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Found 7 results

  1. Recently I met with an accident and I had to replace rear windscreen of my Honda Fit GP4. I handed over the car to Mag C#ty and asked them to handle insurance and everything coz of my busy schedule. They have replaced a duplicate Malaysian windscreen instead of my original Honda one without informing me. And also there was no transparency of the process at all . However, after replacing to a duplicate one vibration noise coming from the rear windscreen when I drive on broken roads. Mag C#ty guys are not accepting this and they are arguing that noise coming from somewhere else. But I pretty sure that's coming from the back door. Can this happen technically? Has anyone experienced this before?
  2. chandu fernando

    Chavrolet cruze parts

    I have Chevrolet cruze 2003 car jeep model.There is sound coming from right side(Driving side) front side wheel once i getting strong bend to left by accelerating .Without accelerating no sound comes out in any speed or any angle.Also in straight way no any sound comes any speed. Please kindly advice me to what should i do.also let me know if anyone knows spare part shops to buy Chevrolet cruze parts. Thanks.
  3. ThunderBolt

    Mazda Axela 2008 Engine Noise

    Hi I have Mazda Axela 2008, when engine is heated, and climbing a hill engine gives "kata, kata" sound. I noticed this when I was on my way to nuwaraeliya with 4 passengers. what could be the problem ? Shivanka
  4. abcjayasinghe

    Disturbing Sound While Driving..!

    I'm experiencing a soft noise/ rattle in the driving side of my vitz but, strangely it becomes more evident on a carpet road (when there's no other interferences). The intensity of the rattle does not increase with poor road conditions or in bends but is clearly audible. Is it a common issue with vitz?? Thought somebody could shed some light on this matter as well. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys. The last time I came here was when I had the instrument cluster issue with my Bluebird SU14. That issue however, got resolved after I took it to CN Electronics in Hendala, Wattla as I stated in my previous thread. Today, I've got another minor issue with my SU14 again. I was planning to sell my SU14, so I thought I'd give it a proper sellable value since it had a some black smoke coming out. Thus, I took it to Kaduwela to service the diesel pump and injectors, which went quite well. However, thats where the issue starts. After the service was done, which took 4hrs and 9000 bucks (replaced diesel filter as well), the engine noise increased. Like as if an increased tappet noise. The more gas you give, the faster the noise sounds. So I took it to a guy who is close to my place (trustworthy fella) and he said that it wasn't a tappet noise, thus, clearing the cost of adjusting/replacing the shims (which I hear is quite expensive for a DOHC engine). This happened only after the service of the diesel pump. On an additional note, the black smoke wasn't there right after the service but, now it has come back again. The pulling power also has a vague difference (negatively of course). They did some adjustment on the injection system (not sure if im saying it right). If I'm right, they adjusted the advance/retard of the diesel injection. Now, I hope I have explained sufficiently and if anyone understood the entirety of the issue, could you please be kind enough to let me know how I should resolve this. Thank You
  6. dushanf

    Wiper Mechanism Repair

    Hi all, Hope you are looking forward to the weekend. This is regarding my wiper mechanism. It started to give a sqeaky noise. It happens even after the new windscreen and wiper blades. So now I'm certain that it is in the wiper mechanism. Last weekend I showed it to a lock-repair mechanic while repairing few of my locks and then he lubricated the wiper arm mechanism thoroughly saying it must be because of the rust. But after the lubrication while testing now the wiper blades vibrates heavily like there is no grip or too much grip. Its even worst now. Really appreciate if you know a reliable person/place to get the whole thing work as it should be. I'm hoping to get this done coming Saturday so appreciate quick replies. Thank you, Best Regards, Dushan
  7. dushanf

    Wiper Blades Make A Sqeaky Sound

    Hi everyone, Hope you all are doing well. One of my wipers were making a sqeaky sound for a long time and for some other reason I had to replace my windscreen and I got hold of a genuine one from the agents itself. I also changed my wiper blades at the same time hoping that the sqeaky sound will go away. I got hold of NWB wiper blades since I got to know they are very good. But after all these, still the same wiper is making that noise :-( I used good windscreen washing aid but still the same even when going in heavy rain. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.