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Found 10 results

  1. Hello guys, Yeah I have been planning to buy a car for about 3 years,but gave first place to family expenses and higher education.Finally I decided to move on during the next few months to a new ride.My good old 121 is still serving me without letting me down but I think I had her enough(5+ yrs). Finally I narrowed down my search list to these two babes,the Ex and Fd4 as both of them are in the reachable price bracket.Previously had the idea for a 3rd gen prius but it is useless as I only do less than 1000kms per month.So my requirements are these. 1.Should be comfortable on long journeys.I might have to travel to places like Jaffna and Matara once or twice in a month. 2.Stability in speeds over 100 as I had to maintain such a speed speacially when travelling to jaffna. 3.Interior space both front and rear. 4.Fuel economy is not a main priority.I have an extreme light foot most of the times??.But if someone can give exact fuel figures I would be glad. 5.Should have a bit of soul in it???.A bit of handling and oomph Yet to drive both of them as they are very rare in our area.The problems that I have are 1.Does the Ex feels underpowered due to its 1500cc engine and 1200+kg weight?Also the 1600cc variant is rare and exceeds my budget. 2.I've heard the Fd series is not comfortable on long journeys and has stiffer suspension.Is it true?If someone who had driven both the fd4 and 121 can give me an advice that would be much valuable. I dumped the Axio because everyone has it and handles worse than the 121.Allion and Premio,again overpriced and common.But I would love to own a 240 series Allion on a Premio with 1800cc,but rarity and 100k+ kms milege keeps myself away. So i hope you guys will help me to make a good decision.Also any other choices are welcome.Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm using a LANCER EX (2010) model. andreacently, I got serviced car from CAREPOINT. after the service " CHECK ENGINE" light indicated and I showed it to service advisor. He came and plugged a OBD reader and told me that there was a MISS FIRE and now error cleared and no problem to drive. But when I'm driving the car, I noticed a miss and car was not accellorating. thenagain I went to CAREPOINT and they checked and told me that there is a problem in one IGNITION COIL and have to replace it. but they didnt accept it as their fault. Now, I need to find a ignition coil for the car. When I checked it at Agent, it is about 28,500LKR. Anyone, knows a place to buy this item cheaper price? Is there a risk by replacing a compatible unit instead of branded part?
  3. Hello Experts, Excited to join Autolanka forums Waited almost for month for an admin to approve me ... anyway, whoever the admin that approved me, Last December, I sold my good old Maruti WagonR ( 2008 model, 5yrs old, driven for 30000+ Kms) For 1.6mil. I was searching for a good car to buy ever since. ( that's how I ended up on autolanka) So now that I finally got approved I thought it's time to get expert ideas on buying my new vehicle. My budget is 3.5mil - 4.0mil. I wanted to buy a japanese car and browsing the internet, Finally I decided that there are two contenders: 1. Toyota axio 161 1.3 X Grade (2013) 2. Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.6 GLX (2013) Both the cars ( Brand New ) are being sold for 3.5 mil. for the permit. ( Lancer : 3,460,000 to be exact) My priorities are: -RELIABILITY -Fuel Economy -Spare Parts Availability -Safety And comfort -Handling -Looks - Resale value Axio Dealers are mainly bragging of TOYOTA Reliability and Spare parts availability. They assured me I'm in deep trouble if I choose a mitsubishi because there are no spare parts in local market and I would have to buy spare parts only from agent paying a huge amount of money and I have to wait till eternity for mitsubishi agents to import parts from japan. And they also mentioned that unlike axio, I won't be able to sell the mitsubishi for a decent price. (if I wanted to, of course) I called mitsu agents and they say they have spare parts for any vehicle they sell and I don't have to worry. However the sales guy said he have no idea on 3rd party parts availability. So as you all can see i'm in a dilemma here. If you were in my position which car would you buy? And please be kind enough to mention why.. This is my first post on autolanka, so please go easy on me if I have offended any rule. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have 2008 lancer ex which I brought about 1.5 yrs back. about six months after I brought it some rattling noise came from front suspension system. So I took it to the agents and they said the problem is with the stabilizer bar links and they replaced it. when we did the test run after fixing majority of the noise but there were little noise. The technician said it was the rack ends and it also need to replace. So I replace the rack ends after about one month. But sadly noise was still there. Now the noise has become clearly noticeable and annoying. It only comes when driving slowly on rough roads. I think it is due to damaged steering rack because when I going through the pot holes i can feel the vibration in steering wheel. Also I saw in a E****ri forum someone said it was common problem of lancer ex. So what is the opinion of you guys? Where I can get proper inspection? If I have to replace the steering rack where I can buy it other than the agents.( buying from the agents gonna cost me a fortune). Thanks in advance guys
  5. I recently bought a Lancer Ex 2008 GLS which is a A/T car. I'm using 95 Octane as fuel. I can only get 8 to 9 KM/L out of it in city limits. I heard that manual Lancer EX does more than 12, 13 KM/L in city limits. My questions are Is there a ECO mode where I gain get more? Best practices to be followed(in A/T)? How can I improve? Any techniques or advice? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi All, I'm looking for a good place repair my Mitsubishi Lancer EX. It would be great if the particular technical person has worked in Unit#d Mot#rs. So I can assume that he's specialized in Mitsubishi. Also should be a honest and reliable guy otherwise I won't be able to keep my car in the garage for 2/3 days. Because I recently had a really bad experience with a Makabas. Given that it doesn't matter whether it's little bit expensive but not as company. In short I'm looking for a good garage where they are specialized in Mitsubishi. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey, I found couple of Universal Car Turbo Sound Whistle on ebay but I don't know which one will be suitable for a Lancer EX? http://www.ebay.com/itm/28mm-Universal-Car-Blow-off-Simulator-Whistler-Sound-Exhaust-Whistle-Turbo-Tool-/251556997186?hash=item3a91f72842&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/32mm-Car-Blow-off-Simulator-Whistler-Sound-Exhaust-Whistle-Turbo-XL-Universal-/330952865686?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d0e53f796 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dia24mm-Universal-Car-Blow-off-Simulator-Whistler-Sound-Exhaust-Whistle-Turbo-/231546457275?hash=item35e93e8cbb&vxp=mtr Sizes are 24, 28, 32mm, so which one? Are there any disadvantage of using this? Please see this video for more info. Thanks
  8. Hey! I currently drive a GE6 Honda Fit, which I love to bits but lately feel is lacking a bit of oomph. Plus thanks to its hybrid variant has become quite a common sight on Sri Lankan roadways. I've got some money available & am wondering whether it would be wiser to try & mod my current car OR upgrade to something a bit more capable. My budget could get me a second-hand Honda FD1 or a Lancer Ex. I've read extensively that even the L15A(1.5l) engine which comes in the RS version has its limitations with performance upgrades. Mines the L13A(1.3l) version. Hence the feeling that money spent on a bigger setup would be better than upgrading an already smaller engine. In your opinion what would be the better bet. Thanks!
  9. Hi All, I’m interested in buying the new Mazda 3/Axela (face lifted version) or Lancer Ex. Would be grateful if any one of you are having experience in these 2 car can comment on them. I’ve used a Mazda falimia BG3P as my previous car but do not have any idea about the new car. I’m interested in Fuel consumption Maintainability Common issues that I should aware of like the ABS sensor issue in Lancer Ex. What should I look for when buying a one I’ve read the forum threads in AL on 2 cars, bud did not found match info on the Mazda 3, but found plenty on Lancer ex. I’m not too worried about the fuel consumption, but it should return a decent figure (at lease 9-10 in city driving). One of my office colleagues relative has a Mazda 3 and he says it is not good on fuel. It give around 7-8 kmpl in city. I want to know whether it is same for all the new Mazda 3 (Axela) cars or is it just this one. My budget is around 3.5 mil. And any other options available are also welcome. Thanks in advance.
  10. Dear Friends This is My First Autolanka Thread I've gone through entire topics in car buying and couldn't find one or two would cater my need. the recent Honda Or Mitsu also contains lot of irrelevant details(like 2C D-Engines). I'am going to buy a registered car, Budget is 3.5M can push up to 4.0 have few requirements 1.As I'am youngster i need a definite sporty look 2.Fuel consumption could be reasonable (expendable) 3.Drive thrill -- not going to compromise in this (But please no MAZDA 3 i need to sell the vehicle when i buy my dream car Lancer Evo ......Yay ) 4.Interior -Most important requirement (should be solid,high quality materials) and done lot of research finally short listed both Honda Civic FD s(any 1,2,3,4) and Mitsu Lancer Honda has nice look, wide variety of engines (1.8-1.6) , of-course stunning interior(I like its Multifunction Telescopic Steering Wheel) Lancer has very sexy appeal if i consider Honda, Sporty, can compete with all honda engines but interior sucks I'am in desperate condition to choose my car , point me to the right direction,further it would be great if any one provide current price tags of each models Any helps regarding to this will be much appreciated
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