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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking forward to buying my first car. Need your expert opinion on this matter. I know there are plenty of old posts regarding the tagged vehicles but I need an up to date information as of those old post are somewhat now obsolete in their context in regarding the mileage and years of usage etc...Thanks in advance.
  2. I have got a demio (2009) model. There was a noise came when the front Right wheel goes over a bumber when inspected by Colonial they said that shockabsorbers had to be changed and both would cost around 50k-60k for replacment, when I checked with a Famous garage in Darly Road and the cost came to 30k and another local garage they it was around 25k. Expecting high service and a warranty I went to Darly Road famous car repair shop.But before going their I waited and used the vehicle for a close to 1 month since it was financially bit tight month. When I took the car in the Supervisor of the famous shop got in and said my Rack has a problem and it will be needed to replace. Since i got limited budget I said next time and they took the car fora ride. Trusting the people I waitied at the shop(Mistake-01) and they came up with dark faces and said that both shocks are gone bad and need replacement. I agreed and work started. Once they remove shocks , it was found that there is leak in one of the Oil Seal in Axel. (Without asking the price, assuming it was cheap) I said it to be replaced.(Mistake-02). Once removed they said Lower Arm Bushes had to be replaced, With little idea I said yes ( Mistake-03) without second thought since i thought its better to solve the issue once and forall. They said Engine mounts also to be replaced but I strongly resisted stating that it doenst show any defects/cracks. (They said "bush eka bahala", nice way of tricking innocent people). After completing the work they took the vehicle for a test drive and Now they say there is a problem with the rack since the tok tok sound still came. When we take our hard earned vehicles to these shops we expect them to find the fault and rectify it. Instead they just play with our time and money. Until I pointed out that shock boot has got damaged these so called specialist didnot notice it. Funny thing is when they came back to garrage and try to convince me that the problem was with the rack. Options given to me were hilarious. 1. Repair the rack - Cost is around 17k, cannot gurantee and sound may or may not go off. 2. Use a recondition rack - COst is around 35k-40k and no gurantee can be given 3. Use a brand new rack - Need to wait 3 months after ordering so that the Local agent brings the rack cost would be around 100k. At the payment time hilarious thing is they have charged the labor considering it as 3 seperate jobs. SInce couldnt argue I left the place cursing myself of not getting a quotation for the work initially. Day after I took the car to another garage near by and he said Engine Mount has gone bad and need to replace that and the cost would be 12k and he will give a guarantee that the sound will go off. The last garrage I visited is in Atigala (Meegoda) infront of Jayaratna Hardwre. I recommendation is to never go to such fake car repair centers. Invoice is attached for your reference.
  3. guys.. brought my first car - mazda demio 1998, pre face lift.. 1.3 Manual bought one month ago.. run so far 2000km.. happy with the car.. only issue was with the gear box.. when i change to the 5th gear it gives a humming sound. (Sound like a Super charger in my own world ) apparently previous owner try to reaper the gear box and and the it didn't end well.(I didn't come a cross the issue until i ran few 100km) unfortunately now it's my problem .. one guy advice me to replace the whole gear box. I check with japan lanka and they don' t have. any idea about place to look or any advice?
  4. Dear All, I'm planning to buy a new car and my budget is around 2.3 Million (Max). So far I have checked the following models. Mazda Demio - (YOM : 2007,2008, Registered 2010,2011) Toyota IST - (YOM : 2002,2003,2004 Registered 2006,2007) Swift Beetle Japan (YOM : 2004-2008 Registered 2007-2010) Vitz 1000 cc (YOM : 2007 Registered 2010) Or Indian Suzuki Astar (auto) around 2Mil. ( I prefer Japan vehicle but like this car too ) All of the above checked models are between 60,000 - 90,000 Kms done so far except the Astar. I did search on AL and came up with the following results but those are bit older (considering the current market situation in 2014). http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/10722-swift-vitz-or-demio/ http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/10228-vitz-fit-demio/ http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/10559-which-car-should-i-buy/ I'm looking for a economical and reliable car which wont give me troubles (engine and transmission) in the long run as I'm planning to use this car at-least for another 3-4 years. So, I really appropriate help from you guys to select one model from the above for me or any others you suggest, based on above details. Also if you can share your experiences (fuel consumption and reliability) of the above models that would be highly appreciated. Thank you and looking forward to see your comments.
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