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Found 5 results

  1. In sri lanka,according to current situation, using an old vehicle after repairing and updating it is essential than buying and maintaining a new vehicle.So we must need good vehicle repair shops to repair and update these old vehicles.So we need to know about good vehicle repair shops to repair and update them.There are many vehicle recondition shops in sri lanka.but finding a well satisfied recondition place is so hard. So if you know about good recondition centers, please let everyone know. I have an old nissan b310 sunny . But I don't know from where to recodition it.Please let me know about good recondition centers if you know.I need to make my old car perfect.
  2. Hi Guys, It's about the custom fixed dual ac unit (since 2012) for my jeep and I need to do a little modification. So need your opinion first to decide whether it's worth (or not). The condenser size is 13" * 18" and has 2 fans (6 inch blades I guess). Both are 24V and one takes about 4-5Amps to provide enough air to blow the leaves away on the road. (Due to this, the unit gets cold faster and switch off the compressor in few minutes) However, what my idea is to replace those two fans with a single one ( with a custom made frame ) which can be 24V or 12V with a converter possibly with a brush-less motor (Don't know whether they are available & If not please say it) So, please share your ideas about; 1. Are there any brush-less condenser fans available? 2. If so, will it provide enough blowing power to meet the above requirement? 3. And Is there a way I can measure how much of wind is needed to cool down the condenser (May be an electronic gadget attached to the fan? ) And finally, if things are worth trying, any suggestions of a model of the vehicle that comes such condenser fans so that I can have a look around delkanda or somewhere? Please share your opinion. Appreciate your inputs here.
  3. Hey! I currently drive a GE6 Honda Fit, which I love to bits but lately feel is lacking a bit of oomph. Plus thanks to its hybrid variant has become quite a common sight on Sri Lankan roadways. I've got some money available & am wondering whether it would be wiser to try & mod my current car OR upgrade to something a bit more capable. My budget could get me a second-hand Honda FD1 or a Lancer Ex. I've read extensively that even the L15A(1.5l) engine which comes in the RS version has its limitations with performance upgrades. Mines the L13A(1.3l) version. Hence the feeling that money spent on a bigger setup would be better than upgrading an already smaller engine. In your opinion what would be the better bet. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I want to fix a alloy wheel to my car. The issue is that a part of the wheel that i have is brushing against the brake caliper. A single spacer is not doing the trick either. What can I do?
  5. Hi my dearest car enthusiasts and experts.. :-) Although many people asked me to modify my lancer I never liked it except for a spoiler and may be some trimmed side skirts. I've tried my best to maintain its original looks but now it has been some time since I bought the car (brand new) and the paint is slightly faded. Thought of doing a good paint job and fitting a Evo iv type spoiler. This is the one I'm looking for : http://www.flickr.com/photos/dori_dori_graphics/3942076201/ Could you please assist me where I should look for to get this type of a spoiler? I'm also looking at buying a decent set of alloys. Any thoughts about a reasonably priced place where you have a good selection? People who have modified their lancers..hints are welcome for the best looking alloys on lancers... Thank you very much buddies... cheers....!
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