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Found 78 results

  1. varotone

    Project A72V

    Greetings gentlemen, I've always had a thing for station wagons, and now I'm about to buy my first vehicle. I chose 1980 Mitsubishi Lancer A72-V as my first ride. In a series of posts, I hope to document the process of buying a ride and then restoring it. This is the first in what will be a series of posts on the whole process. A few AL members have already done very much that I intend to do. Your feedback is very valuable and always appreciated. As said before, this is my first purchase. I'm a total newbie for owning vintage cars let alone restoring one. Call me crazy or anything you want for taking a plunge in the deep end of the pool. For a number of different reasons I have selected Mitsubishi Lancer A72-V, and I'm dead set on it. My project plan is as follows. Buy a car Mechanical restorations (instrument panel, engine, breaks, steering, a/c) Body restoration (tinker, paint) Interior restoration (seats and upholstery) Now, I'm on the first part of the project. I have tracked down a drivable one and now haggling the price down to my budget. The condition is what is usual to expect from a car of that vintage. Pros- Fits my budget In a drivable condition Clear documents (ownership, license, emission tests, insurance) Chassis is in good condition Cons- Blotched paint job. the car was painted twice in two different colors. the latest coating peels off (papadam in local language). This looks ugly. But there is no corrosion under the paint. So I'm giving it a go. some rust spots around the rear windscreen Worn out tyres A/c is not working. Belt is missing, no gas, but the compressor is there. Here are a few pics of her. My first worry is the book states color as red. Will this be an issue? (in the final stage I will paint it red. Till then can I use it without any trouble?) Thank you, Varotone.
  2. Hi Guys, Doing some internet research on genuine parts and came across the following 2 websites which stock genuine OEM parts in Dubai and another country? Just wondering if anyone has experience bringing to Sri lanka ? a) Partsouq.com b) Amayama.com Actually its' re: a pair of shocks where these guys are giving it at 50% of the price of local agent.
  3. Hi Guys - The agent indicated that both my front shocks have to be replaced, and quoting 100K , which i presume is quite outrageous. KYB from agents is available at 20K , but a contact wanted me to look at ARB Oldman EMU , or Bilstein which would be more reliable, than the KYBs. Any advice ? Will KYB not be the optimal choice for Montero?
  4. My fellow AL Guys, I have been an avid autolanka member since I got my first car (Mazda demio) back in 2017.One thing that always intrigued me was how much AL members loved their lancers. So I always thought to my self what would it be like to own one. I have read every posts/discussions related to lancers ( AL Famous BRATT tread- that was one hell of a tread and I read all 32 pages of it) and I always questioned myself "is this actually good as members claim it to be? so I decided a give it a try. Long story short, when I saw this advert on autolanka about a month a back my eyes were completely fixated on this beauty. it was one of the most beautiful lancers I have seen. However at that point I had some other personal issues to take care of and my mind was not in a good mood to concentrate on the car. After sometime back I was surprised to see the lancer was still on classifieds. I thought it would be gone. So I contacted the seller, who confirmed me that the car was still available. I was over the moon and 2 days after I went to inspect the car and that was it. Knew she was meant to be mine.I paid an advance after inspecting and reserved the car for myself. ( hats off to the previous owner who is a Known lancer enthusiast for properly taking care of the car) It took another 2 weeks to sort out the finances for myself ( to sell my Demio and arrange the rest of the funds). and Last Friday I brought the lancer to my rural village. couldn't be more happier. I would like to thank AL members specially Davy,Trinity and the rest of the AL Lancer guys who made me a lancer lover and eventually an owner.So without further ado I bring to you " Evangeline" ( I bought this ride for her.Had to name the car after my daughter). More pics and updates to follow.
  5. Gents, i was able to get a GLS full rear wheel cover and garnish of a damaged Pajero (V98) from Japan and want to fit it to my 2014 GLX Montero. Can anyone recommend me a good mechanic to do the replacement with painting. Thanks S
  6. Watchman

    Fuel Efficiency

    Hey! There’s been a couple of posts asking members how efficient various vehicles are on fuel. And with the prices going up by Rs.8/= and with news in the air that it will go up again by another Rs.3/= soon, its getting even more important… So what do you say we post the following details Vehicle : Transmission Type : Engine Capacity : Fuel : Km per Ltr (city/long distance) :
  7. vitz

    Eclipse Cross

    For potential Eclipse Cross buyers, Please be aware about following recalls for some corrective measures before you order an eclipse cross. Looks they relate to some bugs in the ECU program. I have decided on a Eclipse Cross, Guys, will the Unit#d Mot#rs do these ECU remapping work involved with the recall. http://www.mitsubishi-motors.co.jp/support/recall/index.html
  8. hustlehard

    Premium vehicle to buy for 3 - 4.5 million?

    Hello everyone, What are your thoughts on buying a Mitsubishi Outlander 2008/2009/2010 or 2011 model now? Since I can find one for the price range of 4-5 million I think its the perfect crossover for me (correct me if I'm wrong) I want to know about all the positive sides and the negative sides of buying this vehicle. And spending 4 - 5 million on a vehicle is a huge investment for me so I will continue to post whatever the vehicle that comes to my mind which I can't find proper information on other threads as it will help me and other Sri Lankans to make the right decision when buying a vehicle. Thank you in advance!
  9. My 1985 Pajero jerks when accelerating from stop, Yesterday I was in a traffic and I accelerate to go forward but my vehicle didn't move for like 2 sec and suddenly jerked and moved. Can anyone tell me the reason for it? is it okay to keep running with this problem? Thank you.
  10. trinity

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/15723-lancer-or-axio-update-bought-a-lancer-aka-the-bratt-thread/?do=findComment&comment=254150 Thought to start this with a comment I made back in 2014. "Only thing i can say is that owning a Lancer EX is my dream, if i had the capacity of buying a one, i wouldn't think twice about it." We'll that dream came true last Sunday. I bought a Lancer EX a couple of days back!! . I was lucky enough to find a good specimen imported in 2011 which had all maintenance records with the proof of mileage. The previous owner had done all necessary maintenance at the agents. Car drives great and is in great condition. Without further ado,I bring to you,,,,,, trinity's Lancer EX
  11. Davy

    Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt

    Hello Gents, After months of research and patience, I have finally found "The One". A car I have been waiting to own for as long as I can remember... a 10th Generation Lancer. What I managed to get is a Lancer RalliArt. Since this particular model isn't available in Sri Lanka (to my knowledge), let me give a brief introduction to the car. Mitsubishi introduced the 10th generation Lancer (Referred to as the Lancer EX in Sri Lanka) in 2008 and it was certainly a different Lancer when compared to previous models. From the hooded brow over the headlights that give it an aggressive look, to the matching rear end, it was a brand new look for the Lancer. Back in 2008 when Mitsubishi launched the 10th gen Lancer, they only really had two variants: The Lancer EX (GLX, GLS, GT) and then the mighty track monster Evolution X. While the Lancer EX comes with engines ranging from 1.5L (4A91) through 2.0L (4J10 and 4B10) to 2.4L (4B12), the power of all these engines were in the range of 109 - 170 horsepower while the Evolution X has a 2.0L Turbo (4B11T) engine that outputs 276 horsepower (The FQ400 in the UK has a massive 403 hp!). That's a pretty big gap right there and Mitsubishi introduced the Lancer RalliArt in 2009 to bridge the gap. The RalliArt also has a 4B11T 2.0L turbocharged engine - the same engine that comes in the Evo X, de-tuned. It outputs 237hp - that's 54 less than the Evo. It's basically ideal for day-to-day use as well as a drive along a twisty road or a track if you are keen. To put it into perspective, if the Evolution is compatible with the Subaru WRX STi, then the RalliArt is head to head with the WRX. Throughout this thread I will try my best to log detailed information about the RalliArt (strengths, weaknesses, comparisons etc.) and also share information about the journey with my car. Hope this will be helpful to someone some day. Before going into any more detail, here she is...
  12. Hi guys, Anyone knows delica t120 compatible power steering rack and pump? Thank you
  13. I am restoring my Mitsubishi Pajero junior zr2.... Can anyone tell me if the headlights of a Landrover Defender fits as I wish to modify/ replace them with aftermarket headlights.
  14. Gents, Well, couple of days ago the Monty went for a service (first after i bought her) at the agents and they wanted me to replace her rear brake pads. She has only done 50K kms still. I went to the workshop when they were about to remove the wheel and observed that the pads were shot to the steel frame. Price quoted was 20K and had to anyway incur it. In the web i see that for the V98W Shogun , genuine pads start at GBP 11/- and so on. One place in Kadawatha quoted 7K for the pads. Can i know from the Monty users in the forum is there any place you guys get reliable Monty spares (especially the R& RSs) in Sri Lanka at a reasonable price other than the agents ? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Sadik
  15. I'm going to buy a Mitsubishi Lancer EX GLX 2008 with 50k millage.I'm buying it for 3.7M and vehicle is in excellent condition.It is first owner(lady doctors)car.Is it worth for this price tag?Appreciate if can you share your suggestion. Thanks
  16. While driving, suddenly i got the above mentioned 2 indications popping up. I did a front wheel tyre rotation few days ago. This issue came after driving roughly about 100Km. Could that be a reason ? I have attached the pics for further clarification. I would like to get some idea abt this from anyone who had this issue before. Also, can someone recommend a place to get this checked up ? Or should i used Unit#d Mot#rs ?
  17. Hi Friends , Can some one tell me a place or a expert person to repair carburetor for a Mitsubishi lancer Ck 1 and how much it will cost to do a good job with repair parts in worst case. Any body have an idea about Galle or colombo ? Thanks Isaac
  18. I am going to buy my first car in few months. Currently, I am doing researches on following cars. Lancer CS1, CS2, CS3 - as forums in autolanka I have decided CS3 1.6 is better. Fit Aria - Not much information but most of the people are saying that this car has better fuel consumption. Honda Civic - Bit of off-budget for me. I am looking for a car for 20Mil. most of the es1 es8 cars cost more than 2Mil.( I am looking for cars after 2002.) N16 and N17 - Don't know much about this. But most of the people saying these cars have lesser fuel consumption. I need fuel consumption about 10Kmpl in Colombo. And No matter its auto or manual. I am not going to travel daily but 2 days a week from Kosgama to Kolpety (38Km). and probably twice a month I am traveling to Matara by southern expressway. So the car needs to be decent in comfort. and need to be reliable as a 14-15 years old car. I am new to automobiles. I have no experience on this subject. It would be very grateful if you help me to choose a better car as a first car. Thanks.
  19. Anuradha Neo

    Evo 4 exhaust muffler for a Lancer

    Hi, I have 1996 Mitsubishi Lancer CK2 (Auto transmission, already with all Evo 4 bodykit), now I would like to get a Evo 4 exhaust muffler installed to get the Evo 4 beat. Planning to get a original Evo 4 silencer which is a used one. Have few questions, Will this really impact fuel economy (I know some people say it does and some say not at all), just like to hear from the community here. Will there be any tendency to get my car failed from the emission test (if the condition of the muffler is good, and i'm not replacing my existing catalyst converter section in the exhaust system) ? Is there any suggestions or recommendations you guys have in this regard for me before I get it done ? PS. I'm not using my car for racing purposes. Thanks in advance,
  20. Hello friends, I have been mulling on the idea of upgrading from my current car. I currently own a Honda Vezel hybrid 2015. As of now I have no serious issues with the car, just that I need more space for my family and our bags. Also since I live in the up country region, I feel the vezel is seriously underpowered when loaded on the hilly roads. My budget is upto a maximum of 14m and I'm looking for an SUV a class above Vezel. And strictly not a hybrid that would be reluctant to carry load around the hills. Thanks.
  21. What are the pros and cons of buyig used Mitsubishi Montero, YOM 2000 - 2003 Petrol or Diesel one is better? How is service cost, insurance cost, parts etc. Will it be reliable? What are the difference between normal and limited version or others? Thank You!
  22. Sierra Charlie

    My Mitsubishi Galant

    Guys, this is my proper first post at Autolanka though I’ve been strolling this forum (goofing, a couple of times) for over four years now. I’ve come here almost on a daily basis since I first started researching my first car. I know the forum tries to adhere to a strict ‘non nonsense’ code and I’m sorry if I violate it in any way. So, I’ve been researching a car to buy for more than a year now: a year because the financial situation wasn’t looking that good for that long. In hindsight, I should have just got on with it. The cars I researched were Honda Accord, Peugeot 406 and Mitsubishi Galant. Three relatively large cars because I wanted a comfy ride that looked good and performed well. Fuel economy wasn’t so high a priority because my daily running is not much. Out of the three, the 406 had the best features and the best online support including parts. But most of the 406s’ I checked had dodgy maintenance records. I was tracking the Pelawatte Pug expert on my way to work and I could tell that he was having a hard time managing all the cars in his care. Some of the cars had been with him for two months or more. Harshan mentioned about a Pug expert up the Negombo road but the 406 looked a bit difficult for me to handle. I was looking for a CF3 but the prices the owners quoted for their precious CF3s made my eyes water. It looked like a lost cause at that stage and not surprisingly some of the CF3s I checked aren’t sold even now, after more than 7 months. That left me with the Mitsubishi Galant. I could see that there was some Galants imported brand new to Sri Lanka circa 2003. Some of the better specimens were actually buyable for a fair price and I found one. The body looked straight, the engine sounded right and the bottom didn’t have any yellow/brownish spots of rust, etc. I had people telling me that a car with a 2000cc engine is a bad decision and unfortunately even my father was toting the ‘smaller-engine-better-car’ / ‘Toyota-are-the-best-cars’ placards quite high. So, even my parents didn’t know about the purchase of the Galant until I actually drove it over. I know my old man’s logic behind his beliefs and respect it. But my requirements are different. Long story short, I’m loving the bigger engine. Let me put my car experiences into perspective. The only cars I’ve driven for more than a day straight are a Maruti Alto and a Toyota Vitz 1000CC. So the Galant is a huge leap in terms of engine and physical size. The car and I have done some heavy journeying despite the short period of time. We went to Talawakelle via Gampola and Hatton and then some time later went to Kataragama, Udawalawe, Rakwana, Suriyakanda, (the Wangu 10 Road – Absolute pleasure to drive. Was driving before this happened.) through Deniyaya, Ambalangoda and back to Colombo. While on the E01, I wanted to see how fast I could drive – daft and illegal I know - and hit 165 km/h. The car could do even more since it wasn’t under stress at all but I decided daftness has a limit and dialled back. Knowing that the car could do such a speed was good enough for me. Generally, it’s a good car and going by my previous experiences, it’s a loveable car. There are a couple things I hate. The steering is quite light & has the turning radius of a battleship and the headlights are just marginally better than a proper 3-piece torch. On my way to Gampola, I hit a dog. The dog walked away but there was a 4-inch vertical gash on the buffer along with a missing cowling. I couldn’t understand why the gash was so big until we removed it for repairs. The previous owner had hit the same spot and had gone ‘el cheapo’. The repair was done with fiber. I had the fiber removed and had the buffer repaired with what they call ‘Plastic Welding’ (Don’t know whether that’s the correct term). Total damage including the purchase of paint, was 4,200 LKR. I ended up replacing the cowlings with two original fog lights. Those cost me 15,000 LKR from Delkanda and I got them fixed at Malinga Auto Electricals (Hat tip to Komi). Here are the issues/concerns I'm having with the car. 1. I need several suggestions on where I can buy the spare parts both engine and suspension. Finding parts for the car is one heck of a job. Currently looking for some splash guards similar to this. 2. There are a couple of rust holes of about 3-5mm diameter in rear left upper control arm. I’m getting it repaired until I can bring down a replacement from eBay. One guy quoted me 14,000 LKR for the only part I could find. Hence, the repair. Some pics here. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 3. The A/C is stuck at a glacial temperature. The only way I can control it is via the A/C on/off switch. The rotary control for temperature doesn’t work and the previous owner had cut off the lines to the heater core. Would like to restore the whole thing to the original state. 4. Thanks to Davy and Trinity, came across the Spoiler guy in Kotte (http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/9443-side-skirts-a-spoiler-for-lancer/) and planning to task him with bringing down a proper vr4 spoiler. There is a corresponding body kit. But I’m mulling over whether it’s too much. Here are some pics of the thing. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 5. The gap between the front tyres and the bumper is about 4 inches. Bloody hideous. Here’s a pic. The current tyres are 195/65R/14 on original alloys. Should I replace the shocks or should I get a larger set of rims, say 15” or use a combination of both? The previous owner had used water instead of Coolant. Already followed Schiffer’s excellent thread (http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/15374-how-to-flush-and-re-fill-radiator-coolant/) on the matter. So there you go. Looking forward to your responses, ideas and comments.
  23. Hello Experts, Excited to join Autolanka forums Waited almost for month for an admin to approve me ... anyway, whoever the admin that approved me, Last December, I sold my good old Maruti WagonR ( 2008 model, 5yrs old, driven for 30000+ Kms) For 1.6mil. I was searching for a good car to buy ever since. ( that's how I ended up on autolanka) So now that I finally got approved I thought it's time to get expert ideas on buying my new vehicle. My budget is 3.5mil - 4.0mil. I wanted to buy a japanese car and browsing the internet, Finally I decided that there are two contenders: 1. Toyota axio 161 1.3 X Grade (2013) 2. Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.6 GLX (2013) Both the cars ( Brand New ) are being sold for 3.5 mil. for the permit. ( Lancer : 3,460,000 to be exact) My priorities are: -RELIABILITY -Fuel Economy -Spare Parts Availability -Safety And comfort -Handling -Looks - Resale value Axio Dealers are mainly bragging of TOYOTA Reliability and Spare parts availability. They assured me I'm in deep trouble if I choose a mitsubishi because there are no spare parts in local market and I would have to buy spare parts only from agent paying a huge amount of money and I have to wait till eternity for mitsubishi agents to import parts from japan. And they also mentioned that unlike axio, I won't be able to sell the mitsubishi for a decent price. (if I wanted to, of course) I called mitsu agents and they say they have spare parts for any vehicle they sell and I don't have to worry. However the sales guy said he have no idea on 3rd party parts availability. So as you all can see i'm in a dilemma here. If you were in my position which car would you buy? And please be kind enough to mention why.. This is my first post on autolanka, so please go easy on me if I have offended any rule. Thanks in advance.
  24. andunslg

    Timing belt wheels

    When we are going through a engine overhual of 4d56 engine, we found that it's timing belt wheels is warn out. Is it possible to replace it? And where to buy it? Thanks!
  25. Hi Experts., I have idea of buying a Honda civic ek3 or a Mitsubishi lancer Ck series car for later modifying purpose. but for the moment i have no expert or experience with Honda or either Mitsubishi. Currently im sticked to a Toyota and i am pretty sure that,when comparing to a Toyota , Honda & Mitsubishi must have a whole lot difference...I have heard lot of cons and pros between these 2 car vendors...some says Honda maintain cost is considerably high while Mitsubishi have a economical maintenance ETC.... Any how i much appreciate your expert advice's on helping me to decide either go for a Honda EK3 Or a Mitsubishi Ck series! Thanks in advance.