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Found 4 results

  1. Hello guys, Finally I’m happy to say that after many years, I’m going to sell my car and buy an Axio Luxel Alpha.So the car is owned by one of my father’s closest friends and he is the first owner. He personally imported and maintained the car well. At the moment the car has only two issues. One is the famous dashboard cracking problem. Other one is a bad Right side front shock absorber. I have driven the car previously and man that thing pulls hard.So I used my 121 during the same period of mileage but since this has a different engine and a gearbox, I have a doubt about maintaining it. So please give your advice. The car has done nearly 120k kms 1.Do I need to change the CVT gear oil? 2.Where can I get the dashboard problem sorted out and how much will it cost?Most of the advertisements in famous sites have quoted 20k.Is is for the repair or replacement?Which is the best option? 3.I previously used B/new KYB shocks for my 121 and I felt that they are pretty hard.So one of my friends said to use good reconditioned shock absorbers.He also uses them for his 110.If then where is the best and trusted place to buy them?Do I need to replace both right and left ones? 4.The car currently has rim cups.I plan to replace them with original alloys that came with it.Where can I find reconditioned original alloy wheels? 5.Other than that,what are the general maintainence stuff I have to do after purchasing? 6.Is there any known issues for this prticular model? -One more question.Does the Luxel handles better than the G and X versions?Someone has mentioned about a rear stabilizer bar previously in the forum.Is it true?I never had the chance to push it to the limits😃 So finally I have to let go my good old 121 baby.Since she gave me no troubles during her 6 1/2 year stay, I hope the next owner will have to worry about nothing.I also touched 180kmph twice and the car felt well planted and no stability issues came. Just a bit sad to let her go😐 Cheers🤟🤟🤟
  2. Finally i’m ready to sell my good old 121 (budget is okay?) and move on to something new. A close friend of mine owns an Axio Luxel 2007 model, which was imported and used by himself. He also plans to sell it and go for Axio Hybrid. I have the idea to go for that Luxel because I have driven it a couple of times and car is in mint condition, except the dashboard which needs a replacement due to the cracking issue. Also the front suspension needs repairs. Other than that the car is in perfect condition. No dents.Body and interior are perfect. He maintained the car regularly and loves it. Luxel has a good option list like tiptronic,auto parking,pre crash safety and radar cruise control (not even available in 2017 premio/allion).And also I like the 1.8l engine. The only thing that keeps me pulling away is the mileage of 112k kms. What are the running repairs I might face if i bought this? Is it a risk to buy this car instead of going for an unknown civic fd1 with low mileage?(civic might be better in terms of handling,but power wise both might be equal) Please share your valuable ideas Cheers???
  3. Guys, does any one know what will be the importing tax of an axio luxel (zre142) 2012.(not the new model)...any one with personal experience?
  4. Hi I am in the lookout for a sedan type car, preferably Toyota and I came across this Luxel ( a Corolla 122 ). It is Black in colour beige interior run for 70,000km manufactured late 2003 one owner got plenty of sensors like auto wiper, auto light dimming, tyre pressure etc got DVD, reverse camera, Xenon headlights The owner calls it a fully loaded car and wants 3.2 million. I kinda like the options listed above, best of all the colour being black. Just wanted to know the market price of a Luxel for a spec like that. Cos I've read in many threads here that although it's a good car ( fuel economy, luxury and performance wise ) it is difficult to sell at a good price. I need a good daily runner and I plan to use for quite some time. But I want good resale value. So can somebody with insight tell me how much is the maximum I must negotiate on the above car ?
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