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Found 6 results

  1. shawije

    cr 41

    මචන් මගේ ළඟ සි ආර් ෆෝටි වන් එකක් තියෙනවා මට එක තව මොඩිෆයි කරගන්න ඕන. 1 මචෝ ඉස්සරහ ටයර් එක බපර් එකේ ඇතිල්ලෙනවා. එක හද ගන්න ඕන. 2 බොනෙට් එක උඩ තියෙන ගැජට් එක (අර කළු ඉර තියෙන ) දා ගන්නත් ඕන. 3 ෆොග් ලයිට් දාගන්නත් ඕන. 4 කට ඇන්ඩ් පොලිෂ් හෝ ලස්සන පේන්ට් කරන්නත් ඕන. මෙන්න මේටික කර ගන්නයි ඕන. කොහෙටද මම යන්න ඕන. කියක් විතර යාවිද ??
  2. Guys, I need a Toyota KR41 (Townace – Noah) carburetor engine (5K, 1500cc) and a manual gearbox (5 forward). [This engine is not using nowadays as I know. Almost all are converted to diesel.] Does any of you know a place I can look for..? I've heard that there is a place converting KR to CR in Wadduwa. Do you guys have a contact number..? Thanks and appreciate your help.
  3. can any one tell me price for KR42 Mfg year 2000 and after. i am finding 4Door flat roof Manual gear KR42 one
  4. Hi, I want to know currunt market price of kr42 converted to diesel. Is there any specific problem occers after the conversion?? I think kr and cr comes with same vehicle chassis.
  5. hasmax

    Cr41 Crystal Lights

    Dear All, I have a toyota CR41 1998 GL currently having normal non-crystal head lamps. Thought of installing crystal lights to it with fog lamps, but various inputs have put me in a state of confusion. As always I will need the valuable advices from the experts here to clarify following issues. 1. Can I put CR42 crystal lights to my CR41 directly ? Some said I will need to replace my front grill as well as the front bumber with CR42 ones to install CR42 crystal lights. 2. There are thaiwan and japanese light sets available to buy. Japanese set is supposed to be the best. Anyway would like to know whether thaiwan set can be also used without much issues as that may be cheaper. 3. If anyone who bought these lights recently here, info on prices would be much helpful ( CR41/42 , japanese and thaiwan sets ) Hope I may get kind help from AL members so I can do the best thing accordingly. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have a kr41 townace which i converted to diesel with a 3c turbo engine 2yrs back. Its a good unit and has given no probs until now. It has an auto gearbox. Now there is a delay when upshifting of gears regardless of whether I accelerate hard or lightly. The 1st gear wont change until 20kmph however lightly I press the accelerator pedal. 2nd at 38kmph, 3rd at 56kmph and O/D at 68kmph and these speeds are fixed. It used to not be like this before, in the sense if I accelerate lightly the gears shift very early. Its a problem when driving in the city because the engine is revving unnecessarily. When driving quick its not a problem at all, the engine power and acceleration is all fine. I noticed this problem right after the recent service. but no atf change was done during this service. The atf has been changed in the previous service and its good. Please advice what I should do coz my regular mechanic is clueless. Thanks loads.
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