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Found 5 results

  1. Hi friends, My 4DR5 J44 jeep had a oil leak in its clutch and as the mechanic said, the cylinder has worn out and need to replace the kit. As he said, replacing washers won't help and will come the leak soon after sometime. If you have any experience on this, kindly give me an advice what to do. The pump is original 4DR5 one and what options do I have? I asked for a replacement kit that may cost around Rs.8000 but I want to know which is the best thing whether it is to replace the full kit with washers and all or find a full unit. (total pump). If so suggest me a location that I can find them easily please. Thanks so much in advance. Nishan
  2. I am using townace cr 27 with 2c enging without turbo. I noticed around 750ml of oil reduction per 1000km when oil level got topup. But oil level was reached certain level between maximum and lower level it is hard to obtain reduction only very small reduction is there. And tiny white smoke can be noticed on the tube which is used to check oil level. But no white smoke in silencer. When it strats in morning it will crank several times to start. But when it heats 3 times it starts normaly. I dont know that problem is due to fault engine or glow plugs. So i request a advice, do i need to overhaul the engine and is it good time. Or can i keep runing further?
  3. I've noticed most Toyota Diesel engines get overhauled/ rebuilt after it passes 300000Kms. I'm looking to buy a Diesel wagon ( 2C-L Engine) which has passed 300000Kms and the owner says engine was never overhauled (repaired according to SL terms). I know this could be possible if the engine and the vehicle was serviced on time with a careful maintenance. But still.. it is a must to check if the engine was tampered with such a long distance done. How do I check if the engine was rebuilt? Is there any traces or signs to figure it out just by opening the bonnet or looking from below?
  4. I have done a overhaul to my KE72 engine around 5 months ago through a reputed company. All the engine related work done by Edirisinghe Brothers. After that I have drove only 3500 km up to now. Now I experience, - Oil level reduces - White smoke in high RPM I have informed to the company where the repair has done. As I expected they are complaining about the spares I used (I bough 90% of the parts from MM Organization) they say they might have given me duplicates. Please share your ideas with me.
  5. Hi guys I need information about engine overhaul process of tercel 2e engine Mechanics who does this How much the cost Engine overhaul or engine replacement if so prices of an engine Appreciate your comments
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