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Found 5 results

  1. Dear experts, Im looking in to buying a 202 and I have read the past posts on this forum but I don't think it really answers the questions I have. With my current budget( approx 24~25 Mil) I have 2 options, Opt 1 - 2013 - 2015 Land cruiser 202 ZX Fully loaded Diesel model. Air sus / Cool box etc ... whole 9 yards Opt 2 - 2016 Land cruiser 202 ( New face lifted version) AX semi option Petrol model Diesel ZX is the pre face lift version but the fully kitted ZX. The newer model is tempting and I like the exterior design than the 2014 / 2015 model year. But being a Petrol, I will have big fuel bills. Is it worth to go for the newer model petrol or stick to the ZX with options. Is there a significant difference in mechanical components of the newer 2016+ models compared to previous model? Experts and reviews suggest both petrol and diesels engines are reliable but any advantage of owning a diesel against the petrol? The local market is held high for the diesel variant thus far. Not so concerned about the fuel here, but what about the other factors in play here relevant to local conditions / maintenance etc ... Any idea and suggestions from actual users, I'd love to hear your take on the car.
  2. Hi Guys I have got a Land cruiser prado LJ78 and have got the following concerns; 1. The engine light is on and when scanned its said to be an electrical issue and no major concern according to the technical guy, Is this serious concern to keep the jeep running? 2. Is it mandatory to have a turbo timer ? 3. What would be the exact steps to get the vehicle on 4WD? What are the uses of H4? I am new to the jeep category and learning with experience, appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Thanks
  3. Guys, I have a Prado 2005 petrol one. Problem is with air condition system. it seem that there is a gas leak and technician advise me to replace cool box since the issue is with it. My concern is that to replace this he needs to remove complete dashboard. Please let me know is there a other way to replace it with out removing the total dashboard ?
  4. I'm really interested in buying a Land Cruiser 100 or 105 series. But even though these are 20 year old vehicles, they go for about 8 Mil to 15 Mil, which is totally not worth considering that many brand new cars cost go for that price. Whereas in Japan or Elsewhere you could buy one for less than 2 Mil. I know these are reliable and amazing vehicles which don't die. Just want to see what everyones opinion is. Thanks!
  5. Hey, I just want to know toyota prado TRJ150 petrol Fuel consumption.. i hv old trj120 3400cc petrol. but i just want to know new model petrol consumption.. anyone knows it?? thnx
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