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Found 8 results

  1. Sam leon

    Car modification

    How can I get the approval to modify my old car by the rmv? What is the way of getting approval and how much cost will happen to get the approval?
  2. Hi Guys, I wanted to post this for quite some time now but didn’t actually have a chance. Bought this car in 1997 and my dad and I worked on restoring it since 2003. The best car I’ve owned to this day. I had to give her away a few months ago with great regret (a story for some other time). THE CAR: 1979 Mitsubishi Lancer A72 V (station wagon) ENGINE: 4G33 (Saturn 1400cc carburetor) TRANSMISSION: 4 speed manual BRAKES: Front and Rear drum and liner RESTORATION PHASE 1 | 2003 – 2004 | BODYWORK+ - Restored all body panels and chassis to its original condition - Replaced all door moldings, windshield beadings - Replaced tail lights - Changed color from silver to metallic black - Replaced stock 12' rims with 13' Alloys - Installed brake booster (servo) Sorry for the low photo quality, I didn’t have a good digital camera back then. AFTER More to come... stay tuned...
  3. Dear All Pls let me know if there are any CORTINAs or CAPRIs for sale (any leads would be much appreciated as well).. Already restored or reasonable running condition is fine Thanks
  4. I'm looking a good place to fix underbody light kit for my car.. anyone know any good place for that ?
  5. Hi Friends, I need your expert advice related an engine swap of a 4DR5 J44 jeep. Currently it has 4DR51 engine and modified with power steering and AC compressor. What possible engines will it be able to swap with? I mean considering the options it has, what newer engines that can be considered which support in built power steering and AC? Also please give the differences of 4DR55, 4DR6 and 4DR7 engines which I do not know any detail about those. (Did a Google search but couldn't find any). Thanks a lot in advance and highly appreciate your detailed replies.
  6. *Hi I'm new to Auto Lanka.com, *This is regarding to your opinions, experience, photos of modifying a Nissan UA FB15 (New Shell) sunny. * Why I posting this is, I recently bought above mentioned car as my first car. I think my home town area influenced Me to go for that. Wanted to make it looks exotic (not sporty) but most of fb15 out there are kept in stock (default) appearance. So far the advices I got is to keep the car same even without change the rim cup. * Therefore most of thing what I've done so far aim mainly interior and small exterior changes. Pioneer sub woofer, replaced other speakers, Display with blutooth with reverse camera, 3M tint with windscreen, Seat covers (only to protect originals plan to add good one later after all finis), Replaced Interior and front park light with white LED, Head light protecting tint, HID headlights, LED strip fixed to illuminate front middle floor of bumper(bulbs can't be seen out side) Future plans (wherever your opinions are needed to make it looks nice instead of kill) Projector head lamps with day time running lights (komi is helping me with this) Hid fog lights with ccfl halo rings Alloy wheels ( This is the most difficult part to choose) Spoiler (This is also too difficult to select, please upload photos if you can) What would you do if you had this type car? Please your opinions are highly appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys, I have a 1978 lancer wagon, When i open the rear door it doesn't stay still, the reason is that one of a rods in side the assembly which should keep the weight of the door while its open is broken. I was hoping modify it with small shocks similar to what nowadays cars come with. Has any body in this forum has done such modification to a wagon rear door ? If so can you share the details such as how the new brakets and shocks are fitted and what type of shocks that you used.
  8. Note by the moderator : This post contains information neither endorsed nor supported by the Autolanka community. Readers are advised to read the entire thread and form their own conclusions. Hi everyone This is my second post on the forum. I think this post will help a lot of people to reduce their fuel bill on petrol and diesel vehicles. Going forward we will have lot of vehicles but empty tanks. I have been doing some R&D on engine efficiency and cleaner exhaust gazes for some years and decided to do an engine modification on my Prado to get some extra power and a full burn. For non-technical members it is simply modifying the air intake of the engine at a safer place to feed in HHO as a gas instead of normal air we breathe which is not 100% accounting to a full burn inside the combustion chamber. HHO is a combustion rich gas but the generation mechanism should be done with absolute safety precautions out of water. Luckily I have a friend of mine who has a Garage (Unfortunately in Gampaha, which is a bit far away) and he was nice enough to listen to me (instead of ignoring me as if I have gone crazy) and comply with all the safety precautions and install the unit. Some pictures are attached for enthusiasts. Results: Increased fuel consumption by 20-25% (Mix of city and long distance). I refill a full tank earlier around 360KM range. Now it is 440-450KM range. Increase of power. I can feel it in the depth of low end torch in the Engine which keeps going. Reduced carbon emissions to a good as new engine. This is a 1999 Prado. Less vibration on engine Quick start when you crank the engine Everyone should not jump into this modification. It is a NO for vehicles with warranty by agents (Those brand new shiny vehicles are not lucky enough to have this because they will say “You have modified the engine and now we are not responsible!!!”) So save it for a later date. This is good for engines about 5-7 years and beyond. Vehicles of this age are having different relationships between the owners and the vehicle as such a bit of tweaking will not hurt any feelings J. There is absolutely no harm in doing this modification because it is done outside the whole system. Safety is first in this installation. Is this a real innovation which I should patent? Well absolutely no, because lot of people know about this but no one cares about the safety. Instead I though everyone interested should benefit from this because it helps going green and hugging trees a little. Regards Nana
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