbo, GDI), was having some pickup issues, and it was consuming oil. (About 2 ltrs/month) As per the initial diagnosis by a set of uni** mechanics, the diagnosis lead to changing of head-gasket and ring-set. So the engine was dismantled, but at that point the real issue has been discovered as an oil-leakage into the turbo engine, which is a bit alarming since cost of repairing or replacing a turbo charger seems to be a bit high. Anyways, can someone please point me to a place that does turbo engine repairs? I'm also searching for 2nd hand turbo engine as a replacement. Once again any places to specifically check it for? Thanks in advance,