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Found 7 results

  1. How much are the nissan leaf batteries??? Recondition and brandnew ???plz help bought in 2015 and niw only have a range of 50km 😀😀😀
  2. Hi guys, It's been ages I've been back on the forum but I did thoroughly search the whole forum before posting this I am currently looking for a webpage which I had come across in late 2018, where almost all details of the generation 1 Nissan Leaf was listed comprehensively, including all the differences between each trim levels for JDM (S, X, G) and UKDM (Visia, Acenta, Tekna) along with pictures of different options, even photos of the different standard alloy wheels, navigation units, climate control dials, interior colours and materials which were offered etc. Unfortunately, since it was more than 6 months ago, my search/browser history also does not have details going back that far and like an idiot I could not bookmark it also. In my current searches, I was able to locate some sites with good info but not as detailed as the earlier one, which really helped in getting to know the exact model and trim of cars on sale. If any of you have seen, know which site I'm referring to or come across it, appreciate if you can share it! https://samholford.github.io/leafguide/ https://insideevs.com/news/325877/used-nissan-leaf-buying-guide/ https://www.drivelife.co.nz/2017/12/2011-nissan-leaf-g-used-ev-review-daily-driver-replacement/ I'm looking to sell/exchange my '18 WagonR for a Tekna/G grade Leaf due to a change in finances and not needing more than 50km max of range per day anymore since I'm back in my hometown. I'd prefer a Tekna since it's all in English though heavier and got slightly less range, but there are apparently around 20x more G Grades in LK than UKDM cars.
  3. Hi guys, I need your opinion on Electric Vehicles. One of my friends is looking for one? I'd really appreciate your input regarding this topic, thank you.
  4. Nissan unveiled its first 100% electric production car in 2009 with the name Leaf on it. Since then, going through many improvements, the Leaf has captured a different niche in the automobile market. Even in Sri Lanka, due to its affordability which worth as its spatial practicability, the Nissan Leaf has been a major consumer choice. The powertrain with the 110 Horse Power electric motor is powered by a Lithium-ion battery which can be chosen among the 24kw and 30kw. Each battery provides 2 significantly different driving ranges, 200km and 250km respectively as its being claimed by Nissan. Practically these numbers vary significantly but for a daily city rider, the Nissan Leaf is a perfect choice. The car learns by itself the riding style of the driver. Then in the next full charge, it will show the possible traveling range according to those data. Simply, If you drive so aggressively for a few days, and then once you charged the car, it will show you a lower possible range. Anyway, these values also change in real time according to the way you accelerate. The good part is, if you are a daily city driver (short distance), then you might not need to charge the car every day because the battery doesn't get discharged when the car is stopped. Thus, in electric cars, the range is the most critical factor in production as well as when buying. That is a one reason the car became a controversy in both negatively and positively. The build quality of the car is quite good as a family car. It has plenty of leg room for both the front and rear seats with a great ride comfort. The sophisticated infotainment system is very detailed and straight forward. The electronic transmission nob adds a huge technological feeling to the cabin. Being an electric car doesn't mean that it cannot go fast but it means the total opposite. Even in Nissan Leaf, the electric motor produces 280 Nm of torque which gives a thrilling acceleration. We actually tested the car for the 0 to 100kmph speed test. With some additional information, we published our 4th episode of Tarragon TV series. Watch it, enjoy, leave us your feedback and subscribe to our youtube channel for even better videos in future.
  5. Hi guys, I reacnetly bought Nissan Leaf recon one and i have issue in Setup issue is <No SD card>. I know SD card is Identical for My car. But any how i wanna carete SD card. can any one know any contacts?? or any way..??
  6. Does anyone know where I can download user/operator manual for Nissan Leaf "G" grade (Japanese Domestic Market)? Thanks.
  7. Did a bit of a quick draw analysis on cars prices advertised on a popular local classifieds, maybe it can be of some sort of numerical substance for the many of the arguments here It's work in progress, hopefully we can discover something interesting. https://medium.com/@crunch/galle-road-wars-part-1-c9b3e534a5a
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