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Found 12 results

  1. Since MG Suv vehicle has been there in the market for almost 2 years (i think it was released in 2017 if im not mistaken), i would like to know from the users of that vehicle, what their opinion on it... Users can touch the following areas when if they wish to share their experience with that vehicle. 01. Usual Maintenance Costs 02. After sales service quality from its Agent 03. Any Mechanical / Electrical Problems which kept on annoying you (even body corrosion issues) 04. How the overall performance of the Engine (Any issues when driving in hilly roads) 05. Average Fuel Consumption 06. Interior Items / plastics discolouring / deterioration. I dont expect anyone to comment on the 2nd hand market cz i think its too early for that. But i hope at least to get a basic idea on the other matters. If anyone has anything more to add please feel free. PS : Im posting this since i couldn't find any posts on this car when i searched the forums. Thanks
  2. isuru10

    micro spare parts

    any idea where to find micro MPV van spare parts i need ,clutch plate and pressure plate. i here some hi-jet parts can fit with micro but no idea... it is possible to purchase online??any suggestion thanks!!
  3. Few months back my ABS unit starts to malfunction. The ABS light comes on time to time when driving. When i took it to micro they said the the ABS unit it malfunctioning time to time and it not a issue in the sensors. By the way they first tried by cleaning the sensors :). They also amazed about this because the car was just finishing 2.5 years and only ridden 9000km. I remembers the last time before this ABS problem starts to show up, at the smoke test they put thier engine sensor with the magnet kind of thing on something similar to this ABS unit. if that was the ABS unit can that magnet thingy can cause the ABS unit to malfunction ?
  4. Any Micro Tivoli owners? Just would like to know about the fuel consumption driving pleasure comfort repairs/service
  5. I'm interesting on buying a Micro BAIC X25 SUV. Anyone has experienced X25 ? Any advice of buying X25?
  6. I willing to buy a registered Micro Geely MX7 2013 car.. I want to know about car.. Is it OK to buy.. My budget is 1.9 million. ? Please advice..
  7. Hi guys, I checked this great forum and it's awesome. But most of the panda cross reviews are outdated. Can anyone share their honest opinion on this car? I truly appreciate panda cross owners' replies. Thanks
  8. What is your idea about MICRO MPV JUNIOR III van. Advantages Competitive Prize for brand new vehicle Lot of space in interior Disadvantages Quality when comparing to Japanese vehicle Resell value Engine capacity Manual Transmission This is the what they say in Micro web site. I also read this topic on this forum. Regards Chamara
  9. Hi Guys, I'm facing kind of a quandy here. So I'm coming to the experts. I'm going to buy a new car and have the following options. Brand New Geely Emgrand EC7, imported by Micro. 3.2 Mil LKR. Made for the european market, has a 4 star safety rating, so not really "chinese crap". 3 years warranty in Sri Lanka, 5 years in other countries, so probably reliable. Looks good. Micro however doesn't really has a good customer service record. A 2004 BMW E60 520i Milage around 50,000 KM, About 4 Mil LKR. Well it's a BMW. Always wanted to own one. It's a 2004 model though. 5 series has more electronics. Good rep. But I don't want to end up having to do a very expensive repair every two months or something. Toyota Allion or a Premio probably around 2010 or a nearby year. About 4 Mil LKR. Good market, after sale value. Cheap repairs. I'm not really concerned about fuel economy. I'm just looking for a car I won't have to repair every few months. What do you guys think I should buy? Thanks.
  10. Dear friends, I’m planning to buy Geely MX7 MARK II (Manufacture year 2012-2013) sold by micro and looking your valuable advices on below areas. Fuel consumption in city areas and outstation After sales support from Micro Spare parts availability in company and outside Eg: Panchikawatta Any known manufacture defects – some people complains that this has some radiator fan issue. Please share your experience. Thanks, LancerL
  11. Hi! Any owners/ ex-owners of Micro previlage car please comment about its durability and parts availabilty? Thanks
  12. Hi all, I just want to buy a small car, means maximum of 1.3M I could spend. So I select Micro Trend and Chery QQ. With Micro I can go for a brandnew one, but with Chery QQ I have to go for a registred car. I just want to know your openinon about those two models. Thanks in advance
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