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Found 120 results

  1. Nadee7

    Nissan Sylphy FG10

    Dear All Experts, I'm having a issue.My car is Nissan Sylphy FG10 2003.Mileage 200,000KM(Genuine) there is a small oil leak in between engine & gear box.I attached two images . But still engine oil & gear oil level is not reducing.I have been checking this since one month.What is this ? What is the solution for this? Is this serious? Do i need to do the repair immediately ?
  2. Good day All, New to the forum here ;) I'm looking to purchase a car manufactured between 1960-1990 for a full restoration project. Would love to see if any BMW e34 (1984) are available. Even a Datsun b210 is okay. Original book should be available. It doesn't matter if the car is in very bad condition as I plan on working on it from ground up. I'd really appreciate if you could let me know what cars are available. Thanks in advance!
  3. In sri lanka,according to current situation, using an old vehicle after repairing and updating it is essential than buying and maintaining a new vehicle.So we must need good vehicle repair shops to repair and update these old vehicles.So we need to know about good vehicle repair shops to repair and update them.There are many vehicle recondition shops in sri lanka.but finding a well satisfied recondition place is so hard. So if you know about good recondition centers, please let everyone know. I have an old nissan b310 sunny . But I don't know from where to recodition it.Please let me know about good recondition centers if you know.I need to make my old car perfect.
  4. Deepal Priyanga

    Fuel Pressure Pump FB15 Automatic

    Hi guys, My car was having this acceleration issue recently and show it to a mechanic and got the fuel pump (the one inside the petrol tank) replaced by mechanic two week ago. Actually he checked the fuel pressure and there was no pressure at all when switch is on only jumped it to 25 knots after engine started. when engine stops pressure came down at no time. Mechanic told that even after engine shut down it should keep the pressure. With that conclusion he changed the fuel pressure pump. However replaced one was a TAIWAN made. After that I drive the around 1000 km with several long trips. Last week I drive to Kandy and again the same issue came and car was not moving at all at the middle of Kandy Town. Engine was not accelerating when I paddle. However I found a mechanic there and managed to drive back. He told that TAIWAN petrol pump is not reliable. Since the I was driving the car and I felt car was not ruining smoothly as earlier. Hence I show the car to the mechanic who replaced the petrol pump two weeks back. He tune up the engine replacing spark plugs, cleaning injectors and all. After that he check the petrol pressure again. It was zero when switch is on. went up to 30 knots after engine starts. back to zero in no time after engine stops. Mechanic is telling i got to replace the petrol pump again with genuine one. Now I am thinking of what option I have. Car is not running well and engine starting is also a bit lazy. I have to give little gas to start the engine. (can all these be due to not enough petrol pressure? can it be something else) Please share if you have any this kind of experience and hope mechanical experts can assist me. Thank you.
  5. need a good unregistered van with better fuel economy and also should be 7 seated. budget is about 4.4 to 4.6...i'm currently thinking about Nissan nv 200 2014 vm20 model(petrol 1590cc).will it be good for tourism purposes? is there anyone have experienced with this vehicle? most of these vehicles doesn't have dual A/C, so will it be a problem for 7 seated van?there's also 2015 gx model(m20) for 49.5mil & also need to know about fuel economy of these 2 models(2014 vm20 & 2015 m20). appreciate your valuable advises....
  6. Tharindu kankanamge

    Nissan N16/N17 Vs Honda City

    I have a Honda city 2000 and I am planing to buy a Nissan sunny n16 or n17 model. Will these two models be better than Honda city 2000? And can I sell my car around 2 Million?
  7. Ishara1999

    NISSAN ad wagon overheat

    I have a nissan ad wagon 2003 model and today i went to mannar while driving my temperature gauge reached the high level , what is the reason for that? The fans are working properly and the return water also flows to the bottle again . So that the thermostat is also working properly
  8. Hi Guys, Im with a budget around 27.5Laks and considering Daihatsu Mira ES and Nissan Dayz Highway Star X for options. I've had few recommendations towards mira but recently only i got to know about the Nissan Dayz. I personally prefer a Dayz over a Wagon R FX because of the more "car" looks of the Nissan Dayz. My main concerns are fuel economy, parts availability and resell value. I personally dont like the cheap looking interior of mira so Im a bit biased towards the Dayz. So if anyone of you own a Dayz or have knowledge of the car, please do let me know. What are the known issues and does it hold up to its claims regarding the fuel efficiency. Your support is highly appreciated. TIA
  9. isurujosh

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

    After hunting for cefiro's for weeks i have come up with the following reasons as to why cefiro's have a lower market value than other contemporary cars. 1) the A33 singapore imports have a fastly deteriorating interior. i checked out a '99 specimen today and my god! interior looks quite horrible. i think a person of the caliber who'd go for a cefiro would be very concerned about interior. this generally brings down the value of cefiro's and even the jap models without this problem tend to take a hit on the price becuase of it. 2) well it's not a "Toyota". Toyota markII is not a lot better than a proper jap cefiro(ok i know singapore imports are crap but jap ones are cool). but somehow people think that markII is lot more up market and pay sometimes up to twice the price on a markII simply becuase of that perception. come to think of it, a nice jap cefiro will pamper you lot more than an allion and you will have 2 million balance in the bank that will pay you interest to pump as much extra petrol. but people don't want to calculate the true "total cost of ownership" and make a decision thereon. that is called market perception and i don't blame anyone for that, "it's people's choice". 3) well it's not a Mercedes, BMW or an Audi. it cannot bring the same amount of social status or driving pleasure as do these established brands in upmarket. cefiro do not realistically belong to the same league and there's nothing wrong about it. 4) the general inconsistent fuel consumption of nissans. i have seen so many honest people who says their nissan fb15 (automatic transmission) does 9km/l in traffic and i also have seen so many honest people who says their nissan fb15 (automatic transmission) does only 7km/l in traffic. i my self have used a 1996 nissan pulsar with 1.5L engine that did only 6-7 km/l in traffic but i also have seen people prove to me that their's do 9km/l which is not bad at all. i think no party was lieing. there is something about nissans that offer inconsistent fuel consumptions and i don't attribute that to driving behaviors alone, it's something to do with cars for sure. the same is true for cefiro's. whereas some do 7km/l some other do only 5.5km/l, both kinds being identical on paper. 5) there are so many in the market and quite a few are these notorious singapore imports that ruin the general perception and price of the vehicle. besides so many coming to the market every week generally ruins the market for any upmaket car. bdw today i found in a manual 2L A33(jap specimen), quite a rare kind, but the bugger is demanding too much considering the troubles (hidden though) that it has. if any of you are interested, it's out there in the market but beware of it's hidden troubles and do a full diagnostic check b4 buying. i am obviously not going for it and that is why i spill the beans in conclusion i think nissan cefiro jap models are the best value for money luxury cars out there.
  10. Renushan

    Sunny FB14 or March AK12

    what is the best from fb14 1300cc or 1500cc with manual transmission. is there big difference between auto and manual in fuel efficiency of fb14
  11. Bhathiya Kulathunga

    Nissan B210

    I am searching the attached items to restore my Nissan B210, (1975) If anyone have a contact of finding these items please inform me. Under each image i have mention the quantity required. My contact number is +94711735083.
  12. from the first look this might look like a electrical problem but its NOT so my father inlaw has a FB 15 which the rear passenger door locks are somewhat sketchy. they locks fine when the lock key is pressed on the sec system, but the locks only partially opens when unlocked. so even though the front are unlocked the rear doors are partially unlocked. so last week i dismantled the doors and suspected that there might be obstructions to moving parts so cleaned the mechanical parts, lubricated them but same result. then i disassembled the sealed lock motor mechanism as well cleaned, greased and fitted with no change. Disassembled it again just to see if anything is stuck. the spring that hold the big gear wheel in the center position got loose when i closed the two covers of the assy, just being curious i left it like that and fixed everything back. so now the main gearwheel which is connected to the motor is free to rotate when motor is powered without the tension of the spring.. surprisingly the auto lock was working fine afterwards. My question is for anyone that is familiar with the mechanism. now with the motor mechanism and the gearwheels inside of the sealed unit is free from the spring tension, will it create any other problems due to the removal of the spring tension? the spring is there for a reason neh?? PS-i did the same thing to the other side door and it works fine as well....
  13. Sanjeewa_Wijetunge

    Nissan FB 15 Issue

    Hi, I have a Nissan FB 1999 model. When I start the car and starts moving slowly there is a "grrrrr" like vibration coming from the engine for a like 2 seconds. After that I don't hear that noise until I start the car next time and starts moving again. Also when I press the brake, it is also getting locked and a "grrrrr" noise coming from the brake padal. When I release the brake and press on the padal again, its all normal and i can drive for whole day without that issue happening again. These 2 issues only happens when I start the car and starts moving only. What could be the issue???
  14. Guys looking to buy a good car in between 26 and 28 lakhs... any suggestions??? looking for a car with a good fuel consumption..... any advices will be greatly appreciated ...
  15. Dear members, Given the recent changes in the budget, I have narrowed my search down to the below vehicles and would like your input as well. My main concerns are comfort, decent ground clearance and maintenance cost. The Toyota Rav4 was also considered, but I would have to buy a 7+ year used vehicle which I am not keen on doing. My top picks 1. Audi Q2 1.0 Litre Turbo 2. Nissan Note E-Power 1.2 Litre 3. Honda Civic Hatchback 1.0 Litre turbo 4. Audi A3 1.0 Litre Turbo 5. Volkswagen Golf 1.2 TSI (Update: 28-11-2017) My low picks 1. Toyota CH-R 1.2 Litre Turbo 2. Suzuki Ignis 1.2 Litre Hybrid 3. Suzuki Baleno 1.0 Litre Turbo Thank you all
  16. Hi All, I'm looking for a car which is in the range of 5-7 lakh.My requirements.Please help to give suggestion about what models to looking for. 1.As I work on weekdays, I will use it mainly on weekends. 2.Fuel consumption around 10-12km per l 3.My plan is used it for around 2 years. 4.second hand price can be half of the buying price.(not concern about second-hand market).
  17. Hi All, I'm looking for a vehicle around 7 lakhs.I want to distinguish between MITSUBISHI LANCER / CEDIA 1987 and Nissan bluebird 1987.Please help to select best out of them and points to inspect when buying. Also feel free to give suggestions of other cars from 5akh to 7 lakh
  18. Dear All, I'm facing a small issue, when I'm turning the steering wheel after car is in fully hot I'm feeling a small tight in steering wheel. But the car is in cold that mean just after start in the morning there is no tight.What will be the issue ??
  19. I am going to buy my first car in few months. Currently, I am doing researches on following cars. Lancer CS1, CS2, CS3 - as forums in autolanka I have decided CS3 1.6 is better. Fit Aria - Not much information but most of the people are saying that this car has better fuel consumption. Honda Civic - Bit of off-budget for me. I am looking for a car for 20Mil. most of the es1 es8 cars cost more than 2Mil.( I am looking for cars after 2002.) N16 and N17 - Don't know much about this. But most of the people saying these cars have lesser fuel consumption. I need fuel consumption about 10Kmpl in Colombo. And No matter its auto or manual. I am not going to travel daily but 2 days a week from Kosgama to Kolpety (38Km). and probably twice a month I am traveling to Matara by southern expressway. So the car needs to be decent in comfort. and need to be reliable as a 14-15 years old car. I am new to automobiles. I have no experience on this subject. It would be very grateful if you help me to choose a better car as a first car. Thanks.
  20. ShehanZe

    My first car

    Hi, guys this is my first post and I need a big fav, Im gonna by my first car and I thought of buying a Japanese one instead of a indian rubbish. I my self know nothing about vehicles. I ride over 50KM per day in heavy traffic and low traffic (it differs) however it is inside the city. So I am willing to buy a Nissan FB15 or a N16. my heart says to buy a N16 coz of the looks and brain says a FB15. please help
  21. Hi there, My dad owns a nissan sunny b310 and its been with our family for the last decade. The car all in all is quite alright and runs okay with a general mileage of about 12kmpl. In recent times with the implementation of these eco tests, it has been failing miserably despite what adjustments i do. They ask me to clean air filters, adjust ratios, clean plugs. Im just so confused. Water literally drips from the exhaust so i don't really see it out of tune. Even today i went to get an eco test done and they failed the first attempt saying the fuel flow is a bit too much and that i should clean my air filters. I have no idea how a car so smooth manages to fail like that. Please if anyone knows a place where i can have this properly looked at and tuned to pass these tests it would be great. Preferably around kelaniya, kiribathgoda, kadawatha areas in general. If it's a real professional i don't mind going the extra mile. Thanks in advance.
  22. Nadee7

    Nissan QG15 Engine issue

    Dear All experts.. My car engine is Nissan QG15 .Mileage is 200,000KM Genuine.I just remove Oil cap & then only see there is a Oil coming from engine.But Oil level is not going down. I want to know is this normal ?? How can i easily check engine status?? Pls help. Thanks
  23. I need your valuable advice ,I'm going to change my existing tail lights,Number plate light & interior doom light to white color LED Lights. Is it normal or do i need to do some wire change ? I have attached a sample . Thank you.
  24. Nadee7

    Nissan Sylphy FG-10

    Dear all, I'm going to replace my front break pads.So can you tell me what is the best from the following list. 1.FBK 2.FBL - Japan 3.NIBK- Japan
  25. I want to change my gear box oil.Currently its having Caltex texamatic 1888 oil. So I want to know that oil is good or do i need to go for a new oil.Gear box is not CVT. Your valuable advice are highly appreciated.