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Found 5 results

  1. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Mechanical Work

    All mechanical work on the project Moggie will discuss here. This was the differential original status. Cleaned & painted differential Back brake liners were wet with leaked differential oil because of weak oil seals. Found matching oil seal from local market and hope it will fix the leaking. Cleaned & painted brake shoes with newly applied liners. Cleaned and painted leaf springs Present status
  2. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Bodywork

    Bodywork started after disassembling almost all parts. Remain only the outer shell of the car with wiring harness which can not pullout easily. Gauge 14 & 18 zinc coated metal sheets used for most places. Firstly cut the right side of the chassis and welded new bar. Then the left side and floor board plates one by one. All door bottoms, front and back wings repaired. Mean time door hinge pins refilled at a lathe workshop. Finally attached all doors and wings again to check the aligning. Carbide 9kg and a oxygen cylinder consumed for this works.
  3. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Initial Status

    The car was exposed to the sunlight & rain for a long time. So there was corrosion on almost all body panels and floorboard too. Cleaned the plug wires, filled the tank, connected a charged battery and attempt to start it. After several attempt it started. The destination (my home) was 120 km and we started the journey around 11.00 am. As I was aware cars condition, selected rural roads. Brakes were very weak. So could not exceed 30kmh. During the trip had to replace a tire and the fan belt. Finally reached to the destination around 9.00 pm. Here are some initial condition pictures. Special thanks should go to @Davy for encouraging me to write this in a discussion.
  4. samichazz

    about mini book

    im going to buy a mini cooper without book and gonna buy a book from another guy(morris minor book). tagging the chassis number is not the issue,but the engine number doesn't match with the car. is there any way to put same engine number in book to the car? can i make changes in book through RMV (change engine numbers and model numbers)
  5. kalingabd

    Morris Oxford Vi Saloon 1968 Parts

    My dad is restoring his old Morris Oxford VI saloon (6 sri) which he received as a gift from his dad... Restoring to use it as a wedding car some day We had to hunt around to get some parts but there are still a few key pieces missing; 1/ The rear lights - do not have originals. prefer if i can get them with the nickle covers. 2/ The rear buffer 3/ The clock inside. Posting a few links of similar cars on the net i found...cudnt get picts of ours tho http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQqJuDojCnm4EPQwMCqiY9oCAeNqGi-cS5sVA828duwpi_efGOs http://slatford.co.uk/Pictures%20of%20Cars/Morris/morris-oxford-1964-l.jpg we may even buy a similar throwaway car if we can get all the parts available. Any parts apart from the above are also welcome...since we want to keep the car as a family thing for many years to come... Pls help.